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  1. I miss my Europa more than my S2 Exige 260. If i had to go back it would be a Europa and who knows one day maybe 🤔
  2. Pretty snookered in changing the buttons from a S2 Exige as they are different. So all i could think of was to swop them over with the recurc button as my theory is, its darker nearer the steering coloumn
  3. Sorry only just seen this Go on race studio 3 Click on gear wheel Tick box neside MX2E Double click on MX2E Click on display Channel groups click on add channels Click on channels Highlight any box on screen Click on left indicator Repeat for right indicator Save Save as Ensure connected to sash wifi Transmit You have to do this for eash screen colour either in road and race. Hope this helps fairly easy once youve done the first one I have also lowered the dash in the housing by simu slotting the screw holes and that makes seeing the shift lights and indicator easier
  4. I am fed up of leaving the indicator on as i am slightly too tall to see it flashing, so i have added the on/off feature when the indicators are on. I wondered if there is away of adding the lights on buzzer sound when the indicator is flashing ? Might be annoying but may be safer.
  5. On my Exige S It is difficult to see if my aircon is switched on or off, the button when pressed is very dim so in bright light you cant see. Anyone have this issue or do i have a faulty button ? On my Europa it has a big bright light in the centre of the button. Pic 1 Exige S Pic 2 Europa
  6. My initial plan was to give it a good clean, but the car had never really seen much winter weather looking at the condition of the suspension wishbones. All of the undertrays got removed again so i could see whats what. First job was to fit some genuine Lotus carpets to the bulkhead and floors, some Focal speakers and new Pioneer headunit while the seats were out a full strip down and clean of everything. I do have future plans for the interior but thats this next winter.
  7. I never run any of my cars during the winter months so the Exige was unloaded and put into the garage. So what had I actually bought, I had not viewed the car only bought off pictures and videos and doing my homework on DT performance cars. First thing was to put it on the lift and get the wheels off and have a good look round, underneath and on top.
  8. I had my eye on a particular car for a while, all my other Lotuses has been dark colours so this time I wanted a bright colour especially bright in this case. Orange, Yellow or Bright green. I also wanted a very low mileage car with FLSH and of course condition. DT performance cars had a car right colour, condition, mileage, history, packs and in my budget. A deal was struck which includded full proffisonal detail in there workshop, and covered transporter delivery so within 10 days of saying yes it got delivered. I must say DT did a amazing job of preparing the car and their service was very very good.
  9. For a considerable period of time I have been fighting with myself should I sell the S2 and get a V6 but finally one evening in early January I placed a sales add and within 24 hours a deposit was taken with several others on the reserve list. Its was a sad day when it went and my initial worry was have I done the right thing but it was too late, it was loaded and off to its new owner.
  10. Hello all, I would like to introduce my new to me my 2013 Exige S in Chrome orange. I am not new to Lotus this been my 5th car, first was a 2001 Elise Racetech, a 2004 111R that got made into a Elise SC and a 2007 Europa S which kicked out over 330Hp and my last Lotus was a 2010 Exige 240pp/260, also my Dad has a 1973 Elan plus 2 130/5 which we restored in 1991/93. So why go for a V6 ? I have loved every Lotus owned but felt although different vehicles they are all pretty similar and the V6 itch just had to be scratched. Each one of my Lotuses i have pretty much fully rebuilt them, as well as constantly working on friends Lotus or VX220 but this is my first experience with the V6 so i will share my experiences and appolagies now for my ramblings. Anyway here it is first day after it was delivered January 28th 😀
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