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  1. Hi Mark. When i drive it slowly in traffic its pretty quiet in the car,no pops and bangs. But on track days when the manifoils,turbo and 50cm after the turbo is glowing red it pops and bangs all the time. With 50cm flames in gearchanges from 3rd to 4th. Is the DAT ECU you have with secuensial injection?
  2. Go for 215/45-17 and 265/35-18 in Potenza RE-01R then. Or do you need the wide looking image...... Go for G-Force T/A KD in 245/40-17 and 295/35-18..........Hope you have a hige grip Racing steering wheel lol...
  3. I have one box I`m almost ready to put in the car. I did think to put it in the car when I take out the engine and solve the headgasked problem I have. With new Iron liners.
  4. Ye that man impressed me also a lot.He live for the cars not for the money.
  5. I have finaly put a 4 point FIA harness in mine. It was pretty easy.Used the exicting fastners on both side of the seat. Drilled holes thrue the plywood and used 50mm eye bolt and 10x10cm steel plates. Got all the parts/belt from Sabelt. I cant put up or delite any pics at the moment for some reason i dont know. If I could put up some pics you will see how easy it was.No need for making a bracket.
  6. No prob. on the rims I have 8,5" and 11" wide rims. Looks more F1 style doing it this way. If I was using mine more on the road I would use 215/45-17 and 265/35-18. It looks good on the car also.
  7. Hello Graham I think this will be ok.I had this dimencion in front and it was ok when it was lowered 1". When I lowered the car for track use it hit the inner wheel arc several places. So I had to modify it. The rear is ok. I gess you want more grip or intend to go on the track since this G-Force T/A KD is a R-tire. The Goodyear Eagle F1 GS-D3 is good tires but does not have the same grip as the G-Force. I have used this tires on the track also and its much slower than any R tires you can buy. I have now 235/40-17 and 295/30-18 Toyo RRR tires on mine,Its very good grip and seams to last good at track days but looks a litle much rubber side up front compare to the rears 30 profile. Its a real paine to fine R-tires that maches from the same brand with the same compound to this car. If you want earlier temp in the tire go for smaler with like 215 and 265. I had this dimensione before and got more grip after 1 lap compare to the 235 and 295 I have now. But i live far nort in Norway( above the artic circle) so the temp is only 12-25 degree celcius during the summer. If you use your car more on road,I would have gone for smaler size. I used 215/45-17 and 265/35-18 Dunlop supersport race semi R tires and it was perfect for road use since it was much easier to drive.These cars with out servos on uneven roads are a realy hard to drive if you use 245 up front. And the lap times at the track is not any big differens with 215 to 245.The lap times is much more dependent on the days conditions than the tire with.Biggest gain I have got with wide tires is that they last longer at track days.
  8. I can only do a normal slow 1-2nd change.And it have been like that al the time.Changed master,slave cyl,clutch line,clutch,adjusted the links several time and so on. But if it crunch in a normal slow change the sync ring is probably gone. This is a manual for the UN1
  9. I do think they fit.I have 2 Elise S1 here(my friends cars hehe). They look very narrow compare to the Esprit.So I think it will fit in any car.
  10. Is this running weight with fuel? Or empty weight missing fuel,water,oil,and so? Mine is now 1170kg + fuel.And normal running weight is 1200kg with 1/2 of fuel. This is messured on 2 diffrent scales. It states 1280kg in the vehicel papers witch i dont understand, I messured to 1220kg + fuel when it was 100% stock.
  11. This is where you can find brakes from other cars. Some of the Volvo,Renault have the same bolt pattern. I dont think its possible to find rear brakes thats fits from another car.
  12. Good that you figured out this.You will probably gain 20rwhp with only that "mod".... A turbo engine like to have as big diameter and short pipe as possible after the turbo to get the best performance. We get more than enough backpressure from the turbine anyway. If you put on a 3" from the turbo it will spool up even earlier than 2500rpm. But now you have very good drivability with that early spool up.I got 1.0 bar at 2800rpm with the stage 3 I had.
  13. Its not the engine that you need to worry about... As I have sayd in other treads.The stock gearbox is pretty strong but have the weakest link in the 5th gear.Where its a groove and only suported with 1 bearing.I know the german V8 Esprit people breake they stock gearboxes even with the stock engine.It looks like the biggest problem is when they are at max torque going on and off the trottle.The gearbox does also have a pretty smal diameter in the spline where the 2 halfs mets on the first shaft.Its not the bhp that kills the box its the torque,so rev it hige and stay away from the hige torque belowe 4000rpm.
