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  2. Bought an 1990 se with a missing front sidemarker, ordered the sidemarker at JAE, the problem is that the rubber going around the lens is NLA at Lotus and at JAE, if someone knows where I can get one, new or used, please contact me
  3. Thank's guy's, got an original from Jay @ JAE. 90$.
  4. I am looking to replace a broken front side marker ( amber parking light ) A082M6359F, this part is obsolete, does anyone have a used one for sale or an idea where I could find one?
  5. I am looking for a cross reference part # for the fuel pump of my 1990 turbo SE, 910 engine charge cooler. I have been looking at many lists and it is not clear it will fit for my application.I want to make shure I got the good one, thanks
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