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  2. I know of the three "commemorative" cars that Jim Loose imported. My understanding was that all three of those cars were shipped in white. I have also heard that they were later cars. This one shipped from the factory in Essex blue! The original owner found the keys! We bypassed the old gas and were able to start the car right up. Amazing that it went so smoothly after sitting for over 20 years. The condition is amazing!!
  3. Hello all, trying to revive this thread since there seems to be a lot of experts on the subject. I am the new owner of a LHD Essex here in the US. I have read a bunch about the cars and the known "Essex's" and the clones and such. This car has been sitting in a nice garage for well over 20 years. As soon as I purchased it the Lotus guys at an event told me what I had purchased. We immediately contacted Andy at Lotus archives to get some more information. What they have told us so far is that it left the factory on October 22, 1980 in Essex blue and shipped to California despite no
  4. Hi everyone! My name is Brian and yesterday I purchased a 1981 Lotus Esprit Essex. It has been stored in a garage for the last twenty years and is in almost perfect condition. Since it's purchase yesterday I have been trying to read as much as possible about this car and find out some more information. It is a LHD car here in the US. It is blue with red interior, overhead Panasonic stereo, engine says Essex, last three of the chassis is 307. I read that 306 and 308 are Essex, but did not see my 307 listed as one of the 11. It is extremely clean. We won't do anything mechanicall
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