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    225 ECU Upgrade, Full Milltek Exhaust system, Cross drilled & vented brake discs, Full Lux touring pack
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  1. The car is not advertised as it is a friend of a work colleague looking to sell it and knows that I have been looking.
  2. Thanks to all above that have responded. Certainly seems all of you think that the above issues is no biggie and somewhat 'normal'. Think I will go for it as the evora is a stunning car and I've wanted one since it came out in 2009. One last question (although I'm sure this has been more than covered somewhere else on this forum). How do all you owners of early S1 evoras find the cars reliability now that the car is 12 years old? Assume aslong as the car is well maintained and serviced each year the cars tend to be relatively trouble free? As I will be using this evora as my daily driver.
  3. My thoughts exactly, with the Elise, exige and evora being announced by Lotus as ending production later this year (think I'm correct in saying this) I'm wondering if that will mean these cars will appreciate quickly?
  4. Thanks for response, I'll have to ask that question as thats a good point to raise.
  5. Thanks for the feedback. Car drives very well, has full service history and recently MOT and serviced back in September at Craig Moncrieffs. Seemingly there is still an on-going issue with the spanner light coming on upon start up, which owner has advised me this is due to AC needing fixed again? Overall minor things are not going to bother me all that much, as long as it will drive as will be my only mode of transport and plan to use it daily. It has the added bonus of the 2ubular exhaust which makes the car sound as it should in my opinion.
  6. Hello all. It's been a while since I've posted on this forum. However I've been out of driving a lotus since 2014! When I sold my Europa S. I have since been wanting to get into an Evora. Long and short of it is, I have the opportunity to purchase a 2009 launch edition Evora. A bit of background on the car, it has covered only 35k miles, full service history & has already had the clutch changed at 30k miles. Speaking to the owner, it seems there has been an abundance of "lotus quirks" he has had to fix in the past 3 years of his ownership, these being passenger door handle failing, MAF sensor replacing, clutch replacement, boot leaking, AC compressor has been replaced twice already and there is still a service spanner light is illuminating for 30 secs upon start up (last replaced only 6 months ago and has said it has failed already??). The front access panel where the windscreen wash is, cannot open and needs cable or rod replaced also. Do you guys think this car is perhaps a lemon or is this the usual quirks expected to see from a launch edition car? Bare in mind this is almost a 12 year old car so expected to have a few niggles. I'm looking to buy cash and owner says will let it go for £23k.....general thoughts?
  7. Reading over this old thread as I am curious to find out if there ever was a well designed induction kit available for the Europa S. My car has the full milltek exhaust system fitted, however standard intake I believe. Anyone aware of a good intake system for the Europa S?
  8. Europa S

    Lotus Europa S

    Hi all, Just joined the forum today & im interested to see if there are any other 2006 onwards Lotus Europa S owners? If so, how do you like owning your cars? Seems to me that this model was a sales failure when first released, but now these cars are very rare & an overall fantastic car to get your hands on, especially with the 225 bhp remap.
  9. I only joined this forum today. Looks like ive just narrowly missed an event where i could have shown off the Europa S. Theres always next time. Reading back on previous events it looks like the speedfest at the grampian transport museum is a good one!
  10. Hi all, Bought my 2006 Lotus Europa S a month ago & thought id join the forum. Please see attached Pic of my new pride & joy .
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