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  1. Hi Daniel, You said it was hard to push the dust cap in fully, does it mean a slight larger diameter or a slightly smaller diameter one would be better? Or it has not enough depth ?
  2. @hamks18psigreat, the 85mm diameter cap fits ok? What's the depth size of the cap I should get?
  3. @Jcx Right, I got your point now. Keep us posted on the development. trying all these different settings are so much fun and learn a lot, albeit time consuming I firm up the rebound becasue previously I had experienced hopping while exiting and accelerating out of tight corners and also I felt second motion after going over joints on highway. Firming up the rebound did solve that.
  4. @Jcxso your rear hopping issue over crest is cured by adding two clicks at front HS? but wouldn't it make it feel harsh when going over the crest? I was thinking that if this is an issue of the rear wheel not able to return to the ground fast enough after the crest, woudn't it be softening the rear rebound helping it? I am having issue in places with manhole cover giving a dipped surface, I feel harsh running over them with the stock setting, I soften it by 1 click both front and rear but I feel it has taken too much and feel too soft, I am going to return the rear back to normal and try
  5. I have asked Nitron and they said when you turn the HS knob the LS knob will move with it but the LS adjustment isn't affected.
  6. When I turn the high speed knob the low speed knob follows it tuning, but if you then turn the low speed knob it is exactly the same no. of click as before, I though it is not changed while you adjust the high speed. I wonder if LS would change or not if you don't hold the LS knob steady while adjusting your HS.
  7. Mine is the IPF 351HLB2, I bought it in Japan but you can find it in Amazon
  8. The stock setting is a pretty good base for that, i found dialing up one click on the rebound is better tho
  9. I have recently bought a set from Deroure and they are level with the top of the sill.
  10. Is this photoshoped? Why there is no separation between the top piece of the front clam and the side piece behind the wheel?
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