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  1. They can custom make
  2. I found this triple gauge by Defi, perfect to replace the head unit
  3. Very limited choice with 285/30/18. Much more choices if go for 225/45/17 front and 295/30/18 rear, but it will be taller and not sure if it will rub the wheelarch liners.
  4. Great job, Keith. can't wait to try it. How to handle that 3mm adjustment you mentioned?
  5. I am interested, does it fit the new shifter cars?
  6. check out Oliver, he is the supplier
  7. is there any difference on the angle of attack and the wing surface profile between 380cup and 430cup wing?
  8. Does anyone know the difference between Cup380 wing and the Cup 430 wing? Other than the bracket and the endplates.
  9. you need the BMW one which is 60 degree tapered seat same as Lotus, Mercedes one won't fit as they are ball seat.
  10. From, you need M12x1.5, for 380/410/430, you can buy 35mm for both front and rear, or 28mm for the front and 35mm for the rear For 350 and S std wheels, 28mm would do on all four.
  11. I found some 35mm titanium lug bolts and tested fit on my 410. They fit without any problem at both axles
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