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  1. I'm lucky (unlucky) enough not to have a new Lotus, so I'm not tied to using dealers. I'd always prefer to use CMC anyway. I'm curious though about the legalities of Lotus refusing to cover transportation costs for warranty work. Driving without a windscreen wiper is dangerous, particularly at this time of year with the amount of salt and spray on the road. The fact that it is work required under warranty surely means that the manufacturer is responsible for covering all costs to rectify it. If my washing machine broke down under warranty, I wouldn't have to expect to pay for it to be collected. Just a thought 😕
  2. I've missed too many of these. Hope to make it along to this one 1 Alan & Alex 2 Duggie
  3. Sorry to hear about Jackie's mum. Hope she's recovering well. I'm hoping to make it along on Sunday. See you there. My car might not be pre 1978, but the driver is 😉
  4. You ok with meeting at my house leave 0830 hrs

    1. Duggie


      Yep. I'll be there 👍

  5. 1/ Archie +1, breakfast + parade 2/ Jim S , breakfast + parade 3/ Andrew & Alister, breakfast + parade 4/ Sharron & Dave, breakfast + parade 5/ Ian C + 1, breakfast + parade 6/ Duggie, breakfast + parade Are there any plans for the Central Belt contingency to head up in a convoy?
  6. I was signed up to the evening session, but have had to cancel, due to the Elise being in the bodyshop for some TLC. Still hoping to pop up for a nosey though.
  7. Thanks for posting this Al. Sorry I couldn't make it to the last meeting, I've been pretty busy recently. I'll definitely be making an effort to come to the regular meetings at Mannerston's. It sounds like there are a few interesting events on the horizon 👍 Big thanks to yourself and Brian for all the effort you've put in over the years. Duggie.
  8. 1 & 2 Brian & Jackie 3 & 4 Johnny & Audrey - eventually got the motor back after 8 and 1/2 weeks. 220 miles done on Sunday past. Vrooooom. 5 David (only me as Jennifer will be "doing her own thing" that day) 6 Duggie
  9. I did it last summer with a few others from LEGS. Great adventure. Unfortunately, we only had 3 days (2 nights), so it was a bit rushed. I'd love to have spent more time on the west coast. I'd definitely say the west coast and the north coast are much prettier than the east coast (from John O'Groats to Inverness is pretty grim, so I'd take as little time here as possible. As for the highlights: The Bealach Na Ba road to Applecross Smoo Cave on the North Coast Too many beaches on the West Coast to name. Durness is pretty spectacular though Cocoa Mountain cafe in Durness (best hot chocolate ever) Golden Eagle Zip Line, Durness (if you fancy an adrenaline rush) Kylesku Bridge. Great for photos (as is Eilean Donan Castle) As for accomodation, we stayed in Cruachan Guest house near Stoer. Beautiful place but it was up for sale at the time. On the last night, we stayed at the Dornoch Hotel - unless you're looking for the Fawlty Towers experience, I'd avoid this at all cost! Smoo Cave Durness Beach Kylesku Bridge
  10. 1 & 2 Brian & Jackie 3 Jim S  4 & 5 Mike +1 6 Ian C 7 Duncan 8 & 9 Duggie & Susan
  11. 1 & 2 Mark plus 1 3 & 4 Johnny and Audrey 5 & 6 Sharron and Dave 7 & 8 Andrew and Alister 9 Stephen 10 Jim S 11 Ian C 12 & 13 Alan & Gwen 14 Duggie
  12. Tidied up the list 1 & 2 Brian & Jackie 3 & 4 Allan & Debbie 5&6 Richard +1 7 Duggie 8 Richard 9 Susan
  13. Hi Brian If there's enough numbers, I'd be up for Petit Paris, but after chatting on Sunday's meet, it looks like Thirlestane Castle might win (I'd be up for either).Would there be an option to go to Petit Paris later in the year, it's always a great morning there? July and August are probably unlikely due to the festivals.
  14. 1 & 2 Brian & Jackie  3 & 4 Tosh & Jane 5 David (flying solo for this one) 6 & 7 RIchard +1 8 & 9 Stephen & Isla (only provisional - dependant on picking up new Exige on 5th) 10 & 11 John and Marge 12 & 13. Liam +1 (still no Lotus 😥) 14 & 15 Sharron and Dave 16 Duggie
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