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  1. 6 hours ago, v8GTmac1 said:

    new rod and mains Yes from Jaeparts,  idk where you are located but these guys are in California.

    Pistons did not have any damage and the rings looked good up close visually I guess you have to look at them up really close and look for pitting.  I did do all the work myself and purchased this exact ball flex hone. I tried to buy rings for the top but they had to be custom made. Just re-used them with 42k miles on them. 


    BUt keep in mind when doing all that work, you have to press out the cylinder liners and reseal them. I ordered the tool from a UK Lotus vendor, then I ordered the liner sealant from JaeParts.  It took me 1.5 years from start to finish. Parts sourcing, machine shop re-work of the crank and head surface, and buying tools I didnt have. 

    It was a lot of work for which I was quoted $25k in California.

    Thank you for the great communication your answers are helping me alot, I have bought parts in the past from JAE did you replace the other piston rings and just reuse the top? your compression numbers were really good after your rebuild.  Kent

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  2. 1 hour ago, v8GTmac1 said:


    here you go, Yes this was after the Pick up tube broke. Your numbers will be at a different scale due to elevation differences where we live, but you get the idea. 5 Revolutions for each to measure the actual balance between cylinders and then full compression from each. DO this on a fully charged battery with all the plugs out and Main fuel pump relay out and WOT.spacer.png


    and here is a poor picture of the repaired tube, mounted to a 1/8" alloy plate during the repair. There was mulitiple repairs made, maybe you can see the weld line on the near the 2 bolt flange, that is an added 2" section of pipe, I also bought 2 new tube stands with new bolts From here Steel tubes spacer.png

    Truth be told, In order for me to repair this mangled mess, after mounting the new tubes and new section of pipe was acquired, I had to mount it all while on the engine stand, add layers of cardboard,cloth,plastic bags to keep debree from entering the block, and tack weld it all in place. THen have it finish welded with a TIG.

    did you have to put in new rod and main Bearings? if so where did you purchase them?  i did read that i believe your pistons were ok and you just re ringed the old pistons and honed the liners? where did you purchase your rings? did you do the rebuild yourself?  sorry about all the questions   Kent

  3. On 28/03/2021 at 14:56, v8GTmac1 said:

    I do have them. But on a short vacation currently. I did a mild blueprint of the engine writing down as much as I could measure. I’ll get back to you end of the week. 

    thank you!  i`m doing a rebuild and would like to see what your compression was after when your pick up tube broke?  thank you for getting back to me.  Kent

  4. I have a 1999 Lotus Esprit V8, due to some health issues the car sat in storage for about a 1 1/2,   it cranks over very good {new battery) the car does not have spark and I cannot hear the fuel pump power up, air pump relay just clicks as well as the oxygen sensor relay both just click continuously, I did find the 5 amp fuse for the ECM in the rear of the car was blown replaced it still nothing, the ECM connector pin 55 power is good, and pin 59 ground is good, communication line pin 72 data link connector has good continuity,  we do not have ground trigger from ECM to the fuel pump relay, and the ECM is not turning on a check engine light, we tried to access the ECM by using the ELM327 and we did download the drivers and we could not get a connection. any help or advice would be greatly appreciated    does anyone out there have a bench harness pin out for the ECM?      Thanks  Kent



  5. Hi,

    22lb feet full instructions are in the manual and quiet user friendly. In fact I'd suggest you don't go any further without consulting the manual. The one I have is on a PDF file.

    Give me a shout on PM if I can help any more.


    Thanks for the help!!!

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