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  1. Hello, you also have pictures of the engine from below (oil pan area, water pump and gear change tube)? Adjusts the distance between the crankshaft gear? Greetings from germany armin
  2. Hello Paul, extra long "Spiggot(?)" bearing for the crank! this bearing? Greetings from germany armin
  3. Hello, a question, fits the S1 gear bell) to excel 2.2 l Year 84 (including the screws into the oil pan excel)? Thanks! Hello, you also have pictures of the engine from below (oil pan area, water pump and gear change tube)? Thanks G
  4. Hello Paul, thank you very much for the informations. In the link, unfortunately I can not open the pictures . Is there another way? cheers armin
  5. hello espritmania (Paul), did you see my pm? best regards
  6. can i put a 2.2 liter engine from excel in the S1? Fits the oil pan? best wishes armin
  7. Hello, when the oil is good, then check the strainer in the sump. Perhaps that is added. This comes from the service using too much sealant. armin
  8. Hello, Lotus Esprit S1 Chassis :77020117J Gear: 0215 engine: CC777-02 13467 colour: orange First Country: Switzerland Today-Country: Germany Name: A. Nellen
  9. Hello Paul, as you can see, the automatic translater is not allways usefull. What i wanted to say is: i want to put my car back on the wheels and put in the complete gearbox. My question is, can i put in the engine later when the gearbox is already installed, or do i have to take out the gearbox again? Thanks for your time and help armin
  10. Hello, I want my S1 prematurely on the wheels. Can I use the engine also incorporate a built-in gear again, or should I do if I built the engine again to expand the gear again ? with kind regards armin
  11. Hello, thank you, but who is the manufacturer and where to order the fans? with kind regards armin
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