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  1. I seems that I can connect freescan and when the engine is not running, I can see the TPS voltage move on the Control page when I press the pedal. So the data is getting to the laptop and there are lots of Comms messages flying about. As soon as I start the engine the freescan page freezes (if I press the pedal, the TPS voltage on the Control page doesn't move even though the car revs up), The data I log to the USB stick is clearly not real. I have zero engine revs showing for most of the run, then about 20 entries with strange readings (one goes up to 5900+ ) I have reloaded Freescan and updated the Com 5 port driver on the laptop P.S I don't have FIFO buffers in my Device Manager advanced settings. I'm on Windows 7 Any thought much appreciated Alan
  2. Thanks Travis, will do,. I suspect its something to do with my PC, as I have found a code 43 error against one of the USBs. I realise now that I have been disconnecting the cable at the end of a run without shutting down Freescan first and wonder if that has somehow screwed up the Comms?? Thanks Alan
  3. Vulcan, yes I did, it used to work fine. In the Status Messages I get: P: Comms Port initialised P: Interaction with the ECU enabled Main ready Supervisor: CSupervisor- Comm Port started Then no data, even if I force interact. This makes me suspect that its not the cable Freescan seems to be a bit unstable, Thanks Alan
  4. Bibs, Yes I have...I can see lots of messages in the comms log. I have just tried again and noticed that it sometimes shows 'unrecognised header', which I don't think I have seen before...? Thanks Alan
  5. I have got the car running a bit more smoothly now, it doesn't rev as high (I think I have resolved some air leaks along the way). It still isn't too smooth and gives regular popping noises.....but better The problem I am now wrestling with is that I can't seem to get all the data to record from Freescan. I can get the comms to work, so can see lots of data going in back and forth, but when I log to disc I get something like the attached. The car was running for most of the period, but only the last 4 or 5 entries have been recorded and the several throttle blips don't show up.... I have tried uninstalling and re installing Freescan and using a different usb port on the laptop. It used to work fine, but now I don't know if I'm trying to fix a car or a computer....I have looked at Espritmon, but it's beyond my current capability to get it to read my data Any ideas..? Alan freescan13 augustv5.csv
  6. My Esprit turbo project came with the wires to the speed sensor cut off short. I have the sensor, but can't find the right connector to plug into it. I have tried the 'standard' Delphi connector, but it's too big. Can't find any clues on Google either. Does anyone know what type it is and where I could get one? Many thanks Alan
  7. Derek Many thanks. Excuse my ignorance but which one is the 'Closed Loop Correction Term'? Is it the 'Integrator'
  8. Hello, I have attached 2 freescan logs. If anyone can help to spot what is going on I would be very grateful. The first one is short and was taken just after I had changed all the plugs for new because the previous run had only 2 cylinders. For this first run, Cylinders 1 and 2 were receiving sparks but not firing. I have also tried swaping over leads with no effect (Injectors??). I was very rough and just about stalled. I didn't touch the throttle at all on this run The second started the same way but this time I gave it some revs and it sort of spluttered a bit and then seemed to run on 4 cylinders for at least some of the time but not smoothly. I left it to run with no throttle on, but the revs just kept slowly building up and I lost my nerve at 3500 and turned it off. The Freescan log for this run has a strange IAC reading (I think). Any ideas? Many thanks for any help Alan freescan19julyv1.csv freescan19julyv1 2.csv
  9. So I have managed to set up a temporary fix of the TPS problem by clamping the TPS in a position that gives a reasonable voltage range (0.45 to 3.7v) by multimeter and Freescan. I assume there is some error in reassembling throttles, but have checked that they physically go from full closed to open on throttle pedal action. Cable set up as per manual. Started fine and ran quite fast but slowly settled down and didn't seem to run too badly .Code 26 reappeared but no Code 22. Freescan log attached. Please can I have any comments. Thanks. Shut it down and opened the beer....happy....... Next day restarted and Cylinder 1 and 2 don't seem to work. Good Spark at spare plug attached to loose end resting on cylinder head and installed plugs in 1 and 2 black but dry.........?? Any ideas. many thanks Alan freescan13julyv1.csv
  10. Yep, it's definitely been dismantled at some point for the powder coating... in the meantime I have made up a little clamp so that I can mounts the TPS approx. 40 degrees clockwise and I can get 0.5v at throttle close and 3.9 WOT. It idles much slower now but still rough as I now have a code 26.....what fun... Many thanks
  11. Travis, second attempt. For some reason I can't copy the links on to the forum page from photobucket or image shack, so here goes. I have click on the link below to test that the image is there , so I hope it makes it....
