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  1. I got 2 completely opposite reactions in the space of 20 minutes yesterday. I pulled into our local shopping centre car park and trundled round to 'claim' my favoured end of a row, away from everybody space. Just as I was exiting the car (made much easier by having an end space and being able to get the door fully open) a new E-Class Merc pulled up a couple of spaces away, the driver jumped out and came striding over towards me. Wondering what was coming next (I couldn't recall burning-off a Merc on my spirited drive into town,  :question: ) I was somewhat relieved when the other guy's face broke into a beaming smile accompanied by "What an absolutely gorgeous car. Do you mind if I have a look?". Needless to say, I was more than happy to oblige and we spent the next 5 minutes or so discussing my P & J.


    On the return journey, I was minding my own business (for that read - behaving myself,  :whistle:) doing 50 in a 50 limit when I see it coming. A Saxo chav-mobile, lowered to about 1mm above the deck with its stereo pumping out a "bustin' tune innit?" so loud I could hear it above my exhaust (probably helped by the fact that he was now attempting to get a reverse impression of the word 'Evora' embossed on his front bumper, :realmad: . Obviously upset that he'd caught up with somebody daring to stick to the speed limit, he then started the weave from side to side "I'm going to intimidate you out of my way" routine which only resulted in me backing off to nearer 40 than 50. Unfortunately, this goaded him into going for the impossible overtake down the central hatched area on the approach to a traffic island. I braked hard to allow him to complete the manoeuvre but still couldn't avoid the inevitable shower of road detritus which assaulted the nose of the Evora (yeh, thanks for that!) whilst his passenger leant out of the window and thanked me for my cooperation with a Gareth Hunt coffee-bean hand gesture (charming!).


    I realise now of course, silly me, that what I had encountered was not an old Citroen shed driven (and I use that term in its loosest sense) by a teenage ned wearing a back-to-front Burberry baseball cap but, following his sound investment of £19.99 at Halfords on a set of stick-on DRL's, this astute member of the motoring community was in fact a cunningly-disguised driving god piloting an equally cunningly-disguised Bugatti Veyron, :unworthy: .

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  2. I did as a matter of fact. When I'm stopped at the lights near the beginning, you can hear me 'crack' the window open a couple of inches (must remember to try and do something about that squeaky mechanism, :huh:), but a few hundred yards later I'm shutting it again as it was positively Baltic outside.


    I was going to record another run with the camera mounted on the rear bumper but having heard the microphone's 'protests' on that first run, I suspect it might blow-up completely doing a close-up, :ermm:.

  3. .........and continuing the theme that Gav started, I've added one to each lower A panel which you might just be able to spot in a couple of my pics above, :D . 


    As an aside, having spent the last few days getting to know my new P & J, I thought it time to clear some of the cobwebs out of the system, :P although the poor old microphone seems to have been overwhelmed by the wall of sound assaulting it.


  4. Next on the modifications list is having a part-wrap done to replicate the Sports Racer look (along with black badging) then the barge boards can go on. After that I'm looking at a BOE CAI and possibly a Difflow diffuser, if it will fit around my ASBO exhaust.


    Here are some pics taken yesterday. The light was far from ideal and my phone camera hasn't captured the Laser Blue too well I'm afraid.






  5. The smile hasn't left my face, even when I was asleep so my good lady informs me, :P.


    There is just one issue though; the instrumentation seems to be on the blink. According to Google maps (and the satnav) the journey from MMC to my house should have been 16.1 miles but it has been recorded as almost 100. How can that be? :whistle:


    I've got my name down for the Dunbar breakfast meet for an early-into-ownership show-off session. It'll have its wheels gloss black by then (being done right now at The Wheel Specialists - I know, barely 24 hours in and I'm modifying already) but maybe not the part-wrap to complete the SR look, or the barge boards which are sitting in the spare bedroom awaiting the wrap being done first.

  6. Many thanks to everybody for making Jennifer and myself feel so welcome at our first (of hopefully many more to come) LEGS event. A great location, lovely breakfast, convivial company, sun shining, and surrounded by a marvellous selection of Hethel's finest - what more could a body want?


    Some of my pics here :

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  7. Thanks for the welcome Al - great to be here and looking forward to immersing myself in the events scene, so yes please, I'd like to be on the PM distribution list. I'll do my level best to get there on Sunday and I promise to try and not droll too much over all the gleaming paintwork.


    I'm just in the very early 'dipping a toe in the water' stage over what I'm looking for. I had a long weekend in an Evora a while back and I knew straight away that I had to have one someday. I've got a house to sell first though, and I've also got to decide what I'm doing with my Alfa 159 - I had intended keeping it but since the warranty ran out in March, it's just been one problem after another. Plus, I've got to wait whilst my accountant tries to minimise my annual contribution to HMRC.


    I'll probably be looking for a 2010/11 NA, not too bothered about colour but ideally something bright, and if it's got all the Packs plus a CR box and a sports exhaust then so much the better. Don't want much, do I?


    Hopefully see you on Sunday



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