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  1. Thank you for your reply ,I had a thought when I was doing it that it should be a bit higher but I suppose that is for a new engine my engine has covered 60,000 and I am satisfied that they are all the same just over 120 psi I don,'t think it requires stripping down yet Thanks again for your reply to my post Roan
  2. I have just completed the compression test,and what a job I had ,the spark plugs were very tight. I know they are not very old because I purchased them when I bought the motor. The main problem I had was I could not screw the test gauge into the cylinder head and after a great deal of thought and head scratching I found there was a brass adapter screwed on the end of the gauge which was a larger diameter than a spark plug I screwed this off and hey presto the end of the hose on the gauge was the same diameter as a spark plug so I continued to carry out the test .I tested all four cylinders and to my relief the readings were all the same or very similar 120 PSI now thats out of the way I can carry on restoring the car it wants a new screen they have them in stock at LOTUSBITS about £350,00 plus fitting it also wants four new tyres so thank goodness the compression test was OK if it wasn't I would have to sell it Roan
  3. Hi once again Does anyone know what the compression test reading should be on this model after starting the car up in my drive the guy who lives next door comes around to tell me it's missing ,to be honest it doesn't sound too bad to me and there is no vibration ,following his comments I thought I would do it ,I have a decent compression tester the one that screws into the head and doesn't just rely on pushing it in the spark plug hole ,is it best to remove all the spark plugs when carrying out this test Cheers for now Roan
  4. Hi again everyone What have I done ?,I think I have opened a can of worms today ,since I have had the elite there has only been a couple of bulbs working in the dash board So I decided to take the front of to check out the bulbs I don't think I will ever get it back together again .There is absolutely NO room to do anything in there I can't even get my hands in and all the bulbs have come out their little sockets some wires are scotch locked in and it's a hell of a mess .Does anyone have a simple wiring diagram that I could follow to enable me to put it all back together
  5. Yours is the same set up as mine and there is not a lot of room for a spacer at all because a rather thick washer goes on before the nut !!
  6. Hello again everyone I have just driven my elite out of the garage for the first time ,I noticed there is only one cooling fan on it ,it is a 1980 elite and I thought it should have two fans on it comments please
  7. Thank you very much for your reply Tar I was abit concerned it may be illegal
  8. Hello again to you all I have 1980 Elite 501 which I purchased as non runner ,the first job was to have the carbs (Dellorto) reconditioned then have the siezed front calipers reconditioned .I had to get a starter motor a brake servo and a brake master cylinder from lotus bits .Took the differential out to gain access to the rear drums and shoes fit new rear shoes and put diff back in The dash board clock wasn't working I contacted Lotusbits and they had them for sale for over£100 each rather expensive I thought ,I eventually managed to get one from a guy on EBAY for £5.00 I fitted it this morning and it works fine it has a sweeping second hand so you can tell it's working straight away unfortunately the time wants adjusting and it has a small probe sticking out of a hole in the front face but I am unable to turn it in case I break it, has anyone any idea how to reset the time Something else I would like to mention, when I first got it I removed all the seats because rodents had been living in it and the seats wanted some repairs I noticed at this stage that there was slots in the rear seats for seat belts but there is NO seat belts in the back at all is that legal? Thanks in anticipation for your replies
  9. It looks fantastic I wish mine looked as good as that
  10. Thank you for the repy Filip The car is a lotus elite 501 1980 and it is such a coincidence that there is NO earth after we have fitted a new starter
  11. I can only find the small fuses under the right hand side of the bonnet and they are all intact ,but they don't look big enough to cope with the sort of power the starter requires
  12. Hi once again I am in the the process of getting my car ready for the road, I was trying to start it two weeks ago and the starter bendix jammed in the flywheel and I lost all the ignition all the live feed to the gauges and lights was dead .I asked my local mechanic to have a look at it ,he told me it wanted a new starter motor I managed to get one from Lotus Bits and he swapped them over however the problem still exists all the electrics are dead however if you place a wire from the negative earth terminal on the battery to the starter solenoid the engine turns over fine so does anyone have any idea what the hell we have done to it, it's so frustrating
  13. Hello everyone I am looking for a windscreen for my elite 501 does anyone have one for sale or know of anyone who has one ,getting it fitted is goig to be a pain in the axxx due to all the stainless steel trim around it I bet it's an absolute pig to get off Thans for now Roan
  14. Hi to you all Can anyone give me some tips on fitting the headlinning to my lotus I have removed the old one and what a bloody mess it was all the adhesive had dried over the years and when I eventually removed it it all came down like sand the interior of the car myself included were covered in the stuff Anyway ut's all out now and requires a new one fitting, whether I tackle it myself or get someone to fit it for me I am not sure Any ideas please Roan
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