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  1. Thanks Bibs. Could a problem with this component have any side effects or cause any increased wear to other related components?
  2. Does anyone know what a clutch potentiometer is? I've had the same fault code appear on two occasions and the clutch potentiometer has been replaced each time under warranty. I don't have the fault code to hand but will post when i'm back at home.
  3. I'll be there in my green Exige.
  4. Get it adjusted by the dealer then use vaseline on an ongoing basis to keep it lubricated. Don't go using your girlfriend's cocoa butter flavoured vaseline, she won't like you doing that.
  5. What a great car history. What is the spec and special touches you're going for on your new V6?
  6. Interesting. It was a B&C supplied car:
  7. It was only serviced and oil changed a few hundred miles ago. It sounds like trim rattling rather than the engine. No noise when stationary.
  8. Has anyone got any advice on how to isolate and fix rattles and squeaks? I have one that I thought was coming from inside the cabin but think it may be from somewhere else. Something starts rattling when the car has been running for an hour and is warmed up.
  9. It looks fantastic. It was either this colour or motorsport green for me. I went for MSG. You were very quick to get a roof conversion done. I'm getting mine converted tomorrow.
  10. I may be up for Spa on the 9th September. I'l check with her in charge.
  11. If you don't mind me asking, what was the cost?
  12. Has anyone been on a track day at Bedford in their V6? I'm there next month in mine and was wondering if I was going to have a problem with the strict noise restrictions. Also, in the past at Bedford, they have asked for towing eyes to be fitted. I don't think the V6 has one. Does anyone know if I need to get something fitted?
  13. Thank you for posting the pictures, they are great. Mine is the MSG Exige V6. There were lots of lovely cars, quite a gathering. I'll be trying to get along in future months too.
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