  14. It might be that the tire are gone in to plastic.It was like that on my car, it did run and brake so badly that I considderet to sell it right away after purchasing it. I did put on new tires and my grine was back on my face again. I had uneven braking turning to one side after putting in new springs and dampers.Then I had to adjust the corner weight.If you have adjusable ride hige suspension it might be time for checking the corner weight. If it turns to the right:Lower the spring pressure on front right spring or rear left spring.
  15. Me too. I did send a pic to artie about how it works. I have used several of this type of turbos in my snowmobiles.Aerocharger VATN turbos. They are incredible with that the 2 stroke engines get boost on low rpm. Its also used pretty much in all the new hige performance diesel engines. The main gain with this type of turbos is that you get much earlier boost with a bigger turbo. The turbo is working over a much greater range. I gess if we use this type of turbo on the Esprit that have capasity of 500bhp it will lower the spool up from 3500-4000rpm to about 2500-3000rpm. It have vanes in the turbine so the exhaust gas hit the turbine wheel in the outer diameter to get earlier boost. On boost furter up the rpm it direct the exhaust gas so it hits more in the senter of the turbine wheel (larger aspect ratio) and this gives less exhaust restiction.
  16. EBC pads and plane disc are ok.But the grooved stuff they have are not working at all.We tried this on a MR2 and it was much better using plane disc. I belive the only reason to sell this grooved disc is that the look like racing brakes.And sell a lot of pads because they wear out 2-3 times faster than normal.
  17. Do you run stock springs and dampers? If so go for pads with the same frictions like stock replacements pads. If you have harder than stock suspension.You need lower friction rear or a reduser on thr rear breake circiut. Because the front end will not dip that much anymore.
  18. Ye it did all T3 flens will fit, but I had to modify the heatshield.The compressor was to big its the same now With the GT30R. I got the same thing as you describe,it could not hold the boost going up on the rpm.........then I blew the turbo.I know that I had got the max out of it..... Are you able to measure back pressure before the turbine? The backpressure should increase ecual when raising boost.When the backpressure increases more then you increase boost you know you are pretty much at max. Thats my experience with snowmobile 2 stoke engines with turbo.It will be the same with 4stroke engines also.
  19. I think you are at max if its a stage 1 turbo. I had a stage 3 from Turbo Jamie and got 345 rwhp when it was new. And it was going down to 330rwhp after some use.And did brake after a lot of track days. But I have only my self to claim after using the turbo above its limit for extendet time like track days. If you are at max with your turbo now,dont expect to get it to last forever. You will probably be better of using a stage 3 or a GT3071R.I belive they have simular spool up but the GT is rated for some 30bhp more.I got 1,4 bar at 3200rpm with the stage 3 from turbo jamie.I belive it was this with .63 turbine And I paid $ 700,- with waste gate.I did port the wastgate outlet so I could veld on a 3" pipe direct from the turbo......Probably the reason for hige HP and braking the turbo but got a nice and early spool up. If you use this with up to 345rwhp for higeway use and 330rwhp for track day use I gess you should be fine.
  20. Thanks.That was good to hear that I could help Marcus is right about the dyno No will variate a lot.Thats why I try to do the G-tech test runs in the same place and temp. If you want more pwr now, you will need a bigger turbo.I gess your turbine is the limiting factor now. You can get higer No using racefuel with leaner mixure that will produce more power with less exhaust. I will try to put my car on the dyno before next summer.I gona do some more mods to my engine first...hehe.. Gona put in iron liners and new cam++
  21. It sounds like the cat is not working. My car did pop a lot earlier with freeflow exhaust and stock ecu.
  22. Behind the radiators?isnt this gona be very inefficient? How about using 4 pot SE radiators up front? It looks realy nice in the engine bay. But the pipe outlet from IC looks very tight. It looks like its some sort of flow restictions there.Did you do any porting in the pipe entry for the outlet pipe.
  23. 262rwhp 320bhp -18% loss =262rwhp. I did see in your garages,that you have done a lot of good mods to it What boost are you running? Have you done other mods to the engine? My pwr/trq curve look very simular,only with higer No.and that its not dropping the bhp before 7000rpm.
  24. Well....thats good news.... Can you post the dyno run you have up to 5200rpm?And boost? I did think it was something wrong with the calibration on that dyno when torque was higer and hp lower. Is the No calibrated for ISO? 15/1013mb?
  25. My solutions to all this waterproblems is. Keep it in the garage all the time you dont use it, and dont drive it in rain......... I do see in this forum that its a lot of smal problem with this cars that could have been avoidet if the cars have been stored under a roof.
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