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  1. Take a look in my prodsject tread. Liner is the reason I have the engine apart now. Thanks for the tips.
  2. I was thinking to build a rollbar infront of the engine bay. With fully triangulate the engine bay,+glue the roof. The absolute most of the flexing is in the rear and needs work. I didnt want to destroy the cabin with tubes.Mine is still a road car..... I should have build a pure racecar for my purpose.But this is what I have and have already invested to mutch time and money in this car.
  3. I saw earlier new Mahle pistons for sale for pretty good prices. Do any have this for sale now? Mine is good but since I gona tune this engine now for 500bhp+ I will like to get some now.
  4. How can I edit this so I get more space to put up some new pics? Its not showing up any pics thats suposed to be there anyway.
  5. Well nothing much,but too many plans... I did think to step up from the GT30R to the GT35 with 0,78 AR turbine house with twin entry to utilize the pulses better and hopefully not get to slow spoolup compare to the GT30R. Also some more plans with more downforce,inrease the torsen stiffnes of the car,overhaul the dampers+put on stiffer springs.
  6. Spoke to MVS Racing. And you are getting a high downforce single element wing. The multi ellement wing was for single seated race cars.He told me. The problem you will get using a multi ellement is to get enough downforce up front. I dont see the problem to use a multi ellement wing but its probably 3 times more expensive and require a lot of more testing to get control over the front.Like I described in the mail to you.
  7. Can you send me some pics if you have? I did also think to put the pick up lower,and the sump have already 3 chambers and route it so it have to via the pick up. The problem is only in hige speed turns at full trottle.and i did plan to put even more downforce in to it.
  8. Is it some that have a pic of the bigger S4 sump?Is it better baffeled than the smaler? Or is it some that have modifyed theyr sump with baffels that have pics of it?
  9. Its here for sure... I was planning to use it with the 1uzfe engine....but it will not be stong enough.So I gona put it on when I put the 4 pot back in the car.
  10. I have taken out the engine and teared it down. And I`m pretty impressed how little wear it was inside. Only some wear on the bearings after some oilsurge in hige speed turns at the track.(1,3-1,5 G) So now is my plan to overhaul the engine and put in new steel liners with O-rings,some more headwork+cam,reworked sump,rods,convert it to E85 (gives 10% bhp with the same turbo). I also have some more plans to get more downforce.
  11. Hello Jon. Did I miss the wing discusion..hehe The multi element wing you are getting is gona give you a lot of downforce.Very good choice. I gess it have a Cl of above 3,5 ? Did you know how much downforce it genetates at 150km/h? I`m gona build a new wing to my car: profile Wortmann FX 74-CL5-140 Mod with a Cl of 2,1 180x 40cm gives aprox 160kg downforce at 150km/t + 20% with a Gurney flap (like on Mikes car). This is how it looks,and is the most effective single element wing with low drag.Very common in GT racing. GT racing is using single ellement wing because multi ellement wing is banned.
  12. Me too...F40 is the proper Ferrari. The 430 is to civiliced to be a proper supercar.I would have bought a BMW M5 or M3 instead of the 430. Or as I will say it :the next step up from Lotus must be a Lamborghini......V12.....midengine.... M5 V10 with sports exhaust,sound pretty good This is the engine Lotus should aim for in the new Esprit...
  13. I`m using iridium also. They can take higer temp.for longer times with the same heat No.And work over a broader temt range. And can last 100000km in normal cars. They dont give ANY performance gains over the stock ones if they also are new.
  14. I have driven my friends Elise and its a nice car but not the same as a Esprit.Its way to smal engine to begin with and very noisy compare to the Esprit.It depends what you are looking for.
  15. I belive its more because the syncrogears is not lined up with itch other.Is this only from standing still?is it making a crunch? You might have to put it in revers first at standing still to be able to select 1st,to line up the gears. And if it make a crunch,let the clutch be pressed down for 5 sec to slow down the input shaft. Its like this on some other boxes without syncromesh on the first. If this is the 5sp box is not designet as a F1 box. This 5sp kit have syncromech gears.So I dont think it should be a problem selecting fist. Have you spoken to Kevin about this? How is it to drive with?Is it faster to gearchange between 1st-2nd and 2nd-3rd? How do you like the tigher gearratio?
  16. at the track:"is this a Lotus?didnt now that they where faster than the Supra and Skyline" YE its a Lotus and its way faster.( I did lap a higly promoted 1000bhp Supra) LOL.... Worst thing was the day I got it home and a bloke sayd: Have you bought a replica of a Lotus.....
  17. I was a huge F1 entusiast some years ago,now I`m not interested at all.To much BS and when you see the how young the drivers are you know that this cars are to easy to drive with little risk. I feel its 10% driver and 90% Team. Look at Ferrari.Raikonen needs to use Michael Schumacher to be able to set up the car right and to get the right feedback to the engineers. Take a look at rally you barly find a driver under 30. The F1 is way to much big business than its about driving fast now.
  18. Looks very good,hope you dont gett into engine cooling problems.Watch the watertemp on hot days. Where is the CC waterlines goning? If you make new under the mid sections of the car in aluminum or copper or use flat alu pipe with cooling finns like it is in snowmobiles you will gett even better cooling. + insulate the lines in the engine bay.
  19. I dont think it will last for long........ If I can buy a Esprit very cheap I will build a fully race Esprit with no compromises.With a highly modifyed Lexus V8 with twin turbo 1000bhp+ and below 1000kg that will be INSANE for sure.I have a lot of plans,only problem is money and time............. The one I have now I think to overhaul the engine and put in new steel liners with O-rings,some more headwork+cam,reworked sump,rods,convert it to E85 (gives 10% bhp with the same turbo). And put the 6sp box into it.
  20. I did change the headgasked in mid June. And I have turnet the boost up and up and up. Was driving some dragrace last week with 1,65bar of boost and higer timing...... The headgasked did even survive that also???And the car was FAST. Some times I`m getting pretty impresed how wel it works. I have done a lot of track days this summer and seams to take a lot of hard use. I have some plans for this engine now.....
  21. FYI 2 Autofil (Norwegian Top Gear) was testing the new R8 last veek at ACR.And was driving 2 sec slower than me with the best race driver in Norway so I now the gap will even be more if he drove my car also. My buddies was imprest that he didnt beat my old Esprit from the 80s....with a profesionale race driver. The R8 is probably a very good modern sportscar but it does not have any pedigree. But vill probably sell very good to the Audi people,at least if they are like some of my buddies with "4 rings tattoed on theyr body".The Audi people I know is incredible single mined and dont even considder to by a other brand.
  22. I have now put a 6 sp dogbox kit from GTO in the spare box I had,and it seams like it is more diffrent variations of the Esprit gearbox than they tought. So I will say that it is pretty important that the one who perform this mod is very competent and are able to see if there is any problem while putting this together. Anyway you need to do some testing to be sure.
  23. Have you done any testdrive with this gearbox kit after you got it produced at a new place? How much torque will it take?
  24. Ya...I did also replace a lot before I find out that the bolts on the ujoint was the problem.
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