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  1. Anyway I`m told that the stock V8 have 260 rwhp......... So you are on the right side at least When you find out whats does the deto you will be over 300rwhp easily. It might be that the dyno is reading low also?? Is it conected to a computer where you can put in temp/pressure?
  2. Did you messure the intake temp ? Is the chargecooler woorking proparly? Is the cooling water circulating? Did you have the wideband lamda conected? Are your fuel pump up to the task?Do still using stock gas tanks?Rust in the pick up filter? Is your fuel pressure regulator working proparly?Bend on a fuel line? Well its a heck lot to check. Put a fuel pressure guage up on the rearwindow and read the pressure while driving at WOT. Have had several problems on my Esprit+other cars with the fuel delivery.
  3. Hmmm.To your info the UN1 is 53kg and the G50 is 72kg.;d=1184940958 And its good to see that you going forward in your prodsject. I hope you have the driving skills for this..I gess you have 550-600bhp with masive torque and hopefully you end up below 1100kg.Its gona be a dam fast track car when you get the it tuned.
  4. Did it several times...62points each time.this gona take a while. We need more people.
  5. Hehehe. I will probably never grow up,I love to vipe the grine of theyr faces with my Esprit from the 80`s....... I dont like racing on the roads its just to stupid if something hapends.I have raced on the roads earlier with people trying to chashe me and go out in turns above 100mph.....That is not fun to observe in ths back mirror.... So I `m now a lot on track days and do some dragrace also. And allmost all the fastest streetcars and pure track cars are on the track in here, its the fastest/and best track in northen europe. I do 1min 39sec its the same as the Stcc(simular to Btcc). And its some very fast pure track cars imported from Japan and Porsche clubsport cars here. They do 1.42-1.46.I also have a modifyed 1995 Impreza STI RA witch I do 1.46s Last time, i did wipe the grine of one with a heavily modifyed Skyline with 850bhp +downforce, the car had won a lot of races in Japan.He did go in the ditch trying to mach my lap times. Best thing was that he did a lot of enties in magasines and on the internet before comming up here..... After they got to know my times they told my buddies that they could not use full boost because of "fuel problems"...... This cars are full of ponnies not BHP. I also do some dragrace, doing 1/8 mile belowe 8s and 1,80s in 60" with trackday set up. Doing 5-15/100sec in average reaction time(thats where you can do it).If you loose 0,40 sec in the start you loose. 1/8 mile racing is more about reaction time than pure people think mine is even faster than actually. When I get finished the 6sp dogbox it will probably be some 0.25 s faster.As I loose a lot in the slow gearchanges now. My car is not build for drag but I love to ocasionally beat them. You have to have a very modifyed scooby/evo to mach a Esprit with 350bhp at track days.Or the straights after putting in 3rd and 4th... These cars are very slow in turn inns and not able to obtain the grip as a Esprit. The Esprits suspension geometry is in a total other league than al this japs car. Mine is very purpose build/tuned as a road legal track car.And I havent fine any that can keep up with this that is road legal.I cant of course keep up with GT2 racecars/Supercar series,they are 10-12 sec faster at this track. The Esprit is not a easy car to drive at the limit so you have to work you up slowly. If you loose grip at above 100-130mph/160-200kmh You have to be more than FAST to recover from this. The Impreza is pretty easy to recover or drift in this speeds compare to the Esprit.
  6. Fuel cap or Petrol cap....hehe. Gas can be like propan for them.... You gona need a crane to make sure the turbo gona be in the same place. If not you will prabably find it under the engine after getting hot.....
  7. You dont need LS oil in the Quaife because its a torsen diff not a LS diff. The reason for LS oil in a LS diff its because it have frictons lamels that need this type of additive. If not it will burn the friction plates and work as a open diff.
  8. Any with pics of the spreadsheet of this parts in the rear? Is the partlist for the V8 on the net somewhere?
  9. I got a Impreza STI RA from Japan and it was with `garden hoses
  10. I use coolant tubes for cars.They seams to be up for the task.At least on mine. Mine is with ca 2,5mm wall sections.
  11. Hello Al Did you have web site to share with us? Then I can do some researce.
  12. I`m almost done with the 6 sp kit into my spare un1 box.And gona put it in my car. I also gona rebuild the hole shift mecanim because of the sloppy feeling. Any with pics of the shift mecanism at rear of the gearbox from a V8 newer than 1998? I belive they came up with a better solution in that time.
  13. Hehe I liked that sound damper you are using It look more like a flame damper than a muffler. In that design you get the rare Esprit sounds......It does not sound like 4 pot is what I get in feedback. I`m pretty sure that design will fail the 105db he needs to be under at certain tracks. But I belive you LOVE the sound if it....
  14. I have several budies with Impreza GT/WRX with this type of sound damping. They do reduce the noise,but increase the backpressure a lot and also the spool up is much slower,several hundred rpm later.And gives 7-10% lower bhp.Stock exhaust is giving you the same backpressure but much lower sound. I cant by any means recomed this type of sound damping and have first hand test/info about this. If you make a 90 degree angle type add on/replacement tip device pointing down you get lower sound and no increase in backpressure. I have got some info that the 300 Sport was increasing 40bhp with a 3" freeflow compare to the stock one (its the same as in the SE) with out adding boost.
