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  1. I also got the three-year service deal, three-year warranty and two years breakdown cover. I didn't get a little card though. I bought mine in November 2014. I don't know if they'll transfer to the new owner.
  2. It's an RS6. When he got it remapped he probably had the limiter removed.
  3. Now for sale at B&C for £44,995:
  4. An Audi RS3. It's a sledgehammer of a car after the Exige but it fits the bill perfectly for the moment.
  5. Deal done. The Exige S is going back to B&C tomorrow. The depreciation stings but I've had an amazing 11 months in it nonetheless.
  6. I knew what I was getting into when I signed up. I've got no complaints.
  7. I'm not selling it privately so I won't get £45k. I vowed never to go down that route again after some very unpleasant experiences trying to sell previous performance cars. The best outright sale offer I've had from a dealer is £38k. A drop of £21k in 11 months is impressive, no? Absolutely. It's the reason I bought mine. £29k up front and worry about the rest later.
  8. I know it's the worst time of year to do this and I know I'll get the full kick-in-the-face depreciation selling a car that's only a year old... That said, what do you think it's worth? CAP valuation says £43,000 - £44,800 for a private sale, and I've been told about £40,000 for PX. Spec: Exige S Roadster 64 plate 4,200 miles Starlight Black Slate Grey alcantara interior trim Air conditioning Convenience Pack Hard top Premium Pack Sport Rear parking sensors Thanks.
  9. How the hell do you climb out with it so close to the wall?
  10. Can those seats be fitted to a non-Cup Exige S?
  11. I thought I recognised the username. Were/are you on 911UK? 60% profit is just astonishing, and after owning one of my bucket list cars for a year as well. Top banana. I really like the look of the GT4. Add me to the list of people who are looking forward to hearing your thoughts.
  12. Great to meet everyone last night. Thanks for organising it, Neal. Sorry about the cobwebs on the Exige. The roof squeak was worse than ever on the drive home.
  13. I haven't heard anything about this. Are they supposed to notify all owners about things like this?
  14. If the V6 Exige and Evora prove to be reliable in the long-term, maybe that will change people's perception of the brand... Never mind the GT3 engine debacle of last year, just say "IMS" to any Porsche owner who mentions Lotus reliability. (Speaking as a past owner of three different Porsche models.)
  15. That is fantastic progress in such a short space of time.
  16. I switched to soya milk a couple of months ago because of a lactose intolerance. I got used to it really quickly. I tried a load of different ones before settling on Alpro Unsweetened. The supermarket own-brand ones taste very different and are nowhere near as nice IMO.
  17. I've got a Roadster with air con and I wouldn't be without it. It's not just useful for having properly cool air in the cabin but also for keeping the windows and windscreens fog-free in cold, damp weather.
  18. +1. I love my Exige but the exhaust note could be better.
  19. Is he as close as he appears to be in the first photo?
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