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  1. Yes. There are some ‘manufacturer-specific’ codes, also a logging capability IIRC.
  2. Glad you got it figured out! Regarding the TPS reading, check your gas pedal. The tang on the side tends to bend backward resulting in less than 100% WOT. Gmendoza posted a nice fix for this on one of the forums. It sorted mine out. Here are the bits you’ll need: J-Hook 10-24 UNC thread 3/16" bar Lock nuts Washers Steps: 1. Bend the tang back into place 2. Check for 100% on the TPS 3. Check/adjust throttle cable on the engine 4. Drill pilot and thru hole through the pedal tang 5. Use the j hook to hold the tang into place 6. Enjoy 100% WO
  3. So, ports are ok, and the software/pc side of things is ok on another vehicle...this is a good sign. Seem to remember that there is a button labeled ‘refresh PIDs’. Have tried pressing it? I’m thinking that the available PIDs may come through to the PC quicker on the regular car than with the Esprit. The software needs this information from the ECU So it can display all the parameters. Just a hunch. I don’t know exactly how the source code is structured (but would be interested if it can be made available).
  4. Just a you get the same response from both OBD ports?
  5. From my earlier post to save searching: ...for those using an ELM327 USB interface, the CP2102 UART driver for Windows XP that comes on the CD (v6.3a) doesn’t work. I installed the Vista version (v6.5) and after a couple of reboots it worked just fine.
  6. Check out my earlier post regarding drivers. I had problems with a work-related project using the same CP-102 driver. I’m ‘between’ laptops at the moment so I’m using a Bluetooth OBD from Go Point technology on my iPhone. It doesn’t have all the cool features of Peter’s software, but it does the job for general poking around. you can use any generic OBD reader but you need Peters software or the Lotus scan tool to get the manufacturers specific codes. Search for Sanj’s Esprit page. He used to sell the Lotus one. Good luck!
  7. GrahamS


  8. Check the air box is sealing correctly. Mine had a mould defect. See attached. Quick remodel with a dremmel and it fits together now.
  9. I have used it on a Windows tablet with an ELM 327 OBD2 Reader (from Amazon). It works great. Graham
  10. Matt, sorry-sold them a while back.
  11. Hi Alan-how goes the investigation/reverse engineering efforts? Graham Y2KV8
  12. So it started with a few symptoms: First was a slight hesitancy at 2400rpm, barely noticeable, but enough to warrant some investigation. Secondly the popping noise on the bank 1 exhaust, which has been attributed in several posts to various things ranging from bad exhaust valves to leaky secondary injectors (as above) to ‘they all do that sir’. The V8 works on the wasted spark principal, so I did a continuity check from the corresponding HT leads: (thanks CaptainBigleux) Cyl 1-4 was 36MOHms, and increasing (similar to charging a capacitor…not good) Cyl 2-3 was 33KOhms…OK Cy
  13. I have a question regarding V8 fuel pressure and would appreciate your thoughts. I didn't start the car, just turned the ignition on until the pump stopped then I measured the fuel pressure. After the 1st time I could see pressure dropping visibly at about ~5psi/second After 2 more KOEO until pump stops: Pressure was 58psi initially Pressure Drops to: 50psi in 5 min 49psi in 10 min 48psi after 15 min Is this drop enough to indicate a leaky injector? Thanks, Graham. Y2K V8
  14. This company seem to have done a nice job on a V8 using a Haltech ecu:
  15. Thanks for the suggestions guys. I have a couple of areas to go look at now. Will post results in due course.
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