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  1. On ‎30‎/‎12‎/‎2018 at 22:00, mayevora said:

    Lots of spacing issues with a lot of these pics. In reality, how fussy are Mr plod when it comes to fines for incorrect spacing. Anyone actually been pulled/fined? - Does the old” they are just show plates and I forgot to change them” excuse cut any ice any more?


    On ‎02‎/‎01‎/‎2019 at 09:54, Dunc said:

    In Scotland - plod seem to be a bit Nazi about it.

    I got 'pulled' a while back, by a pair of Police Scotland's finest - they stopped the traffic in both directions on a busy A road while they conducted a 3-point turn in their Beemer then came after me on 'blues and twos'.

    While the just-out-of-kindergarten blonde stood with a grin on her face and a notebook open in her hand, her much older male opened with "Much as I like it, you can't have that", pointing at my plate.

    I tried the "I was at a car show yesterday and forgot to remove them" reply (the first bit was true, but the plates had been on the car for months, :whistle:) , ripped them from their Velcro mounts, and got away with it even although I'm sure they must have seen the layer of road grime that had accumulated between the plates as I was sent on my way with only a warning to be more careful next time, :thumbsup: .

    I haven't risked them on the car in the UK since (the above incident was fairly local to me and with my luck it would be the same pair if there was a next time) although they were on for the whole of my recent European road trip with no issues despite being followed by les rozzers on several occasions in different countries.

  2. Finally, after several aborted attempts, I got the new cover on yesterday - just in time to protect my P&J from the inevitable firework fallout last night.

    (Apologies for the unfinished driveway - that was something else affected by the recent weather resulting in me eventually just throwing some slabs down to get somewhere to park)


  3. A bought one of these Products/580.jhtml a while back (less than £20 on Amazon as I recall) but only used it for the first time this week to deal with this

    Mission accomplished (despite the instruction manual giving the impression that I might do more harm than good with it)  so I suppose that means I can give it some sort of recommendation.

  4. I went out a couple of hours ago and checked the car again. Still idling like a bag of nails with the MIL on so shut it down. I decided to throw caution to the wind after reading the link posted by @Alan H and realising that the readiness status monitor warning wasn't the big issue being projected by the instructions.

    The plugs and coil packs were changed at the last service (7 months and 5k miles ago) so I was quietly confident that they would be OK. After a poke and prod around the electrics, disconnecting what I could and giving everything a spray with contact cleaner, I went for broke (having decided to throw caution to the wind after reading the link posted by @Alan H - thanks for that, :thumbup: ) and cleared the error codes.

    Moment of truth and she fired straight up into a nice even 6-cylinder idle with the MIL extinguished and a few prods on the loud pedal (after letting things warm up a bit first of course) showed that normal throttle response has been restored, although I'm not sure the replete relatives snoozing it off in front of our open fire appreciated the glorious exhaust barks as much as I did, :whistle:.  I'll take her out tomorrow and conduct the 'drive cycle' as described in Alan H's link to restore the status monitors but for now it's looking "all systems go!"

    Happy bunny (for now at least) so off to raid the fridge for some Christmas cheer, :cheers: .

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  5. 12 hours ago, Alan H said:

    Have you had a good look round the ignition system? Could be a simple fix and the fault will clear. 

    Not as yet. It was getting dark by the time I got home last night and we've got folk round for Christmas lunch, not that that will stop me going for a look around the engine bay late whilst they're in 'digestive' mode.


    4 hours ago, Bravo73 said:

    Incidentally, what do the error codes that you got refer to?

    P1302 is for "a misfire causing catalyst damage", P1300 is "a misfire, multiple cylinders" and P1301 is "a misfire, cylinder #1", which presumably would be why it went into fail-safe limp mode and shut down one bank of cylinders.

    Here's hoping it's something simple to spot and fix, or even better just a sensor glitch which fixes itself - don't want to be Lotus-less until next year, :cry:  - I'm off for the next 10 days and was really looking forward to several sessions of converting hydrocarbons to noise and motion.

  6. I suppose I've done well to get to 45 months of ownership and 36k miles covered before suffering my first 'beat missed'.

    As it was a nice afternoon, I decided to take the Evora for an extended blast around the countryside. About an hour (and 50 or so miles) in and almost home again, right in the middle of an overtake, it happened. I was pushing through 5k revs when the car gave a sudden lurch, throwing me against the seatbelt, the engine note changed noticeably from the usual bellow of the 2bular to a harsher raspy sound, then it wouldn't rev beyond about 4k and the dreaded amber 'engine of doom' light appeared in the instrument cluster.

