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    225 ECU Upgrade, Full Milltek Exhaust system, Cross drilled & vented brake discs, Full Lux touring pack
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  1. Europa S

    Europa S

  2. Reading over this old thread as I am curious to find out if there ever was a well designed induction kit available for the Europa S. My car has the full milltek exhaust system fitted, however standard intake I believe. Anyone aware of a good intake system for the Europa S?
  3. Europa S

    Lotus Europa S

    Hi all, Just joined the forum today & im interested to see if there are any other 2006 onwards Lotus Europa S owners? If so, how do you like owning your cars? Seems to me that this model was a sales failure when first released, but now these cars are very rare & an overall fantastic car to get your hands on, especially with the 225 bhp remap.
  4. I only joined this forum today. Looks like ive just narrowly missed an event where i could have shown off the Europa S. Theres always next time. Reading back on previous events it looks like the speedfest at the grampian transport museum is a good one!
  5. Hi all, Bought my 2006 Lotus Europa S a month ago & thought id join the forum. Please see attached Pic of my new pride & joy .
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