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  1. Many thanks to everybody for making Jennifer and myself feel so welcome at our first (of hopefully many more to come) LEGS event. A great location, lovely breakfast, convivial company, sun shining, and surrounded by a marvellous selection of Hethel's finest - what more could a body want?


    Some of my pics here :

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  2. Thanks for the welcome Al - great to be here and looking forward to immersing myself in the events scene, so yes please, I'd like to be on the PM distribution list. I'll do my level best to get there on Sunday and I promise to try and not droll too much over all the gleaming paintwork.


    I'm just in the very early 'dipping a toe in the water' stage over what I'm looking for. I had a long weekend in an Evora a while back and I knew straight away that I had to have one someday. I've got a house to sell first though, and I've also got to decide what I'm doing with my Alfa 159 - I had intended keeping it but since the warranty ran out in March, it's just been one problem after another. Plus, I've got to wait whilst my accountant tries to minimise my annual contribution to HMRC.


    I'll probably be looking for a 2010/11 NA, not too bothered about colour but ideally something bright, and if it's got all the Packs plus a CR box and a sports exhaust then so much the better. Don't want much, do I?


    Hopefully see you on Sunday



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