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  1. To the top for some incredibly useful, bespoke parts. I’d gladly purchase a full set of those quite wonderful door hinge bushings (for both doors; Federal 1986 Turbo Esprit). —Scott
  2. I’m with andynewsome—even if I replace my Blaupunkt with a Bluetooth unit, I still want the antenna to go up. One thing I originally “poo poo’d” was the antenna—along with the “anachronistic” pop up lights. I even lamented the cassette player....until a group of high school kids saw my car and wanted to know about it. The way they “Ooooo” and “Ahhh”’d and were blown away by the cassette being sucked into the player...the lights sweeping up and down...and the antenna whirring up convinced me these were as cool now as when I saw my first Esprit in I think ‘84. So, the antenna
  3. For additional reference, see above posts by 910Esprit, omegaman, and Chillidoggy. This just expands slightly on their input. If you search for GM 1875990 there are sources which have internal ignition amplifier / igniter / modules (not the full silver casing with other interior wiring), but from the pic below (from a Jaguar ignition module AB14) I wonder if there are a huge multitude of part numbers for the AB14 internals (?). In other words, an AB14 for a Jaguar might have a different internal PN than one for a Skoda, Lotus, or Chevy. In the US,, Summit Racing, and o
  4. Outstanding to see! Perhaps a link to this thread might be listed in the Miscellaneous parts section for additional ease of accessibility. Cheers, Scott
  5. Outstandingly clean lines. Upon going to the seals direct website, you’ll want to find the automotive trim page. Scroll and scroll and scroll down until you find the Edge Trims (which is what I believe is pictured). Their self-grip ability appears based on thickness of the heat shield (which presumably is folded or rolled?) so I imagine measure thickness accordingly. Cheers, Scott
  6. Just bringing this to the top, as it’s always interesting to see how things turn out. Has andynewsome found the source of the inactive antenna motor? Did ekwan find any useful aerials? Inquiring minds want to know😁 Cheers, Scott
  7. PNM has a rear brake caliper kit for 1981-1985 Esprits. Perhaps Andyww is referring to actuators rather than rear brake kits (which include a shorter parking brake line)? Cheers, Scott
  8. All these snow pics make me incredibly jealous (mine is on stands as I slowly remove some front suspension bits)! My Esprit may be black, but I dream of her being either a beautiful ice blue or fetching copper metallic, too! Cheers, Scott
  9. Thank you so much for your detailed reply, Jacques. I truly appreciate it, and shall be contacting PNM shortly to inquire about producing another piece. Cheers, Scott
  10. Hi Jacques, I have seen stainless steel crossover pipes, but enjoy the thought of matching aluminum fuel tanks to aluminum. Was your anodized crossover pipe a bespoke piece you made (or commissioned another to make), or is it commercially available? If commercially available, would you be so kind as to note its source? Thank you (and try to avoid getting any tourist teeth in the oil cooler fins!). Scott
  11. Probably a very ridiculous option, but assuming a car is repainted, and fully de-gassed and 100% paint hardened, would it be even vaguely useful to have the flat/mostly horizontal surfaces wrapped in vinyl each winter? Bonnet/hood, roof panel, rear hatch—sort of how you see new cars on a transport, with what looks like white vinyl on their upper surfaces. It may not be cost-effective, but compared to the thousands one might spend on new preparation and paint (and attendant cutting/polishing), doing so might be at least an option if such wrap doesn’t actually have some chemic
  12. Resurrecting this thread as I do various “Searches” for possible items I may need. For reference, SJ Sportscars sells the HCi decals. Okay, carry on! Cheers, Scott
  13. Giorgio, that is so good to hear. I hope your inner voice continues to call to you to keep this now able-to-be-driven result of your drive to succeed, your creativity, your hard work—and the distant, online community which has joined you, at least in spirit, as you traveled on your journey to completion. Cheers, Scott
  14. Okay, I have read this restoration thread from beginning to what may be its ignoble end in a Turin town, and now wonder how this saga has unfolded since the last word 3 July 2020. Was the water pump issue fixed? Has the car languished ever since, unable to be registered in its home town? Are there options for storing the car elsewhere, perhaps with a relative?—highly doubtful, I know, but I am ever the optimist! Or has this beautiful blue Esprit tragically been sold? Cheers, Scott
  15. Thank you! Much appreciated! I’ll ring up RDEnt (or visit my best friend and walk on over—they’re next-door neighbors!) and see if they have the tool. If not, I will use the Search function to see if I can find a correct diagram. Failing either, I’ll simply inquire with the other UPSuspects. Cheers, Scott
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