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  1. I ordered a new air con belt for my rebuild project from SJ Sportscars. (The car came without a belt fitted) When it arrived it was too short to fit. I contacted SJ and (after he had stopped being condescending and insisting that it was the right belt), advised me that the only way to fit it is to remove the crank pulley, fit the belt round the compressor pully and then refit the crank pulley with the belt in the grove. Before I lose any more skin, can anyone tell me if they have done it this way. It still looks too short to me.......................... Thanks Alan
  2. Hello, I am building a 1989 chargecooled turbo from boxes of bits. I can't work out the cooling pipe routing from the parts manual. The inlet to the turbo connects to a t piece with one end going to the head (but where?) and the other end to...? As far as I can see the outlet goes to the chargecooler head tank. Is that right? help... Thanks Alan
  3. Thanks Malcolm. It's just as you said Regards Alan
  4. I'm trying to pull one of the hoses through to replace. All the clips are off and each end free but I can't pull it through the chassis, everything else wants to come with it. Any tips?
  5. I need to replace one of the long oil hoses that run to the oil cooler. Both ends are free and all the clips are off, but I can't pull it through. All the other pipes want to come with it. Any tips? Alan
  6. Any tips about how to undo these inside the front luggage compartment. I can lower off the front undertray without removing the oil cooler, and it feels like I'm going to shear the connection off at this rate Many thanks Alan
  7. Travis, Brilliant. Thank you so much for you help. It all makes sense now. Best wishes Alan
  8. Travis,
  9. Travis, Uploaded to Imageshack under alzmoore. As I'm only good at hitting things with hammers, I'm not sure if have to do anything else to let you see it. Many thanks
  10. Travis, Hope this photo works. It shows the hose on the pump inlet and the hole in the back of the inlet plenum.
  11. Andy Many thanks for your help. So I connect the outlet from the chargecooler plenum through to the radiator and the return from the radiator to the pump inlet. The pump outlet then goes to the Cjaregcooler plenum inlet. Somewhere there is a connection to the normal cooling system head tank? I'm still a bit puzzled by my 'pig tail' hose, however............ Alan
  12. Hello, I have a 1989 Esprit Turbo Chargecooled project car. It came in bits and I am slowly assembling. I have replaced the Chargecooler pump seals, but the hose connections are confusing me. There is a twisted hose connected to the pump inlet at one end (its like a pigs tail), and the other end of the hose points straight at the hole in the inlet plenum, where I believe the temperature transducer should go. There is nothing in the hole at the moment, so I don't know if this is a later modification to the common cooling circuit type and I should connect the pump inlet there, and if so where does the temp sensor go? I have only one header tank which suggests that it could be the common system type. If that is the case, where do I connect the outlet from the chargecooler box to ?? Any help gratefully received Alan
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