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  2. I'm very pleased to have taken delivery of my new Exige S in Motorsport green last weekend, and have really enjoyed driving it all week. Unfortunately, I encountered a problem on the way home on Friday. Spot the problem! I went to fuel up for the very first time and when I unlocked the fuel cap, the lock barrel came right out. The fuel cap remained locked inside the car, and as much as I tried, I couldn't get it off (and had an empty tank). Eventually I decided to call Lotus Assistance, who called out The AA. After much admiration by the AA man of my new Exige S, usi
  3. Type25

    Hi All..

    Thanks for the welcome! The spec I have gone for is:- - exige v6 coupe - Motorsport Green - premium pack (red leather) - convenience pack - race pack - rear parking sensors - black standard wheels with red calipers - Air conditioning :-) and last but not least heated seats Still undecided about to stripe or not to stripe (yellow stripes) ... Daniel
  4. Type25

    Hi All..

    Hi, I thought I'd introduce myself as I'm fairly new to this forum. I have been a Lotus owner since 2008 when I bought a 2004 Elise 111R (Type 25 replica). I recently parted with this car as I bought an Exige V6 (Motorsport Green) a few months ago, which should hopefully be delivered within the next week or so... I will post some pics as soon as I have some! Daniel
  5. Thanks Neil. That was my main concern. I had heard that they had parted company with Chris, and I was in the progress of purchasing a new car with him. I spoke to the dealership at the weekend who informed me this, and that they currently did not have a replacement, and indeed were not even sure whether they were going to employ a dedicated Lotus saleman. They did however confirm that they were going to continue as a Lotus dealership, but this has left me with a very uncertain/uncomfortable feeling..
  6. Hi, Does anyone have any experiences (good/bad) of the new Lotus dealership in Hedge End, Southampton? Either purchasing a new car or servicing. I am wondering whether its risky using a new dealership, or whether I should go with an established dearler such as Bell & Colvill. Also how does pricing for servicing, etc. compare with other Lotus dealers, or do all main Lotus dealers tend to charge about the same prices for servicing/labour? thanks in advance for any advise
  7. What do people think about an Exige S in a Matte Black colour? I have found a picture of a previous Exige model in Matte Black.
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