  12. I can't get the reply page to upload the link to either imageshack of photobucket, so I thought I would try writing out the link below Thanks
  13. Travis, Photo of Throttle shaft end attached. Its about 8mm wide and at rest about 135 degrees from the vertical Thanks Alan
  14. Travis, No throttle jack or EBPV fitted, the previous owner must have removed. I have tried both TPS's and get the same result with them on the car, but each time I start it,it behaves differently. Now it starts and looks like its trying to go full bore, until I lose my bottle and turn it off. I have checked the voltages in and out of the ECU with the TPS on the car. I get low voltage; basically zero to about 1.5 v full throttle. Adjusting the cable doesn't help. However, if I take the TPS off the car (still connected to plug) and use a screwdriver on it. I can get full voltage range from zero through to 5volts.......?????. With the same approach, I can see a throttle range up to 90% on freescan with engine off. So, the TPS doesn't work when connected to the car, but does when not....? A couple of possibilities are running through my tired brain. First could I be missing a piece off the end of the throttle shaft? What I can see is a small rectangular bar sticking out of the end of the throttle housing. The picture in the parts manual implies a t shaped end?? Secondly, maybe the previous owner has somehow misassembled the throttles. Do you have any photos of the end of the throttle shaft with the TPS removed, so I can see what the end should look like and what angular position it should be at when at rest. Puzzling... Any help appreciated... Regards ALan
  15. I have had another go. Attached (I hope) is a short data log that may make some sense to you. I didn't want to run it for too long as starting it and watching it run straight up to 3000 revs makes me feel cruel. I notice that before I even start the engine the rpm reading shows 3096. Or does that mean something else? Many thanks for any help freescan1.csv
  16. Thanks Travis.. will have another try tomorrow. Wife birthday today an very unreasonably she seems to think I should spend some time in the house now...
  17. Travis, I selected the 'Start' button on the CSV logging part of the menu, it took me to explorer to create a file and that's what ended up in the file ...or maybe I need to tell it to create a csv file somehow?? Thanks for your help Alan
  18. Hello, My laptop seems to be able to talk to the ECM now and I can see info when connected to the car. I get the TPS going from 0 to 7 max at full throttle (with engine not started). I have changed the TPS with no effect. IAC says 170 When I start it, it runs right up to 3000 revs and stays there for quite some time.., then slows a little and gets lump. Code 22 recorded. I think I've attached my first log attempt, but apologies if it doesn't work.... I f anyone is willing to tell me what it means, I would be very grateful....I suspect it means bust ECM....? freescan log2.txt
  19. Does anyone have a photo of the throttle cable bracket (on the inlet manifold) for a 1989 Chargecooled SE. It's missing from my box of bits and I can't find a replacement supplier, so I guess I will have to make one. Many thanks Alan
  20. Well at least it starts... It runs up to about 2800 revs and slowly falls back to 2000, but isn't very smooth. I don't have freescan/TECH 1, but after putting it into diagnostic mode I get a code 22. I have replaced the TPS and on checking by digital voltmeter I get 5 volts on CKT49 SN and the manual says, but only 0.02 to 1.6 volts when I open the throttle on 32UK. Both the old and the new TPS give similar readings. I also have a code 26, but I think that's because I haven't got the charcoal canister connected Any thoughts much appreciated Alan
  21. It very nearly started, but then started dripping fuel from the first connector to the mail fuel rail. I can't see how the end of the fuel rail comes of. It has a 22mm thin hexagon with a treaded boss to take the fuel pipe connector from the inlet plenum. Does anyone have any tips about how to take it out to replace the seals with damaging it? I can't see what holds it in place, the PRV at the other end of the rail has a locking plaate but this seems to be just pushed's tight and won't pull out, but leaks lots... Thanks Alan
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