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  1. Best thing I ever did to my K-Series was fit OZ Wheels (as on the Sport 135) and A048s - so wider fronts made the car so much more stable and turned in better . try this link for more info on all the options http://wiki.the
  2. It's the quality not quantity just ask the missus!
  3. Really cannot understand the criticism of Sebs videos or references to his age etc etc At the end of the day he has a popular you tube channel, so if Lotus went out of their way to court him good for them. Apart from his last factory video, his others are all of a high quality, and he comes across as though he has a lot of enthusiasm, which after most of the 'dry' vlogs of other Lotus peeps is a refreshing change. Everyone knows all the stats of these cars you want a video to get people excited for goodness sake. He has actually bought a car while a lot of you lot just talk about it. Rant over
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