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  1. Still haven't heard anything further from Lotus but the DHL man has just delivered my radio/nav unit so I'm a happy bunny again, other than I've now got to figure out how to fit it that is.


    Their timing was impeccable - I was literally just about to click the 'send' button on an email to Graham when the door bell rang. That poor guy must be tearing his hair out (assuming he hasn't already pulled it all) and I really appreciate all his efforts in expediting my items.

  2. I got an email from Lotus over 2 weeks ago apologising for the delay in sending the tyres I'd ordered (which were delivered the next day as it happens) and advising that the radio-sat nav I'd subsequently ordered would be dispatched before the end of that week, with a tracking number to be emailed to me when it was on its way. Still waiting!

  3. Resurrecting this thread, my P&J's calipers were looking a bit tired especially when compared with the recently powder-coated wheels and the polished-to-within-an-inch-of-its-life bodywork. The weather was slightly more favourable yesterday (i.e. it wasn't raining) so armed with a couple of pots of paint, a selection of brushes and a steady hand, a few hours of graft resulted in these:





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  4. Went to the Scottish Italian Car Day a couple of weekends back to show all those 4C owners what a proper sports car looks like and I had to leave it in the public car park, :thumbdown: . It seems that the Pirelli tyres didn't constitute sufficient Italian content to permit entry to the showground,  :rolleyes:  .


    Nevertheless, she did attract countless favourable comments...............and before the Plate Police :police: come knocking on my door, that was only temporarily attached for the duration of the show and removed to reveal the road-legal version before I left the car park, :harhar: .




  5. I've already posted this elsewhere in the Forum but I think that it deserves to go here too.


    A promotional picture from the Top Gear Live tour in Australia - why they had to go and spoil it by including that overpowered offering from an Italian tractor manufacturer is beyond me, :no .


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  6. I was going to start a separate thread relating to entries to this event but on second thoughts 2 threads on the 1 subject might cause confusion so I'll continue on here.




    The Friday (11th) is a manufacturers day where they will be giving test drives on the circuit. The main event (the bit we're interested in) is on the Saturday (12th) and Sunday (13th). If you are intending to display your car, please note that you MUST have your car on-site no later than 0800 both days (otherwise you won't get into the display area and will be sent to the public car park) and that you won't be able to leave before 1800. There will be overnight security on the Saturday night if you wish to leave your car on-site, but if you intend to take it away and return again on the Sunday morning please advise the organisers when you make the booking as they need to plan for all the vehicle movements.


    You have the option of a display-only entry where your car will sit for all to admire in the concourse area, or you can elect to take part in the on-track activities with an opportunity to circulate on the track (no racing allowed) amongst similar vehicles. The costs respectively are £10 or £49 (less a 10% club discount) for the whole weekend and this includes 2 complimentary entry tickets for each day.


    NB: If you are going to go 'on track', the safety elves have decreed that you must wear a crash helmet. The helmet can be either open-face or full face (your choice) although the organisers would prefer it to be the latter if the car is open-topped. The helmet must be 'road-legal' i.e. hasn't been subjected to an impact and still has its conformity sticker in place.


    Please make your initial 'entry enquiry' using this link : . Shortly afterwards, you should receive back an email confirming your provisional entry, inviting you to select the type of entry you want and to make your payment. At this point, if you are selecting the 'track' option, enter the following (exactly as it appears here) in the Discount Code field and you'll get 10% off the ticket price - LotusForums2015 .


    You'll then receive another email containing your tickets and 'on the day' entry to site instructions. If you're going 'on track', you'll also get a Participant Declaration Form which you should complete and bring with you on the Saturday. I experienced some 'issues' trying to get this to print out properly (I tried 3 different PCs to no avail)  - if you have the same, don't panic, I now have an original hard-copy from the organisers which I can copy for you or there will be some available at the registration point on the day.


    I'd like to keep track of all your entries to ensure that you're allocated to the Lotus Forums display area, and that there's enough room for everybody (there's no limit, I'm assured by the organisers  :whistle:) so if you could please add your details to the list being started below that'd be great.


    See you there




    1. David Boyd - Evora NA - Display & Track

    2. Mark Rigby - Esprit V8-GT - Display Only

  7. [Robert De Niro voice] "You talkin' to me?" [/Robert De Niro voice] in post #12 Gavin? Well, you'll need to speak up a bit as I've recently acquired a hearing impairment, from where I know not, :harhar:. Seriously though the noise is as you say, epic, and it doesn't take long to acquire lip-reading skills.


    Most of you will no doubt already have watched/listened to my clip of the exhaust noise inside the car (valve open, windows closed but even then the microphone struggled) in the 'Blue Evora' thread but for anybody who hasn't, here it is again : .


    For my tuppence-worth, I like that it's wired through the heated screen switch so you can choose when to earn your next ASBO, irrespective of what driving 'mode' you've selected. Having said that, even in 'quiet' (less loud) guise, my neighbours are all well-aware of me leaving for a 2am shift at work, :innocent:   :whistle:. The loss of the heating function in the screen is a small price to pay, and anyway it quickly clears courtesy of Toyota.


    If the weather continues to improve (as it's showing signs today of so doing), I'll mount my camera on the back bumper and do another short blast round the local byways - I just hope the poor old mic survives the ordeal.

  8. I got 2 completely opposite reactions in the space of 20 minutes yesterday. I pulled into our local shopping centre car park and trundled round to 'claim' my favoured end of a row, away from everybody space. Just as I was exiting the car (made much easier by having an end space and being able to get the door fully open) a new E-Class Merc pulled up a couple of spaces away, the driver jumped out and came striding over towards me. Wondering what was coming next (I couldn't recall burning-off a Merc on my spirited drive into town,  :question: ) I was somewhat relieved when the other guy's face broke into a beaming smile accompanied by "What an absolutely gorgeous car. Do you mind if I have a look?". Needless to say, I was more than happy to oblige and we spent the next 5 minutes or so discussing my P & J.


    On the return journey, I was minding my own business (for that read - behaving myself,  :whistle:) doing 50 in a 50 limit when I see it coming. A Saxo chav-mobile, lowered to about 1mm above the deck with its stereo pumping out a "bustin' tune innit?" so loud I could hear it above my exhaust (probably helped by the fact that he was now attempting to get a reverse impression of the word 'Evora' embossed on his front bumper, :realmad: . Obviously upset that he'd caught up with somebody daring to stick to the speed limit, he then started the weave from side to side "I'm going to intimidate you out of my way" routine which only resulted in me backing off to nearer 40 than 50. Unfortunately, this goaded him into going for the impossible overtake down the central hatched area on the approach to a traffic island. I braked hard to allow him to complete the manoeuvre but still couldn't avoid the inevitable shower of road detritus which assaulted the nose of the Evora (yeh, thanks for that!) whilst his passenger leant out of the window and thanked me for my cooperation with a Gareth Hunt coffee-bean hand gesture (charming!).


    I realise now of course, silly me, that what I had encountered was not an old Citroen shed driven (and I use that term in its loosest sense) by a teenage ned wearing a back-to-front Burberry baseball cap but, following his sound investment of £19.99 at Halfords on a set of stick-on DRL's, this astute member of the motoring community was in fact a cunningly-disguised driving god piloting an equally cunningly-disguised Bugatti Veyron, :unworthy: .

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