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  1. I have returned for none last post, loose cannon said I used the word bloody in a title thread, either he cannot read or does not want to, the word I used was blooby an unfortunate mistype for bloby meaning shapeless and soft as the Silverstone organisation was. he has still to explain what he meant by the f in his blog and while he is at it he might also explain what brezzie means. those of you who think that I insulted your cars should bear in mind that I was talking about a car I owned not yours which might have been much better and you will also find interesting reading in this weeks clas
  2. dunc, I will not subject a new and expensive engine to the stresses involved in a drag race, quite simply I could not afford another rebuild. for reasons that are private I already support help for heroes when I can.
  3. loose cannon, buy a dictionary then you may be able to express your self without swearing, by the way you have not said what the "f" means. goodbye.
  4. I did say that I would not return to this forum however I have two questions before I disappear forever, loose cannon some what diminished the role of moderator when he wrote "alan chill the f out". dunc wrote that this was not swearing, perhaps one of these people will tell me what the "f" in loose cannon's exhortation represents if not the most vulgar swear word in common, in every sense of the word, usage. if the excel is not the better car why do so many owners of elites and excels want to put its chassis and mechanicals into their cars?. finally I stand by my opinion that the elite I
  5. one thing that emerges is that to own a classic lotus one has to be slightly mad, I for instance am spending enough on the upgrade of a 912 hc engine to buy a good example of almost any common sports car, ie Porsche 928, boxster,968, and 944, bmw z4, jaguar xk8 and just about any Japanese sportster, an action based on emotion not sense. I have read before that that the spyder mods to the chassis caused problems but never have I seen a proper measurement of the geometry and where it differed from standard nor a description of the of the resultant problems, ie oversteer , understeer or lack of
  6. 20 years ago the spyder improvements to the chassis cost just over £3k. there were not any geometry or handling problems as all that was involved was the addition of a fixed upper link and a telescopic drive shaft,
  7. bibs why don't you separate excels into their own section as they have nothing in common with eclats and elites other than the lc engine.
  8. I did not introduce mondeos into the thread.
  9. it is impossible to use dvla records to differentiate between eclats and excels as so many excel are registered as eclats not even as éclat excels. my car a 88 excel se is registered as éclat. when it comes back from a lotus bits engine rebuild I think that it will be cooler, more reliable and have better performance than any mondeo and better performance than any esprit up to the turbo se.
  10. during the great debate the clown asked darling if he thought that an independent Scotland was more likely to be invaded by aliens. he was a bit late it has already happened wee eck aka alec salmond is already here.
  11. buy an m100 or excel if you want older, I have an m100 that has covered 154k and still goes very well.
  12. I despair when I read that an excel has been sacrificed to allow an elite or éclat to have the improvements that made the excel a vastly superior car. I know that the 70's look of the elite appeals to many but I owned one and it was the worst lotus I have ever owned and was close to being the worst car period, only saved from that ignominy by an Hillman imp!. I had the spyder sport mod to the chassis done and that did make for a vast improvement to the rear axle set up, and a 2.2 lc rebuilt, bottom end balanced and fitted which made the car driveable. but the gearboxes, note the plural, still
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