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  1. Hi I don't know if you want to here my story but I am going to tell it to you anyway I bought my Evora N/A from Cristopher Niels in Northwich it had something like 84,000 miles on it at the the time and because I was very much aware of the limited clutch mileage I insisted on them fitting a new clutch in it This they did or they told me they did ? The car was fine and I used it for a further 8,000 miles this is when I had the problem ,I couldn't engage reverse gear unless I switched the engine off so I took it back to Christopher Nield and spoke to Paul the workshop foreman h said it will be the clutch and I said how can it be after only 8,000 miles .It was at this point that I decided to write to LOTUS CARS and see what they had to say about it .They were very negative and they wouldn't offer me a bean in compensation and it was going to cost me in excess of £3.500 because as you probably know it's an engine out job ,it was at this point that I part exchanged it for a BMW 640 convertible a very nice car but no match for the Evora which I miss so much I loved it ,it was silver with a black roof black mirrors and black cut outs at the bottom of the doors I trust you will not encounter any problems like I did and continue to enjoy your Evora for a long time to come
  2. Hello again Can anyone recommend a decent supplier for some black carpets for my elite I have seen one or two sets on the internet but they all appear to be quite cheap Roan
  3. Hi Fellas We have finally removed the rear drums and shoes I have sorted the new shoes and wheel cylinders from LOTUS BITS the question I need to ask you all is Is it really necessary to remove the rear differential to gain access to the wheel cylinders I am not so sure ,I can now see the back plates and I think if we are going to re use the original cylinders then it wont be too difficult however if we are going to fit new cylinders then that will be a very different matter Roan
  4. Hi Pete Did you manage to send the parts, if so please give me your details so I can pay you for them and very grateful I am too Roan
  5. If you managed to get my address of here I will remove it
  6. They will be ideal for what I am looking for how much do you want for them and thank you very much for coming to my assistance Roan
  7. Hi Pete Thanks for your reply the parts I require are as follows Two long brake shoe retaining springs two short brake shoe retaining springs two small posts two push and turn caps and two small retaining springs Roan
  8. Thanks for your comments Don I need some help please ,I have stripped the rear drums and shoes off and the next job is to remove the differential so we can remove the wheel cylinders , I have purchased the shoes and wheel cylinders from Lotus Bits but they haven't got the springs or fixings in stock and they aren't going to get them in for some weeks any ideas where I can get hold of them
  9. Well here we are again and I am scratching my head thinking about the very poor design and set up of the rear brakes ,a friend and I managed to strip them down and remove the drums and shoes they were both seized but they came off, the drums were very rusty but after treating them with emery cloth they should be alright to put back on I purchased two pairs of shoes and two wheel cylinders from Lotus bits and the major problem we have is the wheel cylinders aren't accessible without dropping the differential out which we will be doing next time ,the handbrake cable looks free enough and is not seized but once again what poor set up if the drums had been conventional we could have had it sorted by now Ro
  10. This afternoon I went into my garage to mess about with my elite ,I have just finished fitting the front refurbished callipers and brake pads I asked someone to check the brake fluid as I pressed the brake pedal etc,. and it wouldn't move it was solid ,After removing the brake master cylinder we discovered it was seized so I had to order a new one from Lotus bits it will be here tomorrow that's another £125.00 out of my pocket, bearing in mind the windscreen is cracked and the roof lining has dropped down the headlights want fixing it's costing me a lot of money but it will be worth it in the end he said tongue in cheek ?
  11. Thanks Tony I will give it a try ,what about fitting some electric motors is that feasible Roan
  12. I went into my garage this afternoon to start my elite up ,I have noticed that the radiator fan doesn't work when you let the engine idle and warm up so that is something else I must sort out could be the heat sensor on the inlet manifold or the heat sensor on the fan? I will have to investigate The main reason I am posting this is the lights don't go up and down but if you let the engine idle for a few minutes and close the offside one by hand it stays shut until you switch the engine off then it pops up again the nearside one doesn't stay down when you manually close it Any thoughts please Roan
  13. Thank you Richard I appreciate your comments very much and thank you for taking the time to post me the information whether I tackle the job myself is another matter it sounds a bit much to me ,I will have to think about it Roan
  14. Thank you for your reply not what I wanted to hear but I feared the worst Roan
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