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  1. Cheers bibs, not sure i can wait that long, but that is just in time for my birthday!
  2. Love it. Really love it! I was undecided after those first shots from a few weeks ago, but now its really grown on me and I love it. Also added bonus from the video that JMG give it a bit of a rev, not enough mind but sounds really purposeful and to be audible above the music in the conference hall suggests they learnt from the first evora being too quiet! Can't wait to see one myself, when will B&C have their first one?!
  3. Unless its on the Evora (or occasionally the Exige) forum I'll never see it! i'll have a read!
  4. This popped up on PH the other day, hadn't seen any chat about it on here. Would seem to confirm the Evora Mule spotted thread from a few weeks ago? Quote from interview... So we're going to be seeing a substantially revised Evora, not just an updated car that meets US crash tests? "That's absolutely correct. We are staying with the existing Evora but making it better. We make it better first of all by making it faster, second there were some practical things that were on the list of improvements like making it easier to ge
  5. Thanks! Also realised 1st phot is upside down some how? - total miles was about 2165 - could have been much more, so many great roads to drive!
  6. Saw another Grey Evora yesterday, on the A303 just by stone Henge, I was pointing east in that horrendous traffic, turned around just as you went past, followed you in traffic for a mile or so then we turned south to Salisbury, looked good, but I am biased!
  7. Route Napoleon Hotel Parking Annecy style On way home...
  8. At the villa in Italy Sienna - amazing city, we'll worth a visit On way to... Monaco
  9. Start of the journey Geneva Valais Furka Pass Futa Pass - bad weather and fog, no decent photos
  10. So made it back in one piece! What a FANTASTIC trip - I am supremely jealous of all those European Lotus owners with access to those roads!! I drove some amazing parts but had to leave so many undriven! I'll be back! Photos and videos will follow, but basics of the journey :- We had a wedding and associated activities just north of Siena Thursday evening to late Saturday night so road trip was either side - combination of fun and functional as we had to get from A-B at the end of the day. Day 1 Central London to Calais (arrived around midnight into hotel) Day 2 Calais to Bourg-en-B
  11. Ok so on the basis that no plan survives first contact with the enemy, the approx route is getting fleshed out - hotels are booked so I hope this will play out! Day 1 Central London to Calais (arrive around midnight into hotel) - 90 miles Day 2 Calais to Bourg-en-Bresse - think I am going Autoroute at the moment and just sucking up the cost. 444 miles. Day 3 Bourg-en-Bresse to Andermatt 273 (alpine) Miles - this might be madness but plan is to drive into Geneva (GF has never seen fountain and wants to) then staying south of the lake through Evian, then cross into Switzerland south to M
  12. Jaws sorry, not really, other than getting from A-B. Last weekend was ostensibly a romantic getaway to Chester, but seemed rude not to do Evo triangle as we were so close! Your route looks great and there is a Shell garage just outside Betws-y-coed for a splash of Optimax if you want it. BetwsYC gets very busy in my experience so depending on time of day can expect traffic between Capel Curig and there. The road before after that has decent over taking spots if you are behind a caravan. Quick video of me going the other way to your route (Betws to Anglesey) last September as a taster.
  13. If you closely at the rear, there looks to be some sort of red handle poking out? Looks a bit like the manual boot release, suggests something else going on in the engine room?
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