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  1. 4 minutes ago, LotusLeftLotusRight said:

    ......God knows how the railways are going to cope...

    They're not!

    All train services out of Glasgow are going nowhere at the moment as the signalling system has gone into 'meltdown' in the searing 21 degree heat, :rolleyes: .

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  2. When I had the Evora's wheels powder-coated last week, I took the opportunity to replace all 4 TPMS valves as the originals were becoming a bit intermittent in their functioning.

    3 of the replacements sprang into life within a few miles but the 4th, even after multiple journeys totalling over 150 miles, steadfastly persists in giving a " 0 0 " reading. I very, very carefully swapped the wheels over and the 'fault' moved with the wheel so it would appear that the new valve is faulty. Looks like the tyre now has to come off my pristine, shiny wheel. Bu99er! :realmad:

  3. 3 hours ago, C8RKH said:

    It was actually the Talbot Solara that swung it!  Lovely car that :)

    Image result for talbot solara

    Indeed it was, Andy.

    My mum had the 5-door 'Alpine' version, which gave sterling service for many years, even after somebody :whistle:over-revved it during a demon overtake one day, breaking a rocker arm (fortunately for an inlet valve) and limping it home on 3 cylinders.

    Well spec'd car for its time (1978) too - electronic ignition, central locking, electric windows and such like.

  4. On ‎14‎/‎06‎/‎2019 at 17:32, mayevora said:

    .......You couldn’t get a closer/brighter pic by any chance? 


    I didn't, but I do now. In the words of Jason & Kylie, "Especially for you"........



    Really close up, the surface is still a bit 'rough' looking so I may well spend tomorrow giving them another light sand and final topcoat.

  5. It seems to be an issue on pretty much all cars. Our Alfa and Saab, and the neighbours Jag, are all the same.

    My Evora's weren't quite as bad as yours, but they were still spoiling the otherwise 'pampered car' appearance. I had the wheels refurbished at the start of this week, which only served to highlight further the poor state of the bolts, and asked about doing them too, but the guy at the powder-coaters reckoned they'd be chipped and open to rusting again before he'd even finished tightening them up.

    Instead, when I got home I removed them a couple at a time from each wheel, gave them a light sanding followed by an application of rust inhibitor and finished-off with a coat of satin black paint, any chips which subsequently occurred on refitting being touched-in with a fine brush after final tightening.


  6. The same for me - the claim would be effectively around £100. Take into account the time spent submitting it and it's just too much hassle, which is probably exactly what they want you to think.

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  7. Similar. My good lady and I, along with the dogs, went up to the north west of Scotland in our SAAB to stay with her relatives for the New Year.

    On the way back home, we had an "Oh shit, I'm 200 miles from home and you're telling me the car's MOT expired in August and the tax ran out a couple of days ago, officer?" moments. The car's MOT was indeed due back in mid-August but I'd had it tested (passed with a 2 minor advisories) a couple of weeks prior to the due date and the tax was on automatic renewal via direct debit so to be honest, I hadn't even bothered to check it was all OK as everything had run smoothly in previous years.

    Fortunately, by chance, I had all the car's documents with me so being able to show the MOT certificate to the traffic cop certainly softened his attitude towards me. An online check on the DVSA site confirmed the MOT details, but the DVLA site showed 'MOT expired', hence the tax hadn't renewed when it was due to at midnight on the previous day, 1st January. As it was obviously a cock-up outwith my control, I didn't get a ticket and the car wasn't impounded but I was told that he couldn't let us continue our journey until the car was officially showing as all legal. I phoned both the DVLA and the DVSA and of course, each blamed the other's system for not communicating with their's. DVSA said they would download the details again but that would only happen overnight so we were going no further that day. Have you ever tried to find some last-minute dog-friendly accommodation when pretty much everywhere is still closed for their New Year holidays?

    Eventually we found somewhere a few miles away and the boys in blue escorted us there. Luckily, we had taken an over-supply of raw dog food with us in a coolbox so they didn't starve although we struggled to find anywhere for an evening meal and ended up with a rather unappetising takeaway - we'd probably have been better off sharing with the pooches, :rolleyes: . Next day, with the relevant details now in their system, another lengthy phone call to the DVLA (getting through their multi-choice menu is a nightmare!) saw us all taxed and ready to roll, getting home the best part of 24 hours later than planned.

    Since it was their fault, I enquired with DVLA/DVSA about the additional costs we'd incurred. Did we get them reimbursed? What do you think? :angry:

  8. So sorry to hear your news, Mike - cancer is such a cruel and indiscriminate disease.

    Hoping your heartbreak eases as you remember all those good years you had together.

    Run free, Georgie.

  9. 1 hour ago, comem47 said:

    Shadow looks a lot like our Keeshond puppy......

    Yes, I can see the similarity in the markings. Shadow was a Utonagan, so had a lot of Malamute and German Shepherd in his genes, and was a big lad at 27" high at the shoulders and 54kg in weight.

    Today has been more than a little difficult. I collected his ashes an hour or so ago and he's home for now. Our next trip to his favourite beach, which had already been planned for this Saturday, is not now going to be the happy, madcap affair it would normally have been, ☹️ .

  10. At 1.50 this morning, after a high-speed cross-country dash to the nearest out-of-hours veterinary surgery proved to be to no avail, my best buddy in the world (my partner Jennifer aside that is) Shadow, passed away in my arms.

    After an evening's walk through the woods investigating all the marvellous scent trails deposited by the local wildlife, he tucked into his supper with his usual enthusiasm then settled down beside me on the settee for some 'daddy time'. A couple of hours later we headed for the bedroom, but halfway there he suddenly collapsed, in obvious distress.

    The vet discovered that he was haemorrhaging massively in his abdomen, which was traced to a previously undetected tumour on his spleen having ruptured.

    The right decision in the circumstances was the most difficult decision I've ever had to make, but ending his suffering took precedence over any emotions I was experiencing.

    Today, the tears still haven't stopped rolling down my face and my heart feels like it has been shredded - I just can't get my head around the suddenness of it all.

    R.I.P. Shadow, 29.01.2006 - 01.05.2019 - my beautiful, beloved boy, 😭 .


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