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  1. Ahhhh blue roll: basically what I call “Torx” brand towels! Thank you for the link, exeterjeep 😀. Mystery solved, haha nice imagery I now have in my mind, Chillidoggy 🤣 (only I’d say it’s more like “Taco Bell” toilet roll over here 🤪!). I shall grab some green coolant, then—I’m not exactly an authority on coolants, but what poured out didn’t seem too discolored/brown/rust-tinted (it was a clear greenish yellow, which resembled “Prestone” brand “universal” coolant). Again, thank you Sparky, Chillidoggy, and exeterjeep! Cheers, Scott
  2. I’m just bumping this up a bit, to see if anyone can help with what may be an uncommon, but present, kerfluffle. Cheers, Scott
  3. Wow—I can picture this in my head. I’ve ordered J nuts from eBay for my front spoiler (to replace the blue/rust Ford fasteners). I, at least,would certainly appreciate a paper template! That will be for my “Part VI of my projects—I am taking your advice to not take on too much simultaneously & have made an outline “To Do” list to stay focused. Cheers, Scott
  4. What a journey—whee! As I’m currently taking my front cooling system apart for rubber replacement and radiator inspection, before I forget to ask, what coolant (brand and color, I suppose) was the car refilled with? And pardon by immense ignorance, but what is the “blue roll” you gents are referring to? My only impression is a roll of blue painters tape, which obviously is not correct 😂. Just amazing to see the amount of work you put into keeping our cars alive and kicking 😊. Cheers, Scott
  5. Hey geeman, Just so you don’t think anyone cares, I wanted to respond and say I spent time looking up various sources online such as Jegs & Summit Racing, plus, as you obviously did, fuel hose manufacturers direct on their websites. However, while I found numerous textured fuel/petrol hose, I was unable to locate an exact match. Note my search did not involve me checking The Usual Suspects like JAE, RDEnt (which is a few minutes from my house!), SJ Sportscars, Lotus Bits, Lotus Marques (AUS), PNM Parts et al. However, one would imagine the either listed hose is a strong winner in the utility department, and barring original hose, either may be a sensible choice. Cheers, Scott
  6. Although we now know much more fully the harmful effects of ethanol on fuel systems, back in The Day the Federal (HCi) owner’s manual noted “a mixture of 10% ethanol (grain alcohol) and 90% unleaded gasoline may be used” (20). My how hindsight changes things!
  7. 12 x 1.5 thread pitch I believe. 35mm long including the non-threaded portion, give or take a mm. The threads only appear to be 28mm long. The entire wheel bolt stood upright is approximately 58mm long/tall. Cheers, Scott
  8. I have to say “negative” on an access hatch behind the seat(s) of the 1986 Federal HCI; much of my interior including seats is out and all I see is sound deadening material and some carpet—no hatch.
  9. Hello Nello (has a nice ring to it): I always enjoy a nice, bullet-point checklist when organizing any “To Do” list. So, for anyone else who comes upon this thread, here is what I gathered you may want to do in your Sleeping Nine Years, Time to Awaken list…with a few ideas added by me which I am doing for both my Federal HCI and a 1972 Pontiac Grand Prix. •R&R accessories belts •R&R timing belt and tensioner •R&R oil and filter per polowonder •R&R spark plugs •R&R clutch master cylinder •Possibly R&R brake master cylinder depending on condition •R&R other fluids per polowonder: —brake fluid —coolant —transmission fluid (a simple drain and fill with three [three] quarts per Harry Martens) •R&R wiper blade rubber (my suggestion as the rubber may be over 9 years old) •R&R input shaft circlip with up-rated circlip per carbuff, as well as crownwheel bearings (usu. with SKF bearings), also per carbuff •Remove and refurbish brake calipers; R&R brake pads if needed (or desired) per Neil Potter/910 Esprit •Possible replacement or “turning” of brake discs, as needed, per 910Esprit and Neil Potter •R&R spark plugs (cheap, why not, item) •R&R air filter if desired (cheap, so why not, item) per Barry Kearley •R&R fuel filter (per Barry Kearley) •Flush old petrol from the tanks (!) per Barrykearley. NOTE: MrDangerUS on Lotus Talk (and here on TLF) gives an outstanding set of petrol tank flush directions on page 2, post 29 of the thread “87 HCI Losing Power at 4k RPM” by KessOrden. •Check pressure of spare tire •R&R 9+ year old tires So far that seems to be The Basic List. Cheers, Scott
  10. It might also be possible the steering column of the Vauxhall cross-references to other General Motors models. Also, you might fancy inquiring over at the Vauxhall owners forum (?) or checking to look for parted-out cars there (although you’d no doubt need a number of posts to do so). Might be more economical than the £200.00 eBay steering column (I did a search before reading these posts 👀).
  11. In most auto forums, “NA” refers to “Naturally Aspirated” while “FI” represents “Forced Induction”; however, yup, we have TE (Turbo—i.e. Forced Induction) Esprit and NA. Otherwise, the *general* nomenclature for Federal (US) cars also encompasses HCI/HCi or, as deecee notes, Bosch fuel injection…with all the other attributions (S3, S3 Turbo, etc.) tossed into the mix. Often confusing, always fun! 😝🤪
  12. While I don’t know the make and model, Lotus Marques (Australia) notes the steering *rack* is Burman; not sure if the full column is the same. But that may be a starting point, at least (?).
  13. Wow! Keeping my fingers crossed! 😁 Cheers, Scott
  14. Wonderful news! 😇 Just for confirmation, is the GM part 1875990 hopefully correct? (Trying not to jinx anything!) Or did the Module take a different version of the bajillion part numbers? 😳 Fingers crossed x2! Cheers, Scott
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