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  2. Is there anything in particular I should check when looking at the car/test driving it? What parts are likely to wear and is there any way of checking for accident damage? I did try and check but it's almost impossible to see anything compared to my Subaru's!
  3. Yes that's what I think they've done. Thanks for posting!
  4. Hi there all, I'm Tim and I'm originally from England but have lived in Thailand for the past 3 years. Wasn't sure where to put this post because it's kind of an introduction and question all in one! OK, so on with the story! I currently own two Subaru's but I've started looking around at some used cars here and came across a nice Lotus, I went to view it today......there are a few things that are not right. I'm posting this because I'm not too familiar with Lotus cars, Subaru on the other hand I know all about. Hoping that some of the forums wiser members can give me a little guidance! So, the car is listed for sale on a popular site called one2car, this is real similar to the Autotrader. It's listed as a Lotus Exige 2008, the price is around 2.5 million baht (50k GBP) - this is normal as all imported cars fetch a real premium here. The price for a used Exige ranges from 2.3 - 3.5 million. So when I checked the car it looked OK, someone has used a vinyl wrap which isn't the best in the world but it's OK. Interior was very nice and clean as was the engine bay. I checked the VIN number on a VIN identification website and it is an Elise NOT an Exige! This made me very confused indeed. Now this is quite a popular thing here in Thailand, people will import a lower spec model and use spare parts to upgrade it to the higher spec model. It's to avoid paying higher import duty. Here's the link to the car in question, please have a look and if there's anything not right please let me know! Thanks in advance!
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