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  1. Oh yes

    I bet you don't have a really distributor?

    I don't know the different models very well, but I do know about cars and engines.

    If it's only driving a pump then it does not need a mark.

    I have a carb model :( I long for fuel injection and modern ignition.

    Mine is spread all over the shed awaiting parts delivery.

    Using the starter to undue the crank nut has been done many times.

  2. Hi

    Normally you would choose to place the fly wheel at Its timing mark and then check the cam sprockets, more likely that the cam is not as aligned as you think.

    Any way it's not a big concern, I have seen many engines running a tooth out.

    However don't put it back like this, put all points at the correct timing marks, the distributor is the hardest to keep in line while getting the belt back on, and if the distributor pulley is out can always turn the distributor to correct it.

    Just follow these very simple rules

    always turn slowly

    Never use force to turn

    A minimum of 2 turns of the engine by hand before starting

    Check the belt tension.

    If you do this even if it won't run at least you won't damage anything.

  3. hi 

    well should i use 40N on an 89 2.2na? 


    i will be changing the crank rear main seal and gasket just to be sure 


    also intend to fit a 40 way Deutsch connector between the boot floor electrics and engine compartment to make removal easier next time, 

  4. Renault gearbox

    Hi does anyone have a how to or a PDF of the manual, that covers replacing the oil seals?

    Box is already out primary shaft seal is leaking, probably a drive shaft seal too.

    Went on the MLOC chatsworth run noticed a leak when we got to Hassop, really enjoyed it now time to pay for the enjoyment lol


  5. Hi

    Where the throttle cable connects to the carb linkage, it travels through a slotted part where the return Spring is.

    Q how is the slotted part supposed to hold its self in?

    Some how it has come out and the throttle cable came away, strangely this seams to of happened while sat on the drive for a couple of weeks, it's dark but I first thought the cable had failed but found this and just popped it back In and went for a drive. But don't won't it falling out again.

  6. Mine was a real pig to bleed, had the same issues as you and my master, slave and pipe were all new of replaced because I was getting peed off with the bleeding issue, but it was just an air in fluid issue, my guess is the air gets trapped in the upside-down U bend on the master cylinder

    3 to 5 pumps hold the pedal down and tighten the bleed nipple, check the reservoir and repeat,

    Don't shake the fluid or even pour from height as this gets air in the fluid

  7. You can probably get one off the shelf from sjsportscars or some other lotus dealer

    But I used a hydraulic hose commonly known as hairy hose, you can cut it to length with a hacksaw and fit the ends with spanners.

    It's a good hydraulic hose, used by most machinery dealers, any company working on diggers would have this in stock.

    I did have to leave out the rubbers in the chassis sections.

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