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  1. Yep, also had that problem with the side air intake grills. The Australian lotus dealer made a custom heavier gauge side grill and solved the problem for me. But still have no solution for the front grill, I think it's a lotus factory issue, they need to come up with a stronger front grill solution for the 430.
  2. Hi all, I've had my 430 Cup for a couple of years now and mainly use it for track work. The car has been working a treat but one of the frustrating things is that I am constantly needing to repair damage to the front grill. After a day on the track and chasing down some of the slower cars, any rubber that comes off the car in front will dent the front grill. Seems the metal used is too soft for the job. The fix is to hook some wire behind and bend the grill back and apply some black paint. Did not have this issue on my previous V6 S as it had a plastic grill. Anyone else having this issue and ideas on how to address?
  3. Don't forget the CSCA Supersprint series where most of us Lotus types hang out. Next event is on the 14th at SMP.
  4. Glad you enjoyed the car at SMP. Was there today and did a PB even through it was around 32 degrees. The PB was in the morning before the temps hit the 30's. Had another Porsche driver come and chat to me today after he saw the 430 Cup in action, think he'll be buying a Lotus soon...
  5. A bunch of us lotus guys will be at SMP on Sunday 24th at the NSW Supersprint, I'll be running in a 430 cup. Come along and we'd be happy to share track info and recommendations.
  6. Problem solved, have removed the rubber lip, just undo all the screws, some double sided tape was left that was easy to pull the rubber lip away from. Now just have a strip of tape underneath for some protection. Ground clearance is now reasonable and can get in and out of my driveway again and most importantly can get into the petrol station, as the car loses some of its fun factor when there is no go juice in the tank...
  7. Challenge is that the car is currently too low with the rubber lip at 88 mm ground clearance. I could raise the ride height as there is adjustment in the suspension, but then the car would probably start to get too high, the base of the splitter is already at 125 mm which is quite high for a Exige. I used to run my old Exige at 110 mm ground clearance...
  8. I have just taken delivery of the first Australian 430 Cup, been driving it around in our autumn where it was only 20 degrees today, but still perfect driving weather. Will be running in the engine till it gets to around 1000 km before really starting to open it up. While the car is great, one area that is challenging is the ground clearance under the rubber lip that is fitted to the splitter. I've measured the clearance and it is only 88 mm so the car is scraping into driveways, speed humps etc. Was wondering what other owners have done about ground clearance? One option I am considering is removing the rubber lip which would then give me about 120 mm clearance which is more than enough.
  9. What about fuel tank? The current tank is really not practical for extended track work or racing, had to put a 60L tank into my V6 S and even that is too small to race a one hour enduro...
  10. Yep, manifolds are still OEM. The only change is as you have shown in the photo. I was mainly going for he weight saving as the car is used for track work, but got the additional advantage of a much loader exhaust :-)
  11. I have this exhaust on my car and confirm that it is LOUD, but in a very good way. It does drone a bit at 2000 rpm but thats not a problem for me as my engine never really sits at that rotational speed for very long....
  12. Cant make it, but as a V6 "Race Pack" owner would love to learn some more about race mode. Hopefully one of the attendees would post some pearls of wisdom to this thread after the event...
  13. I have also seen the same excessive wear on the rear pads, I mainly use the car for SuperSprints and other track work, running in Race Mode. Now using Pagid RS29's and seem to get some more life out of the pads.
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