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  1. Good luck, let us know how you get on.

    I'ts going to be tricky looking downwards through that top hole if you needed to 🤔

    I just fitted the blanking plug and HT lead bracket.

    Be careful not to push it in too hard when inserting the blanking plug.. I oiled the O ring first but it was still a bit tight.
    I almost pushed it too hard and it disappeared right into the hole, but there was just enough lip to lever it back out a touch through the top hole.

    Just two quick points

    1) I have quite small hands so I found it easier to install the blank and HT bracket with my arm down the gap and looking down the top hole (photo 1)

    2) The bracket from S J Sportscars (A910E2425F) is the same shape as the one from WC Engineering that is no longer available.
         You can drill out the pop rivet and pop rivet the plastic part of the HT lead holder onto the new blanking plug retaining bracket 😀





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  2. It's pretty easy to do if you have gauges, everything you need to charge it up is easy to access.

    I bought all the kit to do mine myself.... including a vacuum pump & a 6kg bottle of R12 (very lucky find!) but mine needed repairs, not just a charge.

    Your biggest issue may be getting the gas (especially if it uses R12) as certainly in the UK it's a regulated industry for environmental reasons.



  3. Hi Bernie,

    Welcome to TLF :welcome:

    I used to own a 1985 Porsche 928 (S2) but that was about 24 years ago.

    It was an incredible car to own in my early twenties while all my mates were driving Novas and Corsas..... 12mpg wasn't so much fun though 🙄



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  4. I'm hoping to pick up a late model Lamborghini Gallardo LP (or maybe an early Huracan) towards the middle of this year once my parents house gets sold, then a factory visit will definitely be on the cards 👍

    (It's been a miserable couple of years with losing both my parents, so a supercar should make life a little bit more enjoyable from this point on).







    Still keeping the Esprit though 😍

  5. 2 hours ago, CHANGES said:

    So close......  but no show for me ......   Yes that was me surrounded by the boys in blue on the A11...     Alas as some of you may know it was my sixtieth birthday yesterday and i still have all my teeth,  which is more than i can say about my gearbox today.  crunch bang grind..  was the noise it made, which is probably the same noises some of you are you going to do tonight :animier: 

    All have a great time sorry i missed the fun..   


    Sorry to hear that, I did wave back when I saw you parked there, but it was a bit last minute!

    (Relieved to hear it wasn't an accident)

  6. Mugello MotoGP sounds interesting, I've not long got back from seeing Rossi get on the podium at Catalunya.

    I'll watch this thread and pipe up next year in the unlikely event that becomes a favourite :)

  7. 41 minutes ago, internets said:

    Vacuum leak/s? Those rubber elbows perish by just looking at them. Had the same once on a friends GT3 after we did a clutch on it and turned out to be an elbow around the map sensor. We replaced them all as matter of course and was spot on after that.

    Thanks Chris, I replaced all the vacuum lines & elbows when I first got the car in 2013.

    See above for the erm.... fix :blush:

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