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  1. That's useful info, thanks. I'm also local to Rybrook and, whilst PPF wasn't a thing when I bought my S2000 in 2002(!), I am contemplating it. I don't think I could stomach the cost of full PPF but protection of the vital areas is attractive.
  2. Ade, thank you for the write up. I remain flip-flopping between Hethel Yellow (which was my preferred choice at the dealer reveal), the Magma Red (still harbouring a concern it will be too burgandy on a cloudy day) and what felt like the safer choice, Nimbus Grey. Your comment regarding bronze and brown tints unfortunately gave me flashbacks of my wife's previous car, a Civic which I believe also had "grey" in the colour title but was very much a bronze colour! (EDIT: This scruffy example wasn't her specific car!).
  3. ...and for me. The flat yellow, which was my first choice, is a little underwhelming in the photo featuring the colour choices (and someone's leg/foot!). Hethel yellow is probably less impacted by an overcast day than the likes of the red and the green, but equally it doesn't pop in the sun. Red or yellow.... hmmmm....
  4. The Fire Red Exige at Rybrook Birmingham was in a darker corner and it looked distinctly burgandy, putting me off. I'm in a quandry at present - Hethel Yellow is probably first choice (but being a solid colour is disappointing) and Nimbus Grey has perhaps jumped into second place on my own personal colour leaderboard...
  5. I was still quoted August 2022 on my call - I don't think a consistent message has been shared within the Lotus customer service team, to be honest. I didn't ask (as it seemed both rude and unlikely that it would have been known by the customer services representative) what the approx. % of refund requests are, which will also be a key factor as to whether many of us will receive an i4 Emira in 2022 (as perhaps the Lotus die hards will spend more to get an early V6, but many impressed by the "from £60k" strapline (and perhaps giddy at Goodwood) will have got cold feet as a result of the anticipated delay for a base model).
  6. Hmmm, so it sounds like all i4 FE will be 2023...
  7. Received the call this afternoon (I'm opting for the i4). I placed my deposit on 11th July.
  8. Today was the day for people who have registered an interest in buying the Emira, rather than the deposit makers who were invited to yesterday's longer sessions. We were signed in for yesterday's sessions.
  9. With hindsight, I think I needed to wear a red rose in my lapel, or something, to indicate myself a forum member. I carried the red sample over to the Exige and it was very similar. However, I have a nagging doubt that it is too dark a red for me, personally. Which brings me back to the yellow but now with red calipers and alcantara with red stitching, rather than the yellow. Still undecided about the black pack....
  10. Yes, I'll be there for the 6pm showing (with my +1 - a mate/colleague who placed his deposit within 15 minutes of me showing him the Lotus website!) PS Sold the S2000 in the summer (must update my profile) so will be turning up in my wife's X1 - not the typical potential Lotus owner!
  11. As Bibs says, fantastic engine and gearbox. However, not the most progressive car when it breaks away. However, the accident is all on me - a wet Remembrance Sunday in 2002, a pothole caused the car to step out and I over corrected. I ended up sliding through a hedge and the car tipped over into the verge on the other side. Every panel damaged and it was written off. I test drove the Elise but ultimately I opted for a replacement S2000 under my insurer's "new for old" policy for the first 12 months of the car's life. I've undertaken a fair few driver training days and track days since then (Andy Walsh's Lotus Academy being a great day which I attended after I received my second S2000) but I've never been hugely confident with the S2000 in wet conditions. I used to share a BookaTrack Caterham on some track days and that telegraphed what was happening far better!
  12. A belated hi from a forum lurker since I placed my Emira reservation fee on 11th July. I've had a Honda S2000 for a mere 19 years but decided a change was required (a moment of frustration regarding a couple of rust bubbles, having had the car resprayed 4 years ago led to me impulsively listing the car for sale on s2ki). I test drove an Elise back when I bought the S2000 (well, after a little incident requiring a replacement S2000 <cough>) but it was too impractical for my needs, although I loved the steeting and non-assisted brake feel. So this will be my first Lotus. I assume that I will have to wait a little time for the AMG unit as I suspect the V6 will be too rich for my blood. I've been out with the laser measure and I'm going to need to modify my garage workbench to give me a little room between the nose of the car and the workbench...
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