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  1. Just buy. You wpuld find a way even if there was an issue. Great car. No regrets.
  2. That looks AWESOME Congrats!
  3. congrats! We had a great time on track at Anglesey. I just got back yesterday. 4,800kms covered in 8 days Lets me up celebrate a second Evora in HU
  4. Hi Mike, I do it all the time. Change your dates - Drive straight from pick up on Saturday to Anglesey, join us for our annual old men in awesome Loti track day at Anglesey and then drive back in convoy with me on Monday morning. You will be home about 4am Tue. Perfect. There are 2 spaces left at Anglesey and accom can be sorted. Join us!
  5. Tech center keeps a history of mil lights so any Lotus garage can tell you what it was.
  6. How do they know it has a weep? That is close to impossible to see without clam off. seeing water drop in the expansion tank could be a loose clamp anywhere. Mine did have a weep but it lost virtually nil water. but temps rose on hard driving. It's a corolla engine, they are very robust so nothing to be unduly concerned about.
  7. Oi ! My imagined future offer just dropped a bit
  8. It's totally normal. Up after reving in traffic. Driving for a about 4mins brings it down. If it runs hotter and stays hotter on track or hard driving then you likely have a problem. Which is then likely the top of the plastic rad tank is leaking slightly. And this might not even show if pressure tested. Mine was slowly getting hotter over 2 years and it bugged me big time. I had it pressure tested twice (at LMS and at a dealer) no leak detected. I bought a new waterpump and thermostat and self intstalled - this is a BIG job, rear clam off. Still no different. I was extremely irriated and no longer letting myself track or drive hard. Readings on Tech Center showed no over heating or abnormal temps but I knew what I was seeing on the guage. So I bought was an alloy rad (everyone was telling me I was paranoid), and again as no dealer over here, I self installed. A big job front calm off and bleeding. It's as big a job a rear clam off. And what did I find? Rad COATED like a carpet between the ac rad and the rad. It's impossible - repeat - impossible to clean this with a jet washer because of the fan shroud above and ac rad infront below. its a very stupid design. My milage is intergalactic (over 160k now). Dirt/dust builds up. Every Evora will get to this point. And ofcourse I found what LMS and dealers and others all said was not happening - the rad had a leak just like most elise/exiges get where the plastic end tank and alloy rad core join. it Gummed up the anitfreeze against the insulating foam so only under high RPM was it actually leaking, hence the pressure tests at engine off were not able to replicate it. Since the new rad there have no more issues (and I have 40 deg summers, track time, much hard mountain driving including to Corsica and back). At abient over 30 deg it can still sometimes climb one or two bar over half for a few minutes. Totally normal and the same when on the original rad and now with the race/alloy rad. The engine bay fan for hot countries is a very good thing. It forces hot air out and cools engine bay ancillaries. I had LMS at the factory retro install it on mine with a manual switch in the 'coin tray'. So I can run it anytime and also after shut down it runs for 4mins if I turn it on before ignition off.
  9. This is interesting . That is exactly the LMS exhaust with the S tip on it. No question in my mind it is. They must have made 2 batches, twin and single for NA/S. See mine below. - Edited add: like andy007 mine is also stamped TRACK USE only. It's a deeper sound than the larini. Seeing yours gives me confidence to cut mine open to repack if my next exhaust is not as quiet as I want (yes yes I am onto my third type now). Can you post up what you have done if it's ready/in use now?
  10. What Andreas wants to do (like me) is swap only 6th. That can be done. Its a single gear. The question is the drop from CR 5 to long box 6. Not 4CR to 5L - that cannot be done as 4&5 are one piece in box boxes. LMS graphed it and said the drop is too big. I was skeptical but they insisted it was not viable and had the factory gbox engineer bring me the graph. They may have been talking bollocks but they were not going to do it despite the box in bits. Hence my desire to machine a custom 5CR that makes the change ratio more useable. If mik (thanks) can do the calculation of CR5 to L6 then we can see the rpm drop. I don't understand if its the same at all rpm (I'm close to number dyslexic) but I would suggest that it's the difference between say changing at 4800 in CR5 to 6L that would be a common of interest shifting point when not pushing on/normal driving.
  11. Yes, 160,000 kms :) maybe it ws 4500, I do not remember but I have the graph and they were sure it was not a good ratio mix. I will find the graph and post it up. I would br happy to fund out that it is not a crazy difference and viable. I just had no one else to ask that day at Lotus motorsport when the box was apart. I am often at max rpm in 4th and 5th on my way north to UK. A couple of times to vmax in 6th but its achingly slow moving up beyond 280kmh.
  12. Oh, and I have now driven 160,00+ kms in my Evora Best Lotus Ever.
  13. Yes, I want CR 3 and 4 in my long box. Problem is 4 and 5 are physically in piece, and Lotus recon’d the drop of 2000 sonething rpm was too much. The gave me the graph the gbox engineer made. I can dig it up when I get home end of next week. I would pay good money to get a bespoke 4 and 5 gear machined up (group buy anyone?) but my main concern was no idea which company I could trust to make a reliable gear. You only have to look at Lotus’ own failing to make strong gears (CR set) to see its not so easy to choose a reliable gear manufacturer. And since taking the box out is engine out I do not want to risk it it without genuine knowledge of who to make it. That said I would pay up to 1k for the gear itself so that’s how much I would like it. The long 6 is simply fantastic. I would choose it everytime over a CR box. Not been posting recently due to some personal things but may restart more in another section - I have bought a 340R The Evora likes her new family member
  14. Hi Bibs - I am interested in this for the NA.
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