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  1. Great stuff guys. Until you sent the photos I was trying to fix the dampers in completely the wrong place....disaster avoided.
  2. Thanks Atwell, Photos would be great as it looks I will have to make some, unless someone knows where to get them??? Alan
  3. Hello I have two questions about tailgate dampers Firstly, I have two dampers, one seems shorter than the other and it has a electrical spade connector at each end. Which side is which and what are the connectors for? Secondly, the parts manual shows the car end bolting to a bracket which fits to the body. SJ say that part is obsolete. Do they bolt directly to the body or do I have to make some kind of bracket. If so, anyone know what it looks like? Many thanks
  4. Its just like the original in the photo above. I will give Rock Auto a call...Can't find a 427 online Great stuff gents
  5. Barry It won'reassemble, it won't engage internally at all. I'm not even sure if the old one is the right one because when I restarted the car after refitting it, it still idled badly. It kept cycling up and down.. I reset the IAC with freescan, and it has slowly improved. Should I have bought a Dacia Sondero instead???
  6. So look what I found when removing the IAC............. It was brand new less than 9 months ago and the car hasn't done a mile on the road yet.. Hopefully that will solve the problem
  7. Crikey, thanks guys... Step by step now for me.................IAC first Will keep you posted Great stuff
  8. Thanks Barry, I will try replacing the IAC...I fitted a new one last year but still have the original...I will give that a try Maybe I will try adjusting the idle screw as it does seem to run below the ECU desired speed consistently. I tried another run this morning after cleaning the plugs (all carbon coated) and it was better, it just gets lumpy once it reaches 60C (closed circuit, I think) 21 august run 1.csv
  9. O2 sensor was fluctuation (quite widely) especially as it got hot. I have attempted to reload the file again here 20 august16 run 2.csv
  10. Great Cleared all fauls and restarted ...not too bad all the way up to 60 C and then things started to go strange. The hotter it got the more unstable it became. I got a code 35 and later a 44. All could be reset, and didn't reappear. I have attached the freescan run...ignore anything above 65C as by then I had started messing about disconnecting/reconnecting and cursing 20 august16 run 2.csv The first parts of my last post has gone missing somehow. It said.. have reset TPS to 0.7v (extra page in my manual says updated from ~0.5) Restarted and much better, but not smooth, all the way up to 60 C and then it all started to go strange.... Thanks for all the help
  11. New fuel. I previously had no CEL's but go an intermittent 26 and 'Low idle' speed yesterday that went away. I soaked the O2 sensor overnight and brushed the carbon off it this morning and tried again. All good until it was warm and the I got a code 44 'lean mixture' code. Never had one of those before. As suggested in the manual, I tried disconnecting the MAP sensor and it slowly went back to running OK. SO maybe its a failing MAP sensor???I have attached a freescan run in case anyone can make sense of it for me Many thanks ALan 20 aug16freescan.csv20 aug16freescan.csv
  12. Some months ago I finally got the car to idle reasonably and then moved on to all the other jobs (I'm 2 years into a very slow full rebuild). I connected up the intake hoses (by- passing the intake silencer) and when I next started it, it was idling poorly. As it warmed up, it got more erratic and once hot, it sounded like it was only running on 3 cylinders and was close to stalling. After checking everything I could think of, I tried starting it after disconnecting the O2 sensor....and it idles much better..but, still the odd popping noise on releasing the throttle. It's never been on the road, (as I still don't have any brakes)........could it be a dodgy O2 sensor???? ( SJ- non Lotus part bought 2 years ago)
  13. So, a hose goes from the grill by the filler pipe to the top of the wheelarch, the air the reappears through the side of the wheelarch and is piped to the inlet to the filter. Surely all that isn't necessary for a standard road car? The real reason I'm asking is that its like trying to fi a big ship into a small bottle, there is barely room for one hose, let alone two....... Any thoughts? Alan
  14. Yep, I suspect the motor has gone to sleep. I will pull it out this weekend and open it up Thanks for your help
  15. No noise, but a warm relay, with a full voltage on its way to the motor
  16. Solved the indicator problem. Managed to remove the light units without removing the bumper. ( removed fog light brackets and could then reach the nuts at the back). Clean up all the earth wires and all good Now for the wiper motor. Thanks all for help
  17. Thanks, plenty to check........... Please don't send me under the dashboard again, hurts.......i promise to be good......
  18. Hello, I reached the stage of rebuild where I am trying to fix a number of electrical gremlins. The indicators don't work properly. Front offside sidelight lights up but not the indicator. When I indicate 'left' the relays just buzzes... and the wiper motor doesn't work either. Fuse OK and power at fuse....... (by the way can anyone tell me where to find the motor cos' I cant see it anywhere and the manual doesn't mention it). Could it be anything to do with earths?? Thanks, Alan
  19. Will do Barry......I think this Lotus hates me.......
  20. Thanks Mike. I wish I had tried that before I snapped the pin off flush.....!!!!!!!
  21. Glyn, I'm trying to fit new pins into my driveshafts and I'm get scared about how much hammering has been needed to only get them a third of the way in. I have passed a smaller pin (drill bit) though the shaft so I can see that holes align radially, but its stuck solid. Won't go further in or come out........any ideas? Thanks Alan.
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