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  1. Everybody who knows me will not be surprised that I was in my element at this (a gleaming car is way out on top of my priority list) but for some reason my favourite was this 1912 Lorraine Dietrich - all 15 litres but only 4 cylinders of it with an oil leak to rival the Exxon Valdiz. It was as far-removed from being a 'trailer queen' as it's possible to get but it's well 'lived-in' appearance appealed for some reason, :P.



  2. In addition to Kieran and Dominic, has anybody else experienced difficulties printing out their tickets?


    You should all have 3 tickets, 2 like the example below (Adult Ticket - Weekend) plus another the same in every respect except the 'Type' field will say either 'Concourse' or 'Concourse + Track'.


    If you have these already printed - great, just remember to bring them with you as you won't get through the gate without them. If you haven't tried printing them yet, please do so right now and let me know if you have a problem. I'll contact Fiona on everybodys' behalf and get copies sent to you.



    Lotus Forums Ingliston Comp Tickets.pdf

  3. Hi guys. It looks like we have all fallen into the same trap. I got my booking confirmation months ago but didn't bother to print the tickets then - they'd only have ended up being 'misfiled' (for that read - my good lady would have stuck then in File 13 during a tidy-up session) in the interim. When I tried last week, I encountered the same problem as you. I contacted Fee with the ticket numbers from the confirmation and she got another set emailed to me.


    Looks like I'll also have to confirm the pitch number as I've got #25, :huh:  :question: .

  4. My 'outstanding' memory was being a flag marshal at Southstand the day Doug Niven decided (not that he had much control over it as the throttle had jammed) to park his Escort in/on the toilet block. Not so good that there were people in there at the time but if the loos hadn't stopped him, he'd have been careering down the A8.

  5. It's OK guys - don't panic. It's 'concourse' as in 'large open space' not 'concours' as in perfect in every way and polished to within an inch of its life, :P .


    Not sure on the "is it too late to book track time?" question - I'd need to contact Fiona on that one bit I'd have thought it was still possible as they're still advertising it in the booking link.


    I've sent Fiona a list of all our names to date and will add others as they're added to the list on here just to ensure that she's picked up on everybody's TLF connection - hopefully you've all been inserting the discount code on your entry forms so it should be easy for them to identify you in any case.


    On the day(s), I'll be at the entrance gate to make sure we all end up in the correct location within the display. Courtesy of Al, I've got a couple of LEGS/TLF flags and some TLF front number plates to give us all that cohesive look.


    EDIT: I've just spoken with Fiona and I'm afraid that the track time is now fully booked so anyone booking now will only be offered the 'Display' option.

  6.   :thumbdown:


    I'm with Tom on this, but took it a stage further and replaced the chrome badges on the rear of mine with black ones for this very reason (and the fact that they looked more 'in tune' with the SR look I was trying to recreate,   :P ).


    So if anyone wants to copy either the '400' look or the 'LE' look inside, I've got the very items they need going spare.

  7. ^^^^^^^^^

    Exactly this. Fiona (Fee) is right on the ball, and I'll be putting together a list for her shortly in any case. We're trying to get all the Loti parked in the same area but looking at posts on the various social media groups, there seem to be quite a few booking direct as individuals rather than through the TLF link.

  8. @ Bibs


    Tiny motorbike? It feels like it's been run over by a Challenger tank! Lasting impression of the weave of my sock, which was so tight it had to be cut off.


    I looked at the other thread but after your last post in there anything else seemed to pale into insignificance, so thought I'd slip in here for now with a 'reverse' post, :whistle:.

  9. What made me happy today?


    Not a lot, unless you regard sitting in A&E for 5 hours as some sort of fun. Went over on my left foot walking across an uneven lorry park in the early hours. It hurt like the proverbial at the time then the pain subsided so I got on with what I was doing then drove the 100 miles home a few hours later.


    I have to say that the clutch on the Evora did seem a tad heavier than usual but it wasn't until I removed my shoe and my foot 'exploded', both in size and pain level, that I realised I might have a problem.


    Good news is no bones broken. Bad news is that just about everything else surrounding the bones is. 10 days with foot elevated then gentle exercise for a few days thereafter - I suppose washing and polishing the car ahead of the Ingliston Revival meet could count as that? :whistle:


    I had so much I needed to do over the next 2 weeks, this enforced 'holiday' was the last thing I needed.





  10. Jeez, Kieran. I've just seen your post in the 'What made you happy today' thread so I can quite understand your decision for Display Only. Somebody was watching over you both on that one. Makes my little moan that I've just posted in the same thread seem paltry by comparison.

  11. Bibs


    With the LEGS flags and plates coming from Al, the only other thing that might be needed to complete the visuals would be a 'general' TLF banner that I could string between the uprights of the gazebo I'll be erecting in the middle of our pitch - well, we'll need somewhere to seek relief from the relentless Scottish sunshine, :hrhr:  :tumbleweed:.

  12. The 18" fronts were 'Out of Stock' when I ordered the rears a few weeks back but now they're available again, a pair now has my name on them - 'it would almost be rude not to. Probably won't need them for a while yet (unlike the rears which will be needed quite soon - 7.5K miles by me plus whatever the previous owner had put on them) but with a 2013 manufacture date they'll keep fine in storage until needed.

  13. Just noticed on your 'Parade Lap' video, Johnny, that my high-level brake light isn't working. I thought I'd left behind the electrical gremlins when I got rid of the Alfa but it seems not, :no . Oh well, I suppose the time had to arrive sooner or later when a dive into the innards was necessitated.


    On a plus side my exhaust does sound pretty good (when I can hear it over your tasty engine note, :thumbsup: ) and that was it in 'quiet' mode, :shock: .

  14. Thanks to the wonders of modern technology, :realmad: , my PC has decided this time not to allow me to copy and paste the list as I have done in the past.


    To save me having to retype the entire list just to add my name, would some kind person with a slightly more cooperative collection of electronic components please do so on my behalf.


    David Boyd + Jennifer (possible)




  15. Hi Dom


    You read my mind. I was just thinking that it might not be a bad idea if everybody did an info sheet (say A4 size maximum) on their respective cars. I'll put something together in the next few days along the lines of what they did at the Lotus Day at the Grampian Transport Museum so that they are all of a similar format.


    We will all be parked in the same patch - I'm hoping to get some TLF banners etc to give it a slightly more 'professional' look, and something to aim for from a distance. The organisers should be able to point you in the right direction but as there is only a short 'window' to gain entry each morning (and I suspect that there are some who've booked as individuals outside of the forum entry route), I'll station myself near the entrance gate to make sure everybody gets to where they're going.


    I'm not exactly in the west although I will be approaching Ingliston from the west so you're more than welcome to meet up with me around Junction 3A of the M8 for the final 10 miles or so if you wish.



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