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  1. On the road again ........
  2. R20GTE up and running at the Wheels Classic car show in Wadebridge Cornwall . Many hanks to the Cornwall Lotus drivers club.
  3. Nice to be part of the group treborcccp
  4. Hi. Do we have a more up to date list of GTEs than 2015.... Regards R20 GTE...motorsport green .
  5. Looking to protect my very large rear wheel arch from chipping,is it possible to buy pre cut film or will any other Lotus Evora kits fit ?
  6. treborcccp


  7. Many Thanks Kenny . I am like many faced with the dilemma of the high cost of pirellis and just feel we may be being led by the nose ,i feel there are a lot of good tyres on the market ,it just seems many Lotus drivers are not happy to move away from Pirellis which i find odd as i have driven many high performance cars over the years which were not so tyre specific. Look forward to hearing more . Regards Trevor
  8. Hi JAWS. How are doing on the Avons? Trevor
  9. HI . Met up with Johnny Herbert this week in Newcastle and he really rated the Lotus Evora. Trebor
  10. Hi Thanks for the information . I have purchased the part and with the use of fine fishing wire removed the unit from the wing ,but cannot see the connector block as the wire only extends a little outside of the hole,how do you access the terminal block,from under the wing arch or from inside the car? trevor
  11. Thanks . Not noticed if the dash light blinks erratically but will check,any tips on removing the repeater unit. Trebor
  12. Hi Just failed mot for failure of off side indicator on wing failure ,will flash but only low light .These will be led ,anyone had a failure ,or know how to access o r replace ????? Trebor
  13. Thanks Jaws. Do not wish to sound thick ,but what do you mean with regards to tramlining. Trebor.
  14. Anyone fitted Verdestein Ultrac Vorti,Yoko Av Sport or Mit Pilot Sport 2 on Evora.
  15. Thanks CEO and AL for your advice i did manage to jump the car so new battery on the way. Trebor
  16. Hi . All the lights ,windows work and i did try an old pair of jump leads ,but not sure if they work as one of the clips has broken. I will try the leads again and if no go ,take off the battery and recharge .
  17. Hi my 2010 Evora will not start .I left it in the garage 2 weeks ago just got in and the car will not start just makes a clicking sound when key turned .Battery seems ok and both keys work.I did rev the engine last week for the benefit of my neighbours children and both keys have been together on the key box could any of these be an issue ,the drivers window would not close on locking . Any help would be most appreciated . trebor.
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