  15. If you take a look on my LEW site: Or in my LEF Garage. There you will see my 3"exhaust,1m long and only 5kg.With the free flow silencer where the cat is normaly. If you need it quieter on the track make a 90 degree bend so it point down, This is what we do to get under 105db at 1 track witch tape the noice. Or make one smal silencer at the cat place and 1 long in the normal place with a 90 degree bend to the normal right outlet.Make sure you use free flow silencer. I have this design on my 95 Impreza STI RA and its very quiet 3" freeflow system compare to what avaiable of bolt on types.(and cheep).
  16. Very interesting prodsject. I have been thinking of the same,I always wanted a sportcar with a V12 engine. Can you tell us more about this?
  17. Same happends to me also....It scared the shit out of me also the first time.... Did happend above 200kmt with headlamps up. I did adjust the hood and clamps.And after that it did not pop up anymore.
  18. Realy good that you are so close to drive it.And I gess you will be impressed how well this Esprits still are going. My car is incredible fast on the track.I have tuned everything now so its very good balance on the hole car. I`m amaced how easy my car is now to drive fast on the track,was testing my friends Elise last time on the track and Its not as good as my Esprit when talking about handling and running it on the edge. I gess all the work I have put in my car have paid off and still have some more plans with it. My main problem lately have been the headgasked. Take a look on my site at LEW to see some of my mods. My last headgasked blew at 1,7 bar.............cant blame Lotus for that.......... Have been using 1.45 bar and tested it a lot with G-Tech and get 350BHP at the rearwheels in avarage. But get pressure in the cooling system and temp beginn to increase after 10min of track work. I use 1.45bar and are on my 4th headgasked in 2 year (5000km) But it have not blown at 1,45 it have always blew when I have turnet the boost up higer or with detonation(bad fuel pressure reguator) I run with 1,6 bar at drag race and it seems to last....and to use below 1,3bar to be 100% safe. I gess it all depends on the duty cycle,if you are going to test topspeed everyday you might have to use only 1,0bar of boost to get it to last. I`m pretty much impessed my self, this engine seams to take more abuse than I thought. Its the short duty cycle that do this possible,if you run 4hr racing i belive you have to do a lot of mods to be able to get it last with 300rwhp (360bhp). And with the mods you have done you will be fine up to 320rwbhp if the engine is mapped right. I gess you will get 320rwhp at 1,2 bar. But stay away from a lot of full pwr 5th gear use.Thats gona be the next week link. Did you O-ring the liners when you had it apart? I belive this is the solution to get the headgasked to last with higer boost. Your car is realy looking good now.And with the performance matching the look. Its gona be a dam expensive stock supercar to keep up with you both ways. Are you gona do more dyno runs?
  19. This sounds very good I think that this gearbox can take more abuse than the headgasked.At least my experience. It looks like most of the gearbox failures is on the weak 5th gear. I have used mine on the track and dragraced it a lot and its headgasked that drives me nuts. Pressure building up in the coolant system so I have to run for a short time or lower the boost. With 300rwhp its gona be very fast with incredible wide powerrange.
  20. I belive this atemd will improve.But not a lot. I think we need to make of the twisting forces at the rear to be acting more direct on the firewall. The firewall is made of tick plywood and is bondet to the rest of the car,so this is the best place to beginn at. In the front of the engine bay where all the tubes in to the box. If we are able to bolt this better to the firewall it vill help more. I did think to make a roll bar in the front of the engine bay that are bolted/glued to the firewall. Make stuts and X struts from the damper to the rollbar will improve a lot (but also a lot of work and removale of some fiberglass).So its fully triangulated
  21. Take a look on the turbo and write down all info on the data card send the info to a Garret spesialist. Then they will tell you all the specs.Or ask MJM turbo he is also at this forum and he knows this. I belive you can get all the Garrett turbos to fit,it all boils down to how much you want to modify. Are you going for a bigger turbo?
  22. Thanks, and There you go.... By the way, has anyone tried to change his/her O2 lambda sensor and notifyed also that the connector plug is out of reach in the engine left skirt ?? If anyone found a solution, I'm buying Very very nice car.I will like to drive one of this one day. Its very simple to change the O2 sensor. You take of the left cover above the fuel tank (5 "bolts") and disconect the plug + take of the sensor.
  23. Nice that you have good progress now. You should realy invest in a wideband lamda like this. That will save you a lot of work and you know whats going on. Or at least borow one. I have tuned my engine so its AF 12,5 at the hole register above 0,1 bar boost. Only at light cruise (belowe 0 boost or vacum) and idle do I use AF 14,7 You can easily tune your engine changing the extra injectors and with fuel pressure to get it right at the hole rpm/boost register.But I belive you will be find starting at 3 bar fuel pressure with vacum line off like the stock fuelpressure.
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