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    89 lotus esprit turbo
  1. you just can't help it can you, i knew it would'nt be long till you started moding.
  2. hi mate you no me (tan) welcome to esprit ownership looks like a smart car you have. i can asure you they can be just as much fun as the metro's.
  3. i did mine but only split the rears as they needed re-painting and polishing removed the centers did not split the two rim sections also replaced the bolts with new bbs m7s the fronts where ok and only needed the laquer striping off and re-polish the rim.
  4. i have a spare if you need one and im not far from you im in rotherham.
  5. i did the refurb myself did'nt split the two rim sections only removed the centers to re-paint them and stripped off the laquer to polish the rims up also re-newed the bolts as they were in a bad way but only had to split the rears as they were in a bad way the fronts just needed a re-polish.
  6. finally got my split rims for my esprit sorted hear's a few pics of them all shiny ready for the tyres fitting
  7. spoke to a co. called pristine said they could do them but would cost between
  8. been intouch with a few wheel refurb places and had no luck as no one has the tool to split them so they can't do them. some one must have a tool or no where i can get one.
  9. i have a pair of rear s4s v8 split rims that need refurb, someone at some time has painted them i have stripped the paint off to find that they will need splitting to refurb proprerly i now need the tool/socket to remove all the bolts where can i get one any advice greatful
  10. my 89 esprit turbo has been off the road for just over a year now as i took it off the road to replace the cracked manifold and worn turbo plus a few other small jobs. i have completed the turbo and manifold swap and now got the engine back in the car and running, but with one problem the water pump now appears to be leaking my question is how hard/easy is it to swap while the engine is in the car as it looks abit of a pain. any help and advice on this subject will be appreciated
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