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  1. I just read your entire thread (doing lots of catch up on the forum as I am back to stripping down my car piece by piece!) and, although mine is an ‘86, it was still informative and very good to read how it all turned out! Cheers, Scott
  2. Note that depending on the brand/type of head gasket you’re going with, you may need to search the forums to find new, correct (updated) torque/angle figures. However, this might also apply only to later turbo (low compression [LC] & high compression [HC]) models using new studs (going from an “A” prefix part number to a “B” prefix, or swapping in ARP hardware). Beautiful car!
  3. Indeed, this seems to be a common problem. As of last year, my switch worked intermittently. It may be good to simply replace it. I’ve removed my interior, and as I get to refurbishing each zone, I’ll be inspecting the parts, and may even end up buying the Softworks part (or sending it far away to AlexGTV!). Excellent heads up! Cheers, Scott
  4. Hey Michael, I’ve purchased scores of items from our Lotus specialists overseas, and had zero problems with reliability, price (checking the USD to GNP/Euro exchange rates) speed of delivery, or packaging. Whether it is SJ Sportscars in UK, Harry Marten Limmens (HML), or Lotus Marques in Australia, the customer service has been absolutely top-notch, professional, extremely helpful, and courteous. Also, here in Quakertown (Bucks County, PA) we have RD Enterprises (RD Ent) and there is of course JAE in California and Dave Bean engineering. You might ring these businesses up to see if they have the correct stickers. Lastly, you might check local graphic arts businesses who might be able to make you a custom set of HCi vinyls. Cheers, Scott
  5. My ‘72 Pontiac has rear drum brakes, but if I had the time, money and inclination I’d swap them out for a set of disc brakes. The same goes for lights, etc. Originality is fine, but when it comes to safety items, unless you plan to will your car to a museum, it should be fine to upgrade specific items—such as more visible lights—when practical.
  6. Lotus Marques in Australia—I can’t recommend them highly enough—sell full S1-S3 steering rack rebuild kits for the Burman steering racks and, if I recall correctly, they may sell fully rebuilt racks as well. They also sell an apparently new Burman rack for the 88+ Esprit. If you go to their website to find full write ups on these, you’ll have to find the “Product news” page in the drop-down menu and start scrolling down. Cheers, Scott
  7. I actually texted my nephew (an unabashed VW Guy) to quick turn on BBC America to see the Turbo Esprit, I was that excited! He really likes the lines of the G Esprit and we both got a chuckle out of seeing one on their “wall”.
  8. A Maserati Merak SS? Hmmmmmm....
  9. Is that a typo, Alp Esprit, with the 205/70/13? A thirteen inch wheel? Because there are a significant number of Touring tires available in the 205/70/14 size (none of which are high performance, and some of which come from manufacturers whose products appear synonymous with “cheap” rather than “quality”...). Just wondering; I have an S3 so am not familiar with the available sizes for the S1 & S2 Esprit. Cheers, Scott
  10. Reading your thread and admiring your work! Keep going! —Scott
  11. I kind of like that pink/magenta color Bibs filled in—no joke; it reminds me of a ‘70’s “Hot Wheels” car. When I was a kid I used to imagine owning a white Esprit...that used glow-in-the-dark paint so everything but the hood/bonnet would glow eerily at night... —Back to Tires! —Scott
  12. ? Is that a faux M1 paint scheme? Things that make you go, “Hmmmm.”
  13. Just an FYI regarding the Focus ST170 engine. I’ve been a Focus owner since 2002 and have been on the Focus boards since around that time. For the Federal market, the ST170 was called the SVT Focus, and sported the Zetec engine, which was named the “Duratec” engine in European markets. Thus, the Duratec engine is, in fact, a Zetec (the Zetec 2.0 appearing in both 130 and 170 horsepower guise), and remained that way until 2005, when Ford switched to a full Duratec package that featured Coil on Plug rather than separate Plugs/Coil pack, among other differences. If you want to get quite ambitious with the Zetec, there are still aftermarket suppliers such as FSWerks in California who sell full turbocharger kits (which probably wouldn’t even begin to fit in the Esprit). The Zetec can be a reliable and relatively low-stress engine, and is very accepting of modifications. For example, my original, 2002 130 hp Zetec sedan had a full PowerWorks Supercharger aftermarket kit installed in 2006. It’s been my daily driver for nearly 278,000 miles—180,000 of them with the installed supercharger kit. Anyway, if Mr. Cowell is the man who put the pictured Zetec in an Esprit he would surely be the person to contact for advice. Both the engines (“ordinary” 2.0 Zetec vs. ST170/SVT Duratec/Zetec) share similar dimensions and many, many parts—and most are still commonly available. Cheers, Scott
  14. My ‘86 Federal car has the same center steering wheel push, but in my case at least it doesn’t actually activate anything—it seems like there may have been some provision for a push horn that never got past the drawing board. Having seen many nice aftermarket wheels, I’d still have to vote on keeping the original—somehow the shape just seems to fit better with the persona of the interior. However, another wheel may cost quite a bit less. As in either case you plan to remove it, you may behoove yourself to purchase a jewelers or eyeglass flat-blade screwdriver to pry off the Lotus emblem gently in order to access the retaining nut underneath it. Just a thought. —Scott
  15. Thank you both for your replies! It is good to hear both your travails have as far as one can surmise, now abated. A truly happy ending to the story. Cheers, Scott
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