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  1. When are you going to make a practical sports car with a retractable roof? When are you going to make a 4 seater car. SUV or otherwise. These are the 2 cars that Lotus needs to make money
  2. Wow. Probably the most beautiful car i have ever seen... i need a poster for my wall!
  3. Nah if we all know what it is like and its shit they can rectify it before the 16th. Shirley.
  4. So we are none the wiser about its looks? I read on tge Evo website that its a cross between a McLaren road car and a LPM1 car. So cab forward design and im assuming understated styling at the front at least If thats true then would be a bit dissapointed as surely now would be the time to try and standout from the crowd. Anyways we will all know for sure soon
  5. Can anyone summarize his thoughts on it please?
  6. I was in line with the front wheels so all of one side and front i could see.... couldn't see what they have done with the Lotus 'mouth' or at the rear didn't seem to recall any spoiler ... i was expecting something a bit more bold.... or crazy looking after all the looks are the main selling point unless the EV tech is a massive step forward?
  7. Well was at Goodwood yesterday and lined up with about 20 others at 5pm to file into the dark viewing area. Music starts lots of lights and the first video of the 130 plays on the screens which are also window to the car in the next room. As someone said the whole car can be seen for a split second at the end. Seemed to be silver in colour and unless im mistaken the shape was very conservative and underwhelming. Im really hoping my eyes deceived me!
  8. Best thing I ever did to my K-Series was fit OZ Wheels (as on the Sport 135) and A048s - so wider fronts made the car so much more stable and turned in better . try this link for more info on all the options http://wiki.the
  9. It's the quality not quantity just ask the missus!
  10. Really cannot understand the criticism of Sebs videos or references to his age etc etc At the end of the day he has a popular you tube channel, so if Lotus went out of their way to court him good for them. Apart from his last factory video, his others are all of a high quality, and he comes across as though he has a lot of enthusiasm, which after most of the 'dry' vlogs of other Lotus peeps is a refreshing change. Everyone knows all the stats of these cars you want a video to get people excited for goodness sake. He has actually bought a car while a lot of you lot just talk abo
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