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  2. punky - which strap?? chris ah balls youve got a different car!! lol i've bought a new battery now and all is currently well. if however the car ends up not starting in a months time guess the problem would actually have been the alternator! chris
  3. ok folks i've recently bought an 08 exige s having previously had an S2 elise. i now the click click click is a flat battery or basically lack of power to turn the car over but here's the thing first time it happened i thought lol that never happened with the cayman, welcome back to LOTUS and i jump started the car and off i went quite happy. started fine the next day third day click click feckin click again. checked the battery and it's still sitting at 12V. lights come on etc but when i try to start i can hear the fuel pump prime but when i turn the key all i get is the clicking noise car is still under 1 years warranty and murray lotus in edinburgh but i don't want to call them for something petty and can't start it to take it to them anyway! thoughts?
  4. thanks for the replys folks sorry for taking so long to get back on the forum but i've put 3k on the car since i posted this hello post! only just got permission to put my private reg on the car so if you see my forum name on an orange exige that's me! i'm about to post in the "why's my lotus not working forum" lol help required!! have to say tho even though it's been broken for the past few days i've still enjoyed trying to fix it, i know that's probably messed up but, at least i can SEE the engine in this car and there's obviously mechanical bits to it!! chris
  5. i used to be a member on scottish elises but that seems to have died a death and vanished. after a gap of 4 years i've moved back to lotus from porsche. the cayman i've just sold was frankly soulless and although a technically very good car just didn't excite, although it was very comfy. what i had forgotten about in the 4 years away from lotus is the amount of attention you get driving these cars! admittedly i have a chrome orange exige s so hardly understated but still. anyway it's good to be back driving a car that's clearly designed by people who love cars and love driving not by some german scientist at a computer crunching numbers all day. cheers
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