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  1. 12 hours ago, Ratman said:

    nice trip, but you should buy a new phone with a better camera! 🙂

    Strange as it may seem, I bought this phone to use as a phone - the camera function came as a bonus. I was intending to upload pics from my DSLR camera to my laptop but the latter no longer wishes to speak to me. 

    The first few hours of today's journey back in a northerly direction were completed during a torrential downpour so no chance of any pics but at least it washed off the worst of the white dust layer on the car so it now looks semi-presentable from a few feet away. 

    By Mid-afternoon though the sun was blazing down from an almost cloudless sky as I cleared Barcelona so I headed off the motorway at Figueris and picked up the coast road into France - think Stelvio Pass by the seaside. 

    Brilliantly challenging road but the fun kept being spoiled by catching up on bloomin' motorhomes. Nothing else for it then but to stop and take some pics to win back some roadspace....... 





    After a 500 mile drive today, I'm spending tonight in a small château about 20 miles up a sideshoot gorge to the east of Millau.

    I'll try for some of the obligatory shots of the 'big bridge' tomorrow if I'm not too preoccupied with charging around the maze of twisty roads in this neck of the woods before I head to my overnight stop in Estissac, between Paris and Troyes. 

  2. Despite spending most of today meeting with my Spanish lawyer, council officials and my builders (the main reason for my being here) I did manage to snatch a few photo opportunities and I know how bitterly disappointed you'll all be if I failed to share them on here. 

    In front of my future (hopefully) retirement home, currently a complete ruin requiring total renovation. 


    Directly opposite is a lovely little church, bizarrely the only building in the hamlet of 14 houses that is fully restored. 


    Just along the road and a decent backdrop presented itself so it would have been rude not to......




    DSC_0004.thumb.JPG.dee5c1d130c41a35bc65cd23335af163.JPGStarting the journey back towards Hethel tomorrow with the overnight stop booked at a small château near Millau - not sure if there will be internet access there so you may get some respite from my incessant posting. 

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  3. 12 hours ago, LJR said:

    Dropped the car at detailers this morning to look nice for the weekend..........

    If you've seen my posts in the Evora picture thread, I am now past caring. I have my detailing kit with me which may or may not get used before the event depending on the performance of Eurotunnel on Friday afternoon and my subsequent performance on the M25. 

    Any awards going for the filthiest car in attendance could well be coming my way!

    Sorry @C8RKH


  4.  Loads of photo opportunities today (OK, OK I can hear the groans from here but do feel free to post pics of other than Laser Blue Evoras if you want) as I confined my activities to within a 30 mile radius of my hotel. 

    In the cold light of day the car didn't look any better - that dust had got everywhere, including the engine bay.......


    ........but I can almost forgive when the compensation is this...... 



    Today's run was only down to near Fortuna to visit friends but that didn't prevent me using some nice little back roads with spectacular backdrops... 








  5. Very few pics taken today some of you will be relieved to hear - spent all my time driving. 

    Left my overnight B&B in Montigny-les-Monts at 0930........


    ...... then it was just a short drive, albeit in the opposite direction to where I really should have been heading, to my favourite producer to collect 12 bottles of his finest cidre fermier brut - not exactly following the 'added lightness' edict I know.......... 


    .........9 hours, 2 pitstops and 550 miles later, it was a quick stretch of my legs before the Evora got a good workout through the Pyrenees........


    ....... for a further 2 hours and 100 miles to arrive at my stop for tonight in Santpedor in Catalunya.

    As it was dark on arrival exterior pics will need to wait until the morning but suffice to say that whilst it might not look it from outside, the interior is petrolhead heaven......... 


    Damn cheek of the 911 guy pinching my reserved parking spot though!...... 


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  6. 23 hours ago, theelanman said:

    ...... looks like I'll need to ring them

    I heard that they recently announced that they are ceasing trading and are therefore not taking any new orders which could explain the 'rubbish website '. 

    Disaster I know as they had only just added Oyster to their database and the other place I tried previously was miles off in matching the shade, 😞

  7. I haven't seen a single Lotus since starting the drive down from Scotland until about 18h00 yesterday (Friday) when I was 'proceeding briskly' along the A26 between Reims and Troyes and the spotted vehicle crossed above me on an overpass heading in the general direction of Paris.

    Gratuitous "I'm on a European road-trip" post, 😁

  8. I might as well have just used some plywood and sellotape - one enormous unseen dip (for that read "Grand Canyon replica") on a French back road encountered at an 'enthusiastic' rate of knots and the rubber splitter is no more, 😢. Got a nice scrape on the bottom of the bumper too and when I went back to retrieve the displaced aero, it had vanished somewhere into the Aube scenery. 

    What I have learned though is that it must have been having some effect as the car now feels decidedly nose-light at motorway speeds so it will be interesting to try again and this time get some data on it. 

  9. Didn't I read somewhere that the Cairn o' Mount road was going to be closed for several weeks after someone demolished part of a bridge? 

    Not sure at this stage if I'll make this as I'm planning on staying in the deepest darkest south for a few more days after the 70th and might only be getting home late on the Saturday. Arriving back from a 3 week solo road-trip to Spain then going straight out again to a LEGS event wouldn't win me too many brownie points with SWMBO. 

  10. 5 minutes ago, Buddsy said:

    Hate to tell you but thats definitely top right! :lol:



    It's top left from where I'm sitting, :P.

    In any case, I've got t'other side filled as well with my Euroland emissions stickers, :rolleyes: .

    I'll just stick it in the middle and they can sort it out from there.................on no, wait a minute - that's filled with the interior mirror and a couple of toll-tags. Hmmmmm, now what?

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