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  1. Update.. I have been on the track several times and the headgasked seams to last now.Even on racefuel with 1,65 bar of boost and a lot of timing...only gets 1,5bar on streetfuel 98RON. This Esprit is moving like h.ll,it goes incredible good with racefuel. The mods I did to get the headgasked to last was: Glued the liner to the block,new stock Goetso headgasked,tighten the head to 85ft/lbs using ARP studs,did run the car for some hour,retorqued the ARP studs to 85ft/lbs again. I could clearly see that the liners had moved inside the engine.So gluing them was a test. The best way to solve this is to make new steel liners witch are 8/100 mm to big and heat the block up before putting the new liners in. Movie of my car at the track. Did do a Time attack race also but not on this movie. The car was 3 sec faster/lap on the time attack do to better brake/vehicle balance. Ps: are in some talk to M Blur about buying his race Esprit.Will see if I can solve the freight problem..
  2. My 1989 Esprit Turbo at track day on Artic Circle Raceway (ACR) Norway.
  3. I have struggled a long time to get the headgasked to last. When I had the engine apart did I glue the liners with epoxy glue.Did sand both liners and block and cleaned everything,put on epoxy on both parts,put in the liners,bolted the head on and let it stay 24h. Did also retighten the ARP bolts after running the engine hot and let i cool down.Witch was not recomended,but I will say thats the way to go. Last time now on the track I could run 1,65 bar of boost with racefuel and a lot of timing....Was not able to get more than 1,5bar with 98 RON because of to hige backpressure (limited by the turbine/turbosize ). This Esprit is incredible fast now.I will not recomend any puting a big turbo like mine and run this boost without being very knowledgable about what they do.....and have a very healty engine.
  4. Interesting car.Does any know anything about this race Esprit? Is it only missing the engine and gearbox?
  5. Its a a while since did update this tread..... I have had the engine apart and done some mods to it + overhauled it. The engine was looking pretty good inside,but I had some consern after some oilsurge problem. Weldet the sump and put the pick up 3 cm lower and furter back in the sump to try to solve some of the oilsurge problem I had last year on the track.This did seams to work mutch better now. I have also bought a accusump I gona put in the car next week. But did something stupid like putting a aftermarked headgasked when put the engine together. This headgasked was much softer and didnt fit aswell as the stock, and did brake after 35km on the track,shit this engine is giving me a lot of work.. The stock goetse gasked I had lasted 1000km of track work and was still ok.... Did also do some more aerodynamic work on the car this summer and it feels like the car is squised harder to the tarmark now,Didnt do any lap with the laptimer because i still had some fine tuning and only got 35km this time. Do any know of a cheep Esprit or a Esprit with a weldet rollcage?I dont need engine and gearbox,only a rolling car. My next plan is build a fullrace Esprit and put the one I have back to a roadcar.
  6. Good info. I will convert to VDO 300kmh speedo. Mine now is with a wire from the gearbox and its to slow on the needle when accelerating.
  7. Where do I get a electronic speedo to the Esprit with 300kmt or more reading?
  8. Ye.. Do any have a pictures of how the left engine mounts heatshields is suposed to look? I have bendt mine when I took the engine out and are not 100% sure.
  9. Ye...and testing this car in freezing conditions is not an advance ether..... I have several friends who have tesed my Esprit and say that they feel "fear" while driving....and dont get the good feeling.Also they can not understand how I can drive this car so fast and at the limit...I feel that you have to have special driving skills or use more than an hour to get use to the Lotus cars.This cars have more potensials than most other cars but needs a good driver to get the best out of them. I get a feeling that this TV pilots is more in the "Impreza" drivingskill club...where even your grandmother can drive fast.
  10. Hallaysen Folks. Need to get back to Esprit mode after running snowmobiles the hole winter now.(still have over a month to the snow goes away).
  11. Hi Jon. Just wanna taka a look how`s it going. Looks like you have some progress.Keep up the good work.
  12. Hi Atle. Your turbo look like a brand new stock one. Very good to see other Norwegians going for this nice car.
  13. I gess you all get the most for the buck if you buy from MJM.
  14. Well,not at the of the 2,5 engines that he have build earlier do over 1000bhp and 10200rpm at the moment....and this is with stock pistons......
  15. I`m in the search for the new type engine block with the new casting.1993 and newer I belive. Do any have this for sale?
  16. I`m doing some research about this at the moment......+more.
  17. You need a new arm on your wastegate or may be a new wastgate clock with arm. This is a pretty common part and will be available at all turbo shops. With that part broken you barly get any boost.I gess its i pretty slow Esprit you have now...............
  18. Hi bibs. Have you find the turbo you want? As I understand you will like to have a newer more modern turbo on your car for impoved response and more boost?If you only put on a free flowing exhaust you will gain incredible response and able to use more boost even with the stock turbo.And a stock SE turbo has capasity for max 300bhp. The GT28RS is rated to 350bhp with incredible good spoolup. After what i read and have learned about this turbo is that you will get earlier boost and more bhp available,than on the old SE turbo. It depends how you gona use your car.If you go on the track and run max for 10-20minutes then I wouldnt use more than 280bhp out of the GT28RS.The backpressure will be very high and can overload engine and/or the turbo. But in a car to outrun some in the trafficlights you will be able to use may be 320-340bhp. For short dyno runs with racefuel they are able to get 373bhp. So 350bhp is a raiting for dragrace as I understand it. If I wanted the best drivability on the road (not the German Autobahn with free speed limit or other severe use.) with 320-330bhp I would have gone for the GT28RS with free flow exhaust.I gess you would gett 1,0 bar of boost already at 2000rpm with this set up and you dont need to do any other work on the engine than having a healty stock engine with chip. This is the turbo I would have used with T3 exhaust turbine to bolt direct on the manifoil. You have to use the 5 bolt Ford flens with waste gate and adapt the exhaust.
  19. Ye...thats the way to go. Its way to much that do more to confuse in this tread than I have read in a long time. For the people that not intend or are unable to understand the fully how a turbo works. Go for a turbo that have been used before on a Lotus and are available from companys like in this tread. And there is other companys that sells turbos that will work perfect,witch is on this forum........but not in this tread...
  20. Not exakt but simular. I belive all my pics is on the old server that why I cant see it.How can i delite them so I can use this space?
  21. I`m not able to delete/see what attachment I have in the my control panel. Who can help me?
  22. This clutch look simular to the one I have used for a time with 450bhp. A Valeo Renault Van/R21turbo clutch to the UN1 box that can take 40% more torque than the stock Lotus.But I got mine from Ralf Burke in germany for 3 years ago. It doesent need to be stamped a Lotus number on it to fit. Have someone tested this on theyr car?If it fits its probably ok Ask him what weight and hp it is on the car it is produced for? And the part number then i can cross check with mine (have the engine apart)
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