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  1. I'm inclined to agree with you that less is more in the aesthetics department, but he'll do whatever number of elements you desire which will be reflected in the price too - and on the subject he has come back to me this afternoon confirming that the prices would be around the £180 - £200 mark plus another £20 or so for shipping to any UK address. This price includes powder-coating in pretty much any colour you desire, it doesn't have to be the 'standard' black.

    If you want it fitted, I'm afraid you'll need to plan a few days holiday 'darn sarth' as he's based in Leicestershire. He's going to get back to me next week sometime with firmed-up prices and production lead times, although on this latter matter he has warned me that he is up to his eyes with race-car work at the moment so it would probably be mid-November before he could look at starting production.

    So for now, keep watching this space.

    p.s. He can also do barge boards in powder-coated alloy (you can just see them in one of the pics above) for £100 - just wish I'd found him sooner!

  2. As it happens, yes I do. I didn't want to post them up this early and get you all excited only to perhaps dash your hopes later but since you insist, here's one he prepared earlier. He makes them with as few or as many elements as you want, although this is reflected in the price obviously. Hopefully, he will be able to do something for us as his prices for the ones he regularly manufactures and stocks for more 'common' cars are way way better than the Difflow ones for our cars - we're talking here of sub-£200 for a 6 element one for say a Westfield/Caterham type.


    Evora Diffuser (SA) 01.jpg

    Evora Diffuser (SA) 02.jpg

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  3. OK guys, so I've been speaking to a contact I have made here in the UK who manufactures diffusers but currently only offers them fitted 'in house'. I've made him aware that there might be some interest for a handful of units if he could do them mail order at an attractive price. If you can hold fire on the group buy from Difflow for a few days until 'my' guy gets back to me, I can't promise but there might be something advantageous to reveal.

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  4. Somewhat belatedly, thanks to everyone involved in organising this brilliant day out. That's the first sustained 'workout' on public roads for my P & J and if I loved it before, I love it even more now - I just proved that the limits of its abilities are way beyond mine, :blush: , and yet it still turned in better than 30mpg. No complaints there!

    Some great photos Brian, apart from the one of me trying not to laugh with my mouth full, :P .


    I've got a 2bular back box and decat pipe fitted to the standard manifolds on mine, albeit it's an NA rather than an S but here are a couple of in-car clips I made which will give you some idea of the sound levels. The box on mine was a 'development' prototype which has virtually no sound wadding in it so it is a bit louder than the current production version, which is probably why the poor old microphone on my camera gets a bit overloaded at times even with the windows closed.


  6. I missed you by a small margin, Stephen (and Kieran, although the Skoda might not have been so instantly recognisable) as I was in speaking to Craig just after lunchtime and your P&J was sitting at the door ready to go. Looks ace, :thumbsup: .


    ...........and Al, yes I did note that yours is in fact still RED! :whistle:

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  7. :offtopic: < I'll put that there before somebody else does, :rolleyes: .

    I was off the crutches in time for the weekend - the determination to attend the Ingliston Revival event and fully participate in it had sufficiently powerful analgesic properties to raise my pain threshold significantly - but I clearly overdid things over the 2 days as I've now had to resort to hobbling about on them again, :ouch: .

    Thanks for enquiring after my well-being though, :thumbup: .

  8. A few of my shots to add to the collection (with the last one obtained using my patented remote triggering device aka SWMBO). A further selection of general shots and some video footage to follow later - the videos are taking forever to upload thanks to my high-speed (NOT!) internet connection.












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  9. The 3rd brake light (or lack thereof) was one of the factors I was debating. I'd have preferred to retain the light but as I'm a fair way down the gloss black highlighting route, I'd feel guilty painting over the otherwise fantastic looking c/f finish. However, as said brake light has recently decided to stop working on mine and has defied all attempts to date to trace the fault, it looks like it'll be the 'factory' wing with body-colour uprights and black aerofoil for me (subject to the rider below).


    As for lettering? The jury's still out on that. Like Al, I don't really want to look like a wannabe boy-racer (if there is such an aspirational goal?) as I'm within 4 weeks of my free bus pass. However, the wing in itself is not exactly subtle is it so maybe the outline-only route would be a happy compromise?


    Anyway, I've still got to convince SWMBO so for me for now it's all hypothetical anyway.

  10. That answers the question I was just about to PM you with, Tom. I'm looking for a wing that I won't feel guilty about painting, hence I resisted the temptation to buy the c/f one that was for sale at the Festival at Brands. Hethel it is then, :thumbsup:.


    p.s. I'm not stalking you and copying everything you're doing, although I will confess to getting the red engine cover moments after you bought your c/f version, :whistle:.

  11. Oh, go on then - you've persuaded me. I haven't 'modified my P&J for nearly a month now so I'm suffering withdrawal symptoms. My finger is still hovering over the 'Buy Now' button for a GT4-style rear-wing but this splitter will give me my fix for now.

    As per the others' comments, if it could come right up to the edge of the plate plinth, that'd be spot-on, :thumbsup: .

    1) ruccio77

    2) stuno1

    3) Jmanji

    4) Alfa2Evora


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  12. Mark, you're definitely with us so ignore 25 and come to 17. I think Fee and her colleagues are starting to feel the pressure.


    Also, just whilst I have your attention. Is your Esprit modified in any way or is it just as the day it left the factory? Although, factory-fitted options count as mods from standard spec in my book, :thumbsup: , so I'd like to know about them if any.

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