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  1. The only reason was the clutch had only covered 9,000 miles ,I spent all my army career as an automotive vehicle mechanic and I know regardless what vehicle it is the clutch should last way more than 9,000 miles
  2. I am not sure Johny ,I think when I purchased it back in 2014 everything relating to the clutch was changed ,I think the reason why LOTUS would not pay for it was I had it fitted almost 4 years ago when I purchased it but that does not change the fact that the clutch had only covered 9,000 miles !!
  3. My Evora N/A had covered only 9'000 miles after having a new clutch fitted and the clutch failed ,I was extremely surprised that LOTUS wouldn't cover it under warranty ,so it was with some regret that I part exchanged it for a BMW 640i the labour required to change the clutch is over £3,000 ,I have owned eight different LOTUS cars and I think that was my last one .A shame I know but how ridiculous for the clutch to fail after only 9,000 miles
  4. The Evora has gone and there is a B M W 640i cabriolet sitting in my garage it was the right money 12 months M O T full service history it is metallic black with a black leather interior and it's all singing and dancing it has every conceivable extra even head up display on the windscreen and voice control you can talk to the computer and tell it what you want it to find. The Evora was going to cost me almost £3.000 to have the clutch replaced after only 9,000 miles ,I couldn't live with that. who's to say how long the next one will last and what else is going to fail next ,I really liked the Evora it was great to drive when it was on song I was disappointed to have to let it go but I experienced major problems with brake judder which cost me over £1,000 in the end So for the first time in many years I am now LOTUS free and will have to join the BMW forum Until next time bye for now
  5. I fully understand what you are saying Paul ,it is a wear item but I have two cars the other one is a VW Polo and it has now covered 129.000 miles with the same clutch in it ,the evora has done only 9,000 on a new clutch that can't be right which ever way you look at it
  6. I am in the middle of a dispute with Lotus/ Oakmere I purchased my N A in 2014 and a new clutch was fitted at the point of sale the car had 73,000 on the clock ,it was an ex Lotus car with the AU number plate prefix I wouldn't have purchased the car if it had not had a new clutch fitted because I was well aware of the expected clutch mileage and what a massive job it was, approx 35hrs labour plus material so the cost is way over £3,000 ,the car has now covered 9,000 since the clutch was fitted[ as you can gather it is not my daily drive I only use it at the week end ] ,I was having problems engaging reverse I could not select it unless the engine was turned off so I took it back to Oakmere Northwich where Paul the workshop manager said it required a new clutch assy I said you can't be serious it has only covered 9,000 miles since the previous one was fitted I wrote to Lotus and also wrote to the managing director of Oakmere and I am still waiting to here what the the outcome will be but I'm not holding my breath I am seriously considering swapping it for an Audi s4 quatro
  7. Evora reverse gear Hello chaps Some advice please ,I have had my Evora about 3 years now and haven't experienced any problems whatsoever ,I had the front brake discs and pads replaced last year because the car has covered 86,000 miles but still looks as good as new inside and out ,However I have come across a somewhat worrying problem ,I can not engage reverse gear when the engine is running bearing in mind the car had the clutch replaced the same week as I purchased it ,switch the engine off and the gear engages without any problems so it makes me wonder it could be a major problem Any ideas please
  8. Thanks for the advice ,I will tell Paul at Oakmere and see where we go from there it's quite possible it is the rears I suppose
  9. Hi everyone Once again on the 22nd of June I have to take my Evora to Oakmere Northwich to have the front brake judder looked at ,this will be the third time the Evora has gone in for brakes, the first time it went in it cost me £800.00 for discs and pads not long after having them fitted I was experiencing a judder when braking, They changed the front pads and discs again under warranty F O C I took the vehicle away and it hasn't been right since I still have the judder on braking ,OK you have to go over 70 miles an hour to get it to do it but at the end of the day it is a sports car after all Any one else had this problem
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  11. My first Lotus was an Elite 501 it was white with a black vinyl roof ,I had numerous problems with it, the fault list is too long to put on here ,but I loved it to bits ,when it was on song it was a cracking car to drive
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    I am certainly not in favour of it, but I think it's a forgone conclusion ,If you take time to have a good look at all the plans on the NET there has been millions spent on it already ,They wouldn't have done that if they thought it wasn't going to be accepted
  13. Yes both doors are the same .I can't remember my S1 having the same problem but I was younger then and not quite as heavy as I am now I will have to go on a diet
  14. Lotus Elise S 2006 Getting in and out with the roof on is quite difficult but with the car elevated (the front higher than the back ) I find it even more difficult because the door wont stay open and I have to try and keep it open with my foot as I exit the car . When the car is the other way around and the back is higher than the front then the door stays open on it's own. Does anyone on here know of some sort of check strap that can be fitted to the door so it stays open I doubt whether there is anything available to do this but I just thought I would ask the question
  15. I have previously owned 1 Porsch 944 2 Starion turbo 3 Lotus Excel and out of the three although the starion and the 944 went very well I enjoyed driving the Excel more than the others despite the over fueling problem from the Webbers
  16. What a super video, that guy has a lot of skill to fly it like that ,It's always puzzled me as to what the distance is before the signal runs out ,does the controller get some sort of warning like a bleep or a flashing light to tell him he is approaching the point of no return
  17. Wow it looks amazing ,it looks like it's doing 100 mph when it's standing still !!
  18. There are some super photographs there, it was and always will be the best looking Esprit No spoilers No fake air vents in the sills the shape is just so pure and as it should be
  19. I heard the very sad news last week and have only just realised that when I went to Christopher Neils to purchase my Elise S a couple of months ago ,it was Ben that took me out in it ,he said he was really enjoying his new job and what a nice well mannered young man he was . A very sad loss ,my condolences to all his family and friends
  20. 1 Elite 501 wedge white 2 Excel white 3 Elan plus two Metalic inferno red with silver roof 4 Elan M100 SE British racing green 5 Elise S1 Inferno red 6 Elan M100 SE Calypso red ( for sale at the moment at Chrisopher Niels £4,250) 7 Elise S 2006 Ardent Red (current car) That's it from me at the moment What's next I ask myself?
  21. Hi John ,no doubt there are several Madeleys in the UK ,I live about 7 miles from Madeley Staffs which probably isn't the Madeley in question if it is I would be pleased to collect the spare for you
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