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  1. I need new summers and I'm also on the NA 17/18's . so PSS front and PS4-S rear is the only/best possibility? After 8 years with the Pzeros I can drive the nuts off it with total confidence, only issue is new rears every 5k miles. Will mixing the PSS and PS4-S bring me understeer hell?
  2. If anyone has the oem headers with cats please post up photos. The post MY12 are supposed to have better stock headers/manifolds but I have never seen any that look different to pre MY12. if they are different I may buy them from you, and remove the 2bular full system I have.
  3. I recently moved so I lost my lift and pit so back to stands. I have cut hockey pucks to sit on my axel stands but on the Evora it seems pidly so I put it up on spare wheels in boxes that I have. It feels much better this way. Jacking at tbe back lifts the front too, if you are nervous doing the wood block way. After years of many types of jacks I can recommend buying a Würth one. Its heavy (30kg) but it lifts 70 -530mm. Fantastic.
  4. Drove mine to the local suzuki dealer like this and had them drain and refill it. I replaced an oring that seemed a bit stained at the time. Was like a spaceship arriving there Had a good laugh and it was cheap. I don’t understand why people do not just keep the a/c running permanently. Mine is never turned off, summer or winter. And hence it has never had a problem. It’s not like one can complain it uses up more fuel when we has a 3.5l engine. Its a taxi engine and ac, leave it on.
  5. Who made / supplied the larger screwed on accelerator pedal above, please? I have spent ages looking but cannot find it. It's fantastic. I want to adjust the 340R gas/brake pedals for my heel and toe comfort. Also, does anyone know about the brake (and clutch) pedal below which has 3 different rivet mounting holes underneath it, allowing adjusting?
  6. An Evora with S1 dash/interior & seats in the new US market GT (better doors/armrests etc) Evora with the 430 front in-clam wheel air pressure vents with 430 bhp with S1 18/19 wheels and tires would do it for me. But any of the Bahar designs with a manual gearbox would also give me a ‘next car’ target.
  7. There are some people at the factory who are absolutely fantastic and have been there since forever. Just have to deal with them. But yes there can be epic foul ups like incorrect parts delivered etc. The current change is making things much more expensive at the minimum Id rather keep lower prices and occassional cock ups than pay alot more and loose a relationship that feels special because you are dealing with great loyal Lotus staff at the factory.
  8. New management at Lotus has changed the policy of allowing direct parts purchase from the factory. Gutted, after 8 years I built up a great relationship there and its a pity as I am happy to send money at Lotus. Engine and oil filter can be bought from Toyota dealers. What about the pollen filter? Anyone know another supplier part number for it?
  9. I will be rather surprised if this is the same ‘feature’ from the series one Evora’s- when not in sports mode sweeping bends triggers the abs often happens on bendy motorway on ramps Its just poor abs programming. Push the sport button and it does not happen. I went through this - all the sensors -wheel, steering, yaw, abs controller etc - years ago. No fault. Just crap abs set up. Does the 2014car have a sport/race button? Does this happen regardless of on or off sport mode?
  10. Im on the 3rd but one was completely unnecessary. Current one is the optional V6 CUP exige lightweight clutch and flywheel so its not troubled by my NA power
  11. Gareth Burt Chris (Randy) before me Who is Rob? Its become an as new but better now as we have rebuilt it from the ground up. Its amazing how tired they look with average milage. 27k. Still on that plate
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