    It sounded like it was then running on only 3 cylinders but felt more like it was only using 1, the power delivery was so weak, but I managed to limp home the final couple of miles despite the engine trying to cut out every time I dipped the clutch, with the idle falling to a very lumpy 500 or so rpm. I had bought an OBD reader some time back but had never used it (or any other similar device) before tonight, in fact it was still sealed in its packaging. A quick read through the instructions and it was plugged in to reveal a stored code of P1302 and 2 pending codes, P0300 and P0301.

    I was all set to erase the codes and see what happened after that when I spotted the following paragraph on the next page of the leaflet:

    "CAUTION: Erasing the Diagnostic Trouble Codes allows the scan tool to delete not only the codes from the vehicle's on-board computer, but also Freeze Frame date and manufacturer specific enhanced data. Further, the I/M Readiness Monitor Status for all vehicle monitors is reset to 'Not Ready' or 'Not Complete' status. Do not erase the codes before the system has been checked by a technician."

    Is this something I should be concerned about (i.e. leave it well alone and seek professional help after the festive season) or should I just push the button and cross my fingers

  7. I enquired with Elise Shop a little while back about getting GRP versions rather than CF as I too would want them to be painted gloss black (or just possibly body colour) but they replied that they are only doing the latter.

    I'm now in touch with Hethel Sport in the US who are proposing to do them in GRP and I'm just waiting on them confirming that the 'prototype' set has passed muster before placing an order.

  8. 12 hours ago, C8RKH said:

    I got chased in my 410 Sport around a Tesco car park in Perth by an older lady who pulled up across the car after i had parked. She patiently waited for me to get out. Gave me a huge smile. Then just said "i just had to follow you. Your car is absolutely beautiful. I just wanted you to know".

    Absolutely made my day.

    Is she now one of your 3 mistresses mentioned a little while back in the 'Euro Question' thread? :whistle:

  9. 2 hours ago, Colin P said:

    @A2A I’ve always found Admiral to be polite and good service, even if sometimes they just don’t get it. Sound like the best course of action would have been to phone back and  talk to a manager, that sound very much like an individual unless there were swear words exchanged. 

    Up until today, I've had no issues with them.

    Now that I've had time to get my blood pressure back to normal, I'm going to contact them again and speak to someone higher up in the food chain. My conversation today was maintained at a civilised level - I think I was too stunned to get angry until after I'd put down the receiver.

  10. 46 minutes ago, Fueltheburn said:

    I would honestly quote what they have said and pass it on to a regulatory body.

    First thing on my 'to do' list for Monday is a phone call to the Association of British Insurers, especially as a bit of googling found this : abi-guide-to-winter-tyres-the-motor-insurance-commitment.pdf . OK, it's a couple of years old but as far as I can tell it's still their most up-to-date list and according to it, despite their previous insistence to the contrary, my just-terminated insurer didn't even require to be told!!!!!

  11. 8 hours ago, MattyB said:

    I've no plans for it, other than getting the SR black pack, but otherwise it'll stay as is.

    YESSSS!     :harhar: @Colin P

    Laser Blue is the colour to have and the black pack enhances it to the nth degree - looks longer, lower and meaner.

    What's not to like about this?.........

    Mallaig 10.jpg


    Congratulations on your acquisition and hope you have many years of enjoyment from it. Nearly 4 years with mine and the smile on my face is permanent, :happydance:.

  12. Went online on Thursday afternoon to order a set of winter tyres from Camskill for our Alfa daily driver. Got an email from them Friday morning advising that they'd been despatched (full marks to them for the quick order processing) and that I should check on the DPD website after 72 hours to check on their progress through the delivery system.

    Just after 9 o'clock this morning, the door bell rings and it's the DPD delivery guy with the tyres. Full marks and a gold star to DPD - when I expressed my surprise, the driver commented that at this time of year everybody gets their express next-day service for free to prevent a backlog developing at their distribution hubs.

    I'm straight on the phone to my local Alfa independent guru to ask when he could fit them and am told if I come round he'll do them there and then. So by mid morning, our Giulietta is sporting its new Pirelli Sottozeros and my Alfa guy even refused payment as I'm a long-standing customer.

    By now, you're all thinking that I'm posting this in the wrong thread and that it should really be in the "What made you happy today" one.

    HOWEVER!!!! When I got home, following their instructions from when I first took out the policy, I phoned our insurance company (I won't name them but think 'senior naval rank') to advise them of the tyre change. There were a few seconds of silence followed by an exchange that went something like this (there were more elements to it but I've shortened it, you'll be relieved to hear, to the main points):

    Them: I'm afraid that that is classed as an unacceptable modification.

    Me: What!?! We specifically declared several modifications on the car to you at the policy's inception a couple of years back, one of those being the switching between summer and winter tyres. You were happy then, and even happier no doubt to apply a premium surcharge, with your only stipulation being that we had to inform you each time the tyres were swapped, which we did around this time last year with no problems.

    Them: Ah yes, but didn't you receive our letter a few months back informing you of our changes to the terms and conditions regarding vehicle modifications?

    Me: Yes, I did, as I'm sure you well know as you've no doubt logged the details from the phone call I made to you at the time. You confirmed that what the several pages of gobbledegook you had sent me boiled down to was that you would no longer insure the modifications themselves but that the car with these modifications would still be insured. In other words, should say one of the aftermarket bumpers be damaged, you would only cover its replacement with one of factory-original specification.

    Them: That is correct, but we also indicated that no further modifications would be allowed. Even although you declared this as a modification previously, your tyre replacement today is regarded as a new modification since you are changing from the factory specification tyres previously fitted and as such is unacceptable therefore we will have no choice but to cancel your policy with immediate effect if you do not return the car to its factory specification.

    Me: Let me get this right. You would rather I risk driving around all winter on summer tyres rather than with the added security of winter tyres, which by the way are the exact brand and tread pattern specified by Alfa Romeo for winter use?

    Them: Tyres specified by manufacturers for winter fitment only apply to the areas of mainland Europe where it is a legal requirement to fit them. This does not include the UK therefore we do not cover them here. As regards the risk of driving on summer tyres, we regard the fitting of winter tyres as an increased the risk to us of you having to make a claim as you may well then choose to drive in extreme conditions where with summer tyres fitted you might think otherwise and wisely decide to stay off the road.

    Me: Unbelievable! If I decide to seek cover from another company with a more sensible attitude towards road safety, you'll be refunding me the unused balance of my premium then?

    Them: No, I'm afraid not. Your policy was for 3 years, with a guaranteed fixed annual premium and a substantial discount applied for prepaying the entire period. It clearly states in the policy conditions that no refund is applicable if the policy is cancelled early.

    Me: So I have 2 choices? Either to switch back to the summer tyres, wasting the several hundred pounds I've just spent purchasing the winter tyres and then risk ending up in a ditch one night on my way to work, which is by the way in the middle of nowhere with no alternative transport available and being a self-employed contractor I don't have much option on whether or not I turn up when it comes to maintaining my household income stream. Or I keep the winter tyres on, look for another insurer and lose several hundred pounds of the premium I've already paid to you when your policy is cancelled?

    Them: Correct. And for your information sir, we've already made that choice for you. It's obvious from your tone that you are not be prepared to remove this modification so I've already initiated the cancellation of your policy. You'll receive confirmation of this by email shortly. Goodbye.

    Then the line went dead.

    Who said good customer service in the UK is dead? It certainly is with this shower, that's for sure! :veryangry: 

    I got straight on to 1-Call, the current insurer of our other daily driver, the SAAB. Of course, being an honest chap, I had to disclose that I now had a policy cancellation on my 'record' but after expressing disbelief when I related the 'bones' of the above scenario to them, they had the Alfa insured immediately with better cover (as in all the modifications included in full) and for a fair bit lower premium than I paid to the nautical mob. Not quite enough of a reduction to balance out entirely the loss on the other policy but it went some way towards it that's for sure.

    .......... and breathe!

    Sorry for this extended rant. Newpapers/social media next methinks.

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  13. @Trevsked Switch has been replaced twice, with various 'adjustments' in the intervening periods.

    The biggest problem is its inconsistency - you can hit a huge bump in the road that has no effect then go over the tiniest ripple in the surface and it instantly disconnects. More than a little disconcerting if you've got the inevitable Mercedes Sprinter van 6 inches off your back bumper when it does it, :o !

  14. 12 hours ago, Trevsked said:

    I always find the cruise control on Lotus to be worse than useless and anything so much as a gnat sneezing in the next county results in the CC disconnecting .



    FTFY Trevor.

    Can you tell that I've now given up completely on ever getting it to work for longer than about 5 seconds in the Evora? :rolleyes:

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