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  1. add this two-way valve in the red hose, I didn;t cut the hose, instead I add a small piece of 4mm id/8mm od hose at the end
  2. I used aftermarket steering arm on my previous Elise, and yes it allows more negative camber. I am thinking of getting a pair for my Exige now. I would like to get comments or reviews on this: currently under my radar
  3. The TPMS sensors are by LDL, they have their own TPMS called Tirewatch, I wonder would that display be able to receive the signals from the factory TPMS sensors and display it on the screen.
  4. I have used CL RC5+ in my previous Elise, very good bite and no squeal.
  5. But one of the reasons for buying a Lotus is for the analogue driving experience and manual is a great part of it. I could have bought a Porsche instead if wanting a DCT
  6. I also like to know if there is any device available that can display the pressure reading from the factory TPMS.
  7. Is there any way to show the tyre pressure value from the factory TPMS system?
  8. Anyone with 410/430 using this method, mind to show me a photo on where you put this valve?
  9. SSC has a bracket that relocate the licence plate to the bottom position, just like the Exige S before, but it is not full length, the length of the bracket is 23cm
  10. Anyone know if these would fit 410/430? I noticed the factory part numbers are different between 350 and 410/430
  11. I have it with me put haven't put them on yet as I have sold my Elise and still thinking of which Lotus to buy next. By looking at the finishing, they are very good quality, I bought it in Japan.
  12. IPF 351HLB2
  13. Has anyone got the gear indicator values for the Exige EA60 gearbox? I did have the values for previous Elise with the EC60 gearbox, happy to share
  14. Looks like the Metallic Orange is sharper than the Burnt Orange most of the time. Burnt Orange is best under sunlight, under shade it looks a bit duller and bronze
  15. unfortunately, no car in these two colours available to view in Hong Kong
  16. anyone has got photo with burnt and metallic side by side? Appreciate indeed for posting one.
  17. Thanks Bibs, there are signature orange, chrome orange, and burnt orange in there, but can't find any metallic orange (C205).
  18. I am deciding between burnt orange and metallic orange, anyone can share photos on each of them? Appreciate your help.
  19. Hi, anyone here with MY2013 or after Elise S3 with GARW dash installed?
  20. Hi George, is it a direct bolt on to the stock rail? What is the seat back angle and seat height compared to the stock seat?
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