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  1. "When I return home in a few weeks I will revisit this thread with a few pictures of the dismantled switch and where and how I resolved the issue." Christopher, This would be marvelous. Thank you. Stephan
  2. Christopher, Thank you for your reply. This helps. I bought 2 headlight switches because I didn't found the parking light switch. Since weeks I have problems with a blown fuse of the right parking light. Not every time when I use one of the 2 switches. But more and more in the past. You can not say when the next time the fuse will blow. Sometimes it happens after the light is on for minutes, next time directly after switch on, then nothing happens and it works for weeks. 2 years ago I had the same problem. I found out that the parking light switch was damaged. When I opened the body I saw that some of the white plastic parts inside were brown. Apparently the switch had become too warm. Normaly I drive with parking lights on. Maybe this is the reason for the overheating ... Stephan
  3. Hello, I have a special question. Maybe someone of you know the answer. The switch for the side lamp of my 1991 Esprit SE must be change. Does anybody know if the head lamp switch is the same as the side lamp switch. From the outside both look equal. But there are two little different numbers engraved (3174 5M and 3172 7B). Are these only production numbers or typ numbers. Thanks Stephan
  4. Hello Bibs, nice pictures. I think only on black cars you can find beautifull reflections like these. That's one of the reasons why I love black cars. Stephan
  5. Robert, thank you. I did the modification because I love it and not to please other people. Stephan
  6. Here are the newest pictures of my 91 SE from the last weekend. Location: an empty underground car park in D
  7. Hello Bibs, Yes, I was very disappointed. When I see all the pictures here I think you all had a fantastic meeting. I hope I have the chance to meet you and the others again at the next LEW Oxford meeting in 2009 See you soon. Stephan
  8. Jukka, It's fine to hear that you were early enough. I wish you a good transfer back on the continent. Stephan
  9. Cliff, thank you for your tip. But there is a big confusion in Calais and the other ferry stations, because there are hundreds of cars and lorries waiting. Everybody I asked told me:
  10. Hello, today 6:00 am we wanted to start our trip to the Lotus 60th anniversary. But all the news in the internet and TV about the situation in Callais and at the Eurotunnel let us become convinced that it’s better to cancel the trip. Today they will open one tunnel again but no one could tell me, when the situation will change, how long we have to wait and what the situation is on monday, when we want travel back to Germany. I’m very sad because all was good prepared, the car is in excellent condition and I was looking for meeting all the nice Esprit guys I’m knowing from the LEF forum. I wish you a perfect event. Stephan
  11. GKP, I like two tone paintings. Here is my suggestion ... Stephan
  12. Peter, thank you. I will try to be there on Sunday 9 am. Jimmybondi, That's too bad. Ok so that's me to nail the German Esprit coloures.
  13. Neill, I got it from ebay (25 Euro). It was used but in good condition. The stop light is very light. I sticked it with a dobble adhesive tape under the roof of the tailgate.
  14. Paul93Lotus, I can understand your reservations because I had the same. But there are no red light reflections on the glas. Here is a picture. Stephan
  15. Hello, I was searching a long time for the right solution for the third stop light on my SE. I wasn
  16. Simon, Jimmybondi, Roger, Thank you for the advice. The guest reviews in the internet are not so bad. I will see if I can change the hotel. Graham, Thank you for the tip. Stephan
  17. Hello, after the two Oxford Meetings 2004 and 2005, I want do my third trip to England this year to the Lotus 60th anniversary event. My girlfriend, my Esprit an I will start on saturday morning the 13th in Cologne, Germany. We take the eurotunnel and we will arrive in Norwich in the afternoon. We will stay at the Wensum Guest House. When I see, how many visitors the organizers expect on sunday, I think it may be difficult to meet somebody in the crowd of people. My questions for the sunday are: Is there a spezial parkingplace for the LEW Esprits or is there a meeting point? Would be nice for me to see some of you and your cars again after 2004 and 2005. Best regards Stephan
  18. I used the red Folia Tec spray and orange light bulbs for the indicators. After this, the flashing indicators still shine orange. Best regards Stephan
  19. 3 years ago I visited the LEW meeting in Oxford. From Cologne (Germany) to England 1.500 km in 4 days without any problems but with a lot of fun. My SE was 14 years old with more than 65.000 km. Now after 98.000 km with my Esprit I
  20. This one is a little longer Stephan
  21. Graham, This is a great memory for me. In 2004 and 2005 I have visited the Oxford meeting with my black SE. I met a lot of nice Esprit and Lotus people and had a lot of fun on my trip from Germany, Cologne to Oxford and back during 4 days. More than 1500 kms without any problems. Some pictures you can find here: Looking forward to the next Oxford meeting. Is anything planned in 2008? Best regards Stephan
  22. Thank you all for your answers. Rens, yes, if I must lay a new cable (but this is the last I want to do), this is what I will do. I think it's the easiest way. Thank you. ---------------------------------- Simon, good idea. I will try it. Thank you. ---------------------------------- Martyn, thank you for your answer. I have changed the side repeaters into newer ones 4 years ago. I also changed the cable in the wing as far as I could. But it
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