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  1. Camshaft


  2. I'm actually tagged as "antifolk" on that site...but if you say you're antifolk people look at you like "Huh? That's a thing?!" Thanks for the laugh.
  3. Thanks for the positive feedback, guys! I certainly don't mind being compared to the Dandy Warhols.
  4. I finally had a chance to get into the recording studio last month and I recorded one of my originals, "Mister Prozac." You can listen to it for free at, and if you really like it, you can download a copy in the format of your choice for $1. You can find me on Facebook here. I appreciate any and all feedback from you TLFers.
  5. I linked to my Facebook page. Then I made a quote about people getting butthurt on Facebook. They weren't necessarily related.
  6. Opinions are like arseholes, no one wants to hear it, and you probably shouldn't post it on Facebook.
  7. Camshaft

    My GT3

    That stripe looks very similar to the Porsche "Carrera" side stripes, which IMO look better on a light-coloured car, unless you have an unusual interior colour (which you do). I think it would tie the whole car together if you had the decals colour-matched to the interior. Adrian, wow! Beautiful car! Love the chrome orange, the wheels, the stripe...the whole package, really!
  8. Camshaft


    Does Lily drag the feather stick around the house like mine? I keep trying to explain to Fairlight that it is not a portable toy, but he doesn't listen.
  9. Bibs, check your Facebook messages. I found three so far that look promising.
  10. Buy a couple Mustangs, resell them at a huge markup, take care of me, and I will!
  11. Tony, that's the one you were telling me about, yes? I was looking at the ad/pictures...yellow painted trim, side exhaust, "willing to trade for muscle car..." par for the course for Craigslist, right? Overall it looks fairly nice. I may have to call him. Already has my signature mod and everything!
  12. Nice job capturing that redhead and the 911 in the same frame.
  13. I like that solution, Bibs. It would also prevent my co-worker's desks from getting burglarized, on account of said desks not existing anymore.
  14. This is somewhat reminicscent of the scene in Anchorman when it is revealed that the news anchors will unquestioningly read anything on the teleprompters.
  15. Upon further reflection I bet we're actually getting an Elite, not another Elan.
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