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  1. Not sure if any help but on my S 12 you can feel something inside the rubber seal just above point A in your photo, right where the large drip is. I was able to move the thing inside the seal to re-position it so it bridged the pinch point in the red circle. It felt like a packing piece that had got itself moved over time so maybe it was designed to accommodate this issue.
  2. That is exactly why I bought the Lotus vs 911 turbo - I liked the 911, a lot, but the Lotus had another dimension - emotion - for once my heart rulled my head when it came to spending money. That said, let's face it, the Evora is not too shaddy . The reaction I've got from folks is incredible, even professional Porsche racers are saying well done, you went for the driver's car!
  3. Thanks - I have a call in with the dealer who gave me this info so as soon as they call me back..........
  4. Makes sense and is what I would have expected. Will do. They stated they managed to recreate in another Evora so waiting on getting them on the phone to walk me through step by step to see if there is some magic that is escaping me. Thanks!
  5. My parking sensors have never beeped and when took to dealer for 1000 mile service they were stumped and had to contact Lotus. Got answer from them today but I could not find the magic combo. Can someone please try out the instructions and see if you can get the 'options' screen they refer to: Lotus said the problem with rear sensors is programming. You can do this at home. Turn key to on position. Place foot securely on foot brake pedal and hold. Pull handbrake and release two times. Pull handbrake a third time, hold and release foot brake pedal. Your navigation screen should ligh
  6. Thanks folks, very helpful and reassuring - much appreciated :-)
  7. Had the 1000 mile first service about 2 weeks ago on my 2012 Evora S and have just noticed that the exhaust appears to be sooting up. Attached a picture and I ran my finger down the middle of the lower rim to show the degree of soot building up. Anything I should be thinking about or is this normal / OK? Thanks for any advice / insight.
  8. Thanks and thank you to everyone for the warm welcome. I live in Austin but I'm from Glasgow...moved out here almost 8 years ago with my work (Semiconductors). If you had anything to do with them coming up with the nightfall blue / oyster combo then hats off to you.....and thank you.
  9. There is only one solution = CLEAR THE bikes out the back & wife now parks at end of the drive....also you'll need room for the deck chairs as you sit long into the night admiring your most excellent decison making...
  10. I'm the proud owner of a 2012 Evora S manual, nightfall blue with oyster interior.....stunning car! Took delivery 2 weeks ago, so I'm still very much in the running in period. Loving it to bits despite being a cop magnet...been tailed 3 times already LOL! Anyway, really looking forward to being part of the Lotus community.
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