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  2. On reflection I'm gonna change my guess to 8.5k
  3. I think he saw the advert on here but not a forum member. Took it down to SGT so taf could have a look over the car before the deal, he liked the condition of it and the deal was done. I told him I am a forum member so maybe it will appear on here again, also has a TLF sticker in the window and TLF blazed across the back of the cover so he should definitely know where to come if he needs help, not that he will car is in very good condition.
  4. Any bets on what it will go for? I'm gonna say 13k?
  5. I can break some of it before buying if you like
  6. Nice one Bibs your a gent
  7. Its tempting, I could put myself out of the agony of having to deal with strange people who don't even know what a Gt3 is while bouncing around on my new pumped up trainers.
  8. do the nike trainers have an air bubble?
  9. Been on ebay for an hour and already the daft messages have begun, I can honestly say I hate selling cars.
  10. Now in the lotus forum classifieds. Special deal for any forum member wishing to buy, hot tea and biscuits while you view.
  11. Hi Bibs, to start with I had it listed everywhere I could find including here, I then cut the adds down so I could keep track of where the calls were coming from. This is the last crack at selling it because I'm not desperate for the cash and it's not a hardship to keep it . I'll throw it up on your classifieds as well, might as well give it a go. I'm giving it 27 days then that's it all adds stop.
  12. Yep still there, I have yet to find someone who wants a nice GT3 Final reduction if I don't sell it this time it's staying locked up in my garage for a year or so.
  13. Thanks mate unfortunately it doesn't carry a family of 4 (twins arriving in October ?)
  14. Very nice collection you have there.
  15. Hi guys, checked all of the above and replaced the hoses to the solenoid no change, so i checked the mechanical pressure of the wastegate and it was up at .75 bar. Not sure how that happened as it was fine last time I drove the car but all fixed now.
  16. Thanks Ian I'll replace them and see if that works.
  17. Hi guys, I'm getting a bit of overboost since bringing the car out of hibernation, mostly it all seems normal gauge hits one bar like it used to but on quite a few occasions it is pegging the boost gauge (going over 1 bar so dropping back to 0). I have done a bunch of things while its been off the road over the winter, new oil spark plugs etc, fuel tank, driveshaft seals, bulkhead mod,high torque starter, also of course the battery has been disconnected. Could this be some sort of relearning for the ecu? I have not had any boost cut or anything like that and a lot of the time it will peg the gauge then a second later bring the boost back to 1. At one point I saw the gauge flicking back and forth very quickly 0-1-0-1-0-1 as if it was desperately trying to regulate the pressure. Any thoughts? cheers jimi
  18. SJ sells a replacement switch you just have to remove the legend from your old switch and refit to the new one as the old legend switches are not available anymore, used in lots of old cars here's a link to an ebay add for the heated rear window switch marked for a metro . I did a repair to my legend because it was worn link to that here
  19. Does anyone know if a front number plate plinth can be bought from anywhere? I have had two Esprit's and both times this thing has been missing, I'm not sure I would even recognise one of these things even if it was right in front of me. Is it possible to buy one that fits from a different lotus maybe?
  20. I hope to live the rest of my life and never have to look at an esprit tank ever again Try Geoff at esprit engineering for the ally tank
  21. Have you cut the exit spout off? if I was doing this again I think that's one of the first things I would do, I was really struggling and doing this made it possible for me. If your refurbishing then obviously this isn't a option.
  22. Its an alloy tank and I cut the old fuel tank to remove it not the car
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