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  1. Cheap as chips but needs prepping correctly with screed and need glueing down too.
  2. I’ve got commercial carpet in mine, rubber backed oil and bleach proof etc works fine and looks as good as new after roughly 14 months down
  3. They look stunning Gordon. Look forward to seeing them on the car. 👍
  4. are you thinking what i think youre thinking Mark? 😁😂
  5. Hi Paul, I’ve not picked up the canards yet but I’m sure Jct said that they were going to get a template or Some form of technical drawing to me. I’m at Cadwell Tomo but will give them a buzz later in the week 👍 Hi Colin, the rear boards don’t come in carbon unfortunately so I had them paint them gloss black to match the other features on my car. not sure about the 380 cup rear wing extended winglets, what are these?
  6. Jct 600 have my 2017 380 sport in Kawasaki green coming up soon which I px,d in against my 430 cup. Proceed with caution. That car has a habit of encouraging its owners to upgrade to a 430 cup after owning it! 2 of us on here have fallen victim to its curse ! 😉
  7. Ah. So ferrodo. What did you replace them with Colin? although the brakes are good on the 430 I think the mintex F4R race pads I had put on the 380 are better on track. I suppose is to be expected with a track focused pad. I may change them sooner than later ie rather than wait until worn out as I want to benefit fully from the as new discs. be interesting to hear what others have chosen To replace on the 430 when using on track. ?
  8. Hi Alastair, great pics pal. how do you find the standard brake pads on track? And Does anybody know what the Oem pads are on the Cup 430?
  9. Hi Colin I’ve done a couple of track days in the 430 but they’ve not carried out static noise test due to covid I assume. What were you registering at static with standard exhaust? Also The Marshall's said they were still doing drive by testing but I’ve had no issues with the 2 days I’ve done so far. Have you had any issues with drive by?
  10. I had to fight for the rear boards and carbon side boards to be fitted by the factory after being told numerous times By Oakmere that the factory can’t fit these for homologation reasons ???? i was adamant I wanted them and eventually they did it. after coming from a 380 that has these as standard there was no way I was spending the best part of £40k more to then look at the car and Feel like I’d lost some bits which make the car look so much better imo I was also told I couldn’t have black gloss wheels?”???? The above options are now available on the configerator and are appearing on cars out of the factory!!! work that one out! 😔
  11. Looks absolutely stunning in yellow Steve congrats on the purchase. I did Oulton park again on Friday and the car performed faultlessly. I’d recommend to get it on a track day to really see what is capable of. It’s something else 😉
  12. I use this, works perfect for me:
  13. I’m not sure , I sold it to nice fella from Scotland who worked off shore iirc. Not seen anything of it since. It was a cracking car. Sold it back on circa 2015 to release funds do up the house.
  14. Well it was lotus that decided to make the exhaust so loud! 😀
  15. That looks fantastic Gordon 🥳
  16. Hi Mark, Considering your exquisite taste when it comes to car colour, you know youre welcome anytime buddy! 😉 and I’m sure a pole dancer can be arranged! 😁
  17. 😂 It’s just the rest of the house. Kitchen/ dining. etc it’s been a labour of love renovating the house. I’ve done everything myself. The Cinema room was always in the planning but the “lotus lounge” was an afterthought and started with this, basically 2 kitchen base units and some cheap Floating shelving from ikea :
  18. Yikes that is absolutely stunning @Suddabym Mines not the biggest space but I’ve utilised the back of the garage to install “the lotus lounge!” ive got to come clean and say that corona definitely didn’t stop me going to the pub! Just done a video this minute as it’s clearer than pics. if your quick you’ll catch the end of the Austrian Grand Prix in sky sports !right now! link below.
  19. Really?!?! I’m sure I’ve seen @Tex on at silverstone unless it was a noisy day?
  20. sorry meant at static ?
  21. Looks great. out of interest what did the titanium exhaust read at static?
  22. The car was actually delivered to the dealership without the headlight liners attached but in my opinion looks better with them and helps it to stand out over a standard 350 no I didn’t even think about doing this as I already owned the removable bar and 2 x harness sets For both seats which the dealers said they’d swap over into the car from my 380. I think the lotus pedals are perfect. Never ever had a problem and feels perfectly natural and comfortable to heel and Toe 👍
  23. After doing circa 800 miles in the 430 and following the running in procedure to the letter I can now give a better idea on how it compares to my previous 380 sport. The biggest difference is definitely in the ride quality. It does feel so much more composed and compliant on Uk roads. It actually feels closer to my old 2012 evora S the way it absorbs the road. I should say that I didn’t have the track pack on my old 380 so I’m almost certain this has to be the nitrons on the 430 Which are so much better. in terms of power the car does feel a lot more powerful with additional grunt across the rev range as you’d expect with an additional 15% more power. one thing I haven’t played with is the adjustable traction control which I’ll do over the next couple of weeks. I took the car to oulton park yesterday on a track day to get a better feel for the car and it was faster than anything else I came up against on track. I Had some really good fun Sitting behind the MSV instructor in his Stripped out M3 race car On slicks and I had to lift on the straights to maintain a safe distance. I wasn’t pushing it too hard as I’d not taken any Trackdays insurance out and being a week old putting it in the tyre wall was defo not on the agenda! re noise I had absolutely no problems all day they didn’t do a static test so I actually assumed that maybe they weren’t testing because it was normally a race day at oulton but after asking one of the Marshall’s he told me that this was not the case and that they weren’t doing static because of 2 meter distancing rules and that the drive by tests were very much in place and I’d know about it if I activated one! I would normally drive my 380 with traction completely off but was only brave enough to activate race in the 430 and didn’t touch the nitron setting or the traction control knob. In fact I have no idea if that is even activated in race and I don’t actually know which setting it’s on. I’ve Not even looked at it. 🤷‍♂️ Finally, another really big improvement I’ve noticed over my 380 is the Sony sound system. I know sone people will say if you’re concerned about the sound of the stereo you’re missing the point etc but imo this car is absolutely at its best when used to drive a few hours to and from a.circuit. Race round all day faster than almost anything you’ll come across while meeting other likeminded petrol heads then Drive home in relatively comfortable surroundings listening to your favourite tracks. The additional 2 speakers and Improved head unit now means that listening to music or taking calls in the car on the hands free is physically possible and the sound is 100% improved. In summary and As you’d expect out of the box the 430 is pretty much unbeatable as a track car and when you build in the relatively cheap running costs I genuinely can’t think of another car that I can compare it against. Anyway here’s a few pics and a link to one of the cleaner laps where traffic was light. A cracking day in an amazing car. 👍🏻
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