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  1. I have used several types of turbos earlier. The stock turbo with free flow 3" exhaust, boost very early, got 1 bar at 2200rpm. The GT3076 I have now with 500hp get 1bar 3500rpm and 1,5 bar at 3800rpm... What are your goals?
  2. Hi Jon Its realy good to see that you have got your car running. And it looks good to. Do you have a video from outside while accelerating?
  3. I dont think you will find any like that to Esprit. But you can probably get new pods to other brands to fit, like Supra, 200SX and so on..Or modify the stock instrument board so i fits there.
  4. Hi.I have bought a 02 STI Prodrive to use in the winter up here...We have 6 mounts with snow here so my Esprit is not any paticular good in this conditions.. I need export documents to this car. Can any help me to find the direct phone and e-mail to the export department for the DVLA? There was to many options at the main number.
  5. It will require a lot of work.You need to make a adapterplate to fit the engine to the gearbox and engine mounts? Is there a reason for that you want this engine?
  6. Good reading. I have done a lot of R&D on this engine and its a good engine with some issues that needs to be done. The main problem is the problem related to the headgasked. Otherwise this engine seams to have very strong internals. Mahle high quality pistons,heavy rods(dont brake but dont like high rpms..),Good build and heavy cast crank (no need for steelcrank within resonable hp),with miner mods (new turbo+ fuel) it can take 400hp with litle money invested.
  7. No,that was the next step. I put in liners that are solid in the block,problem was the loose liners that was moving/vibrating and caused the headgasked to fail.I also have ARP bolts and Autronic ECU with the right timing and fuel. I had problem already 400bhp with the ARP bolts,new ECU 450bhp and the liners attached solved it all.
  8. Stock turbo will still be the limitations.I have know the max messured numbers on a dyno is 305bhp with a stock turbo for some few second,when the exhaust and IC is hot max is 270-280bhp..And when you see on the turbospec it is suposed to run out of breath at this hp level. There is no way you can get 330bhp with the stock 4 pot turbo...Only way to get that is with a 300 Sport that have a turbo with 350bhp capasity..
  9. Update... It looks like I have find the solution for our headgasked problems.It have now lasted 2 seasons with 500bhp+. I`m now considdering to sell my Esprit or and go for a Radical track car and might modify it with turbo... 460kg/1000lbs 200hp stock with loads of downforce...And with the turbo mods and 400-500hp it will be more than fast..LOL But its hard to sell a car that I have put this much work into..
  10. "We reach the set 1.3 bar max boost at 3200 rpm." You should get that boost before 3000rpm with the mods you have on your engine. My 2,2 with the same turbo and AR 0,82 turbine gets 1,5 at 3500rpm.. I think you should beginn saving for a aftermarced ECU,to bad that your very good modifyed engine is resticted by the stock ecu.just my toughts..
  11. You might have to put a fuelgauge to look on while driving to see if it holds the pressure,if not you need a bigger fuelpump.If you run 3,0bar non vacum fuel pressure the fuel pressure should be 4,3bar @1,3boost and 4,[email protected],5boost and so on...I gess your turbo is pretty much maxed out at 1,4 bar with your modifyed 2,6ltr engine.Anything above 1,4 bar will mostly give hotair and little hp gain.Mine is maxed at 1,5 and able to use 1,7 with racefuel and a lot of advanced timing (gives less backpressure because more burns inside the engine). What rpm do you get full boost (1,3bar)?
  12. The Evora is a very fast car for its weight on that test..276bhp/1380kg And you can see by the laptimes that cars with very good power/weight ratio wins on that track.. I have driven the Esprit a lot on the track from stock to my modifyed and feel that a stock V8 with good tyres would be aprox 1sec faster with equal tires...Modern performance cars is now delivered with summer tires with R-compounds (very expensive) and is the main reason for being fast on the track with all the weight they have to carry.. 46. BMW M3 Sedan (E90) 1:25.3 119
  13. If putting on a complete aftermarked ECU,will also recuire custom triggersystem,coil setup and so on,since its nothing of the modern systems that will work with the old lotus enging management system. What do you use to tune the fuel? I use a Inovate Wideband lamda.I tune the fuel so the AF is 12,5 on racefuel I can use around AF13. But using stock timing you might need to go for a ritcher mixure because you are not able to tune the timing, and use AF 11-11,5,i dont recomend using any more fuel because it will wash down the cylinder walls for oil and cause to little lubrications. Wha
  14. Hi. I have strugglet a lot with the stock ecu earlier. And had 4 extra injectors with 2 fuelpumps to be able to get enough fuel at high boost/rpm.But this didnt solve the problem.And went trough 3 headgasked because the stock timing was to high and got smal deto that cased light headgasked failure so I got high pressure/temp in the cooling system. I gess this is the reason for your cooling problems.You also need to use the old termostat with early opening.I gess with your headgasked system solved It can take a lot before the headgasked fails completly. I did put a aftermarked (am) Au
  15. This is realy to bad...And our season is pretty short here.. Did you do any work to the head like changing the valveguidens ? And did you messure the play of the valves to see how much wear the valveguidens had if you didnt change this? I broke the turbo on my 05 BMW530DA trailing my Lotus on the way to the track last weekend...endet up driving the Esprit 500km home... Have you taken of the head to investigate?Check if the timing belt is correct first,Then look for brooken valve springs and if the valve is secied in the guidens.
  16. (If only I can get used to non-powered steering) On the track you will be amaiced how well i can use 0 (zero) toe in out on track,but on the road you gona need some toe in the manual.
  17. Thanks a lot for the mail. It looks like this will fit,if not it only gona need miner some welding..or so..
  18. I saw this on the Lotus sales and think it will fit my 1989 with miner mods. Can any send me a pic or scan the partlist and e-mail me? Esprit V8 A082L4316F FUEL TANK RH 2000 MY ON [email protected]
  19. Hi. Can someone e-mail me a pic or scan the partlist of the pre1987 fuel tank? Esprit Turbo D082L4104F Fuel Tank (HCPI) [email protected]
  20. Good that you do the work yourself.Its always fun to learn new stuff. This input shaft look to be stronger than on the un1.And specialty the 5th gear. So my gess is that this box is stronger when in the 5th.
  21. Good info. But I was looking for the Dunlop Racing slicks used in GT racing. Any that knows where to get it?
  22. Do any know where to get Dunlop race tyres in UK?
  23. Try to use window shield glue.You can also put a clamp around the holes on the shaft to hold the silicone/glue in place while driving.
  24. I`m back into my Esprit hobby after a long winter with modifying/riding snowmobiles.. But still have thoughts about the headgasked problems,mine is still ok...xross Have changed broken headgaskeds several times, so I have some first hand experience in this field. And think I have a good/easy solution for the headgasked problems, we have when tuning for higer hp output on this engines.With out tearing down the hole engine. I will get made Stainless Steel O rings at 0.004" (0,1mm)thickness to put between the gasked and head with special serrated edge embeds onto the gaske
  25. To bad Mark gave up.And you have a good one,how I see it. Then you only have to get the engine togeter. One if the thing I find that helped my modyfied engine most was putting a aftermarked modern ECU on it.Then I tuned the timing/lamda to perfection so it worked 100%.Modifyed engines works best with custom mapping on the ecu..This esprit engines seams to be pretty good with the right mods to it.I have one with 500bhp with modifyed stock internals I use for track days,limit my self to 10min track work.But having problems to get the headgasked to last because if the liners with smal area to c
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