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  1. Anyone has information on the spring rate of the stock Nitron 3-Way on the Exige 410? Thanks.
  2. do the fish tank valve trick to make the valve open permanently, refer to this thread
  3. It would be great if it can display the pressure value of each tyre from the factory TPMS
  4. Will there be a regional forum for Hong Kong?
  5. Anyone using the Spitfire VRSAS steering arm? What's your comments?
  6. Thanks Suto, 225 fits but if I keep 285 at the rear, the front tyres would be bigger. Reason why I want 235 is that it might help making it less understeer
  7. Anyone tried 235/40/17 on the front? Any issue of rubbing the wheel well lining?
  8. Anyone with 380/410/430 using titanium wheel bolt? I tried to find, but could only locate 35mm shank length
  9. If AIM can display the actual value of the sensor, it would be great. I think the value is there in the ECU, just no where to display on the stock dash, with AIM, there are spaces available or different page to display that.
  10. There is a product by a Japanese Lotus dealer, it raised the foot rest by 55mm.
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