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  1. Good luck, let us know how you get on. I'ts going to be tricky looking downwards through that top hole if you needed to I just fitted the blanking plug and HT lead bracket. Be careful not to push it in too hard when inserting the blanking plug.. I oiled the O ring first but it was still a bit tight. I almost pushed it too hard and it disappeared right into the hole, but there was just enough lip to lever it back out a touch through the top hole. Just two quick points 1) I have quite small hands so I found it easier to install the blank and HT bracket with my arm do
  2. I've not seen it done this way before so I thought I'd start a thread in case it helps someone else in the same situation as myself. For all I know this may be the official way, all I know is it was a lot easier than reaching around and under the intake manifold. This way of removal might involve removing the boot floor first. This may be easy for some, or not worth the trouble for others, but I had mine out to do the gearbox linkages and replace my rusty coolant header tanks anyway. It might be possible to do it this way with the boot floor in place, I won't know if you'd hav
  3. It's pretty easy to do if you have gauges, everything you need to charge it up is easy to access. I bought all the kit to do mine myself.... including a vacuum pump & a 6kg bottle of R12 (very lucky find!) but mine needed repairs, not just a charge. Your biggest issue may be getting the gas (especially if it uses R12) as certainly in the UK it's a regulated industry for environmental reasons.
  4. Hi Bernie, Welcome to TLF I used to own a 1985 Porsche 928 (S2) but that was about 24 years ago. It was an incredible car to own in my early twenties while all my mates were driving Novas and Corsas..... 12mpg wasn't so much fun though Mark.
  5. I'm hoping to pick up a late model Lamborghini Gallardo LP (or maybe an early Huracan) towards the middle of this year once my parents house gets sold, then a factory visit will definitely be on the cards (It's been a miserable couple of years with losing both my parents, so a supercar should make life a little bit more enjoyable from this point on). Still keeping the Esprit though
  6. I didn't realise so I've just Youtubed it! It's a shame, but I think the other 20 or so bikers I'm meeting there would be a bit perplexed if I turned up in a car!
  7. Not much help, but I'll be doing it in June on a motorcycle, multiple times! (Staying in Cortina d'ampezzo for a week, about 100 miles from it).
  8. I'll be at Bicester on Sunday with my Esprit... but parked up with PH
  9. Sorry to hear that, I did wave back when I saw you parked there, but it was a bit last minute! (Relieved to hear it wasn't an accident)
  10. On Saturday morning I'm planning to leave Flitwick, Bedfordshire at 6:00am and head up to the factory to arrive around 8:30am via the following route: Baldock A505 Royston A505 Duxford A505 (should be passing here about 7:00am) Thetford A11 I'm sure I'll meet plenty of other Lotus cars along the way so may join into someone elses convoy
  11. I'll be going up Saturday morning from Flitwick (nr Millbrook) direction, happy to convoy up or meet people along the route (A507, A11)
  12. Order complete too! Thanks Bibs (I only remembered 2 of the 4 digits correctly, and they were in the wrong order.... must buy a pen)
  13. Me too, didn't write my order number down either, I remember the 4 digits... but not the order they were in!
  14. Count me in as a definite for this, potentially interested in the hotel deal too
  15. Mugello MotoGP sounds interesting, I've not long got back from seeing Rossi get on the podium at Catalunya. I'll watch this thread and pipe up next year in the unlikely event that becomes a favourite
  16. Just an S4 I'm afraid (even if it is a very clean one) so too common for the magazine I would guess
  17. Martyn - Esprit SE Bibs - Evora ChrisJ - Turbo Esprit or Excel SE top-plumber - unmentionable nigeninja -Europa S Bazza - S3 Esprit markw996 - S4 Esprit
  18. Hoping to attend, Esprit may not be out of hibernation yet so could be in the daily.
  19. I have a Nissan LEAF and I have never been beaten off the lights by anything! 0-30 they are incredible.
  20. until

    There should be a button that says "Download guest list". I've just removed myself as I can't make it now Hopefully see you all next